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The Greatest Threat to our Freedom this Memorial Day…

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, May 27, 2013



Memorial Day 2

The Greatest Threat to our Freedom this Memorial Day…

By Scott Rohter, May 2013


How can we best honor our fallen soldiers today? Ask yourself if there really is a higher purpose for some of the crazy things we do as a country. Is there a good reason to send our young men and women half way around the world to fight in no win wars in somebody else’s God forsaken country that means nothing to us? Is there some greater good that is served by letting our young men get their arms and legs blown off, and in too many cases to allow them to sacrifice their very lives on the altar of public service in the mistaken belief that they are protecting our freedoms here at home?

It is said that the reason men die overseas on the battlefield is to keep us free here at home. That might have been true once during World War II, but was that true in Iraq, and are men still dying in Afghanistan to keep us free in America? I seem to remember that my freedoms are still disappearing anyway, in spite of their valiant service on those foreign battlefields.

My freedom in America is disappearing not because of anything that Al Qaeda or the Taliban are doing half way around the globe. My freedom is disappearing because of things that my own Federal government is doing right here at home. My freedom is disappearing because of the passage of crazy laws like the Patriot Act, or the National Defense Authorization Act, or because of ill-conceived attempts to prevent me from purchasing a firearm, or other just as misguided attempts to prevent me from exercising my First Amendment Rights by placing further restrictions on when and where and what I can say.

My freedom is disappearing in spite of the efforts of all the brave men and women who are risking their lives to “keep me free.”  The greatest threat to my freedom is not coming from the Taliban or from Al Qaeda. It is not coming from some foreign enemy or some fabricated boogieman. The greatest threat to my freedom today is coming from my own Federal government.

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