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The Muslim Concept of Collective Guilt as it Pertains to Infidels

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, February 18, 2013


American Embassy Riots 4 

Muhammad You Tube Video Stirs a Wave of Violence Across Middle East

that Illustrates the Muslim Concept of Collective Guilt. 

by Scott Rohter, February 2013


It’s okay for Muslims to burn hundreds of Bibles and American flags, and set fire to several Western Embassies in the Middle-East, but it’s not okay for even one American to flush a single Quran down the toilet.


A relatively unknown Coptic Christian man from Los Angeles, California made a rather stupid movie ridiculing the Muslim prophet Muhammad and then just a few months ago a short video trailer for this movie was released on Facebook. Do you remember the fury that it unleashed in the Muslim World? Muslims from all over the Middle East went on a violent rampage that lasted for weeks. It was a wave of civil unrest that hadn’t been seen in the Middle East since two American soldiers in Afghanistan burned a Quran several years ago that was being used to pass notes between Taliban prisoners.

 Muslim mobs destroyed property all across the Middle East from Morocco to Mindanao, and when it was over four Americans had lost their lives in the wave of violence that erupted in Libya. They were sodomized while they were still alive, then they were brutally murdered, and then their bodies were abused once again in a despicable manner after they were dead! Furthermore our embassies were ransacked and burned, and even the embassies of our allies were not safe from the actions of these uncivilized Muslim mobs.

One week later another Coptic Christian man was charged in Egypt with insulting the “religion of peace”. He was put on trial by the government of Mohammed Morsi, and if you think that the other Coptic man who made the U tube video and this Coptic man who went on trial in Egypt had nothing to do with each other you are absolutely wrong. They are just as connected as they can be. They are like cause and effect. The wave of violence that spread across the Middle East, as well as the trial of this Coptic man in Egypt were both attempts to exact some kind of mindless collective revenge for what Muslims across the Uma uniformly perceived as an offence to their religion and to their prophet.

In some kind of sick, medieval way of looking at the world, Muslims believe that one good insult deserves another. Thus the greater insult of burning and destroying the private property of thousands of innocent people is somehow justified by the showing of one stupid little You Tube video. It is okay to exact retribution upon any kefir, or non-Muslim person anywhere in the World because in their eyes all infidels are collectively guilty for what any one of us does as an individual. We are all considered to be acceptable targets if we are infidels. The trial of the Egyptian Coptic Christian man in Egypt was just one such example of collective guilt in action. In reality it was a show trial, and the man that was being put on trial was really nothing more than a scape goat who was being used  to exact the Muslim concept of collective revenge upon all infidels everywhere in the world for insulting their religion and their prophet.


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