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The George Zimmerman Trial is Over and the Verdict has been Rendered. Now Let’s Move on Shall We?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, July 15, 2013



George Zimmerman

 Let’s Move on 

  I ‘m Tired of all this Talk about a Racially Motivated Crime! 

By Scott Rohter, July 2013


George Zimmerman 2The NAACP is leading a nationwide effort to have George Zimmerman re-tried on Federal Civil Rights charges. Eric Holder’s Justice Department has all men on deck looking for something else they can nab George Zimmerman on,  but someone from the Black Panther Party is probably going to try to kill him first before the D.O.J. completes its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. And that will be just a little bit easier now because Eric Holder has decided not to let poor George have his gun back. It seems to me that some people don’t want justice in this case… They would rather have George Zimmerman’s head on a stick or buried six feet under the ground. And they would like to make Trayvon Martin into some kind of a national hero which he obviously wasn’t. The lawyer for the family of Trayvon Martin wants to elevate their deceased son into a national icon on the same level with Martin Luther King Jr. or J. Medgar Evars,  neither of whom Trayvon Martin was…

Trayvon Martin was just a poor black teenager from a broken home who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is not why he got shot. It is only why he got followed. It is only why his activity was suspected by the community watch volunteer, George Zimmerman. All of the hoopla and the furor surrounding the not guilty verdict in this case which was delivered by a jury of six women including one black woman is based on the false assumption that Trayvon Martin was shot dead because he was Black, but that is not the truth. Trayvon Martin may have been followed because he was Black, or because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he was not shot because he was Black.

George Zimmerman 7Trayvon Martin was shot because he made the wrong decision. Trayvon Martin was shot because he decided to start a fight with George Zimmerman instead of simply answering his questions. Trayon Martin decided to cop an attitude with the community watch volunteer who merely wanted to know what he was doing in his neighborhood. That resulted in a fight in which Trayvon was the aggressor. Trayvon decided to challenge George Zimmerman instead of looking for a way to amicably satisfy Zimmerman’s concerns. Then Trayvon Martin decided to strike the first blow. But one blow wasn’t enough for Trayvon. One blow led to another, and another, and another. He got on top of George Zimmerman and repeatedly punched him and pounded his head into the concrete sidewalk until George Zimmerman finally took out his gun and shot Trayvon Martin dead at point blank range because George Zimmerman reasonably feared for his life… That is what the facts proved, and that is what the jury decided after listening to all of the evidence.

Trayvon Martin was not shot dead because he was Black as some people would like you to believe, or because he wore a hoodie, or even because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was shot because he made a bad decision to escalate his confrontation with George Zimmerman on that fateful night. That is what the only eyewitness said. He said he saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman straddling him and repeatedly punching him, and bashing his head into the concrete sidewalk. That is what the photos of the back of Zimmerman’s head revealed. There was even police testimony at the trial to the effect that the back of George Zimmerman’s clothing looked like he had been laying on the ground. All of this testimony would lend credence to the fact that it was actually George Zimmerman’s voice that was heard in that phone call screaming for help not Trayvon Martin’s voice as his mother claimed.

I am so sick of people including the President of the United States trying to turn this justifyable homocide into some kind of a racially motivated crime.. Why can’t people simply tell the truth and believe the truth? Why can’t selfish people stop trying to pimp this story for their own selfish purposes like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. National Public Radio and the BBC are doing exactly the same thing, and now the NAACP and the Department of Justice are jumping on board too. Why do these organizations have to keep trying to make something out of this story that it really isn’t, and trying to make this purely self-defensive shooting into a racially  motivated crime when it was not?

George Zimmerman trial photosAdmittedly in hindsight George Zimmerman made a bad decision to follow Trayvon Martin on that fateful night, but he had a right to follow him. It may not have been the best decision he ever made in his life, but he didn’t do anything wrong in following him… There is a difference you know in just making a bad decision and in doing something wrong… When Trayvon Martin made a bad decision to start a fight with George Zimmerman it was the wrong decision… That is the difference. So it doesn’t really matter what George Zimmerman did before that moment when he began to fear for his life. Nothing that George Zimmerman did ever gave Trayvon Martin’s the right to beat the pulp out of him. It doesn’t matter whether Zimmerman heeded the 911 operator’s advice to stay in his car or not. It doesn’t matter that he decided to follow Trayvon Martin. That is not why Trayvon Martin got shot… He was not shot in the back fleeing or running away from  Zimmerman. He was shot in the chest at point blank range while he was beating George Zimmerman’s head into the ground.

Trayvon Martin was shot dead because he chose to make the wrong decision to beat the crap out of George Zimmerman instead of simply answering his questions… a man he believed was a white guy following him, and wanting to know what he was doing in the neighborhood. Nobody’s civil rights were violated by George Zimmerman because he merely followed someone who happened to be Black.  There is no reasonable court in the land that would find George Zimmerman guilty of violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights when in fact it was Trayvon Martin who was actually beating the crap out of George Zimmerman for no apparent reason other than that he didnt like answering his questions.

Did the body of Trayvon Martin show any evidence of a broken nose or scars on the back of his head? Well if it did no one has ever mentioned it yet. But it is not hard to imagine that a seventeen year old Black kid from a broken home would have a bad attitude and an anger management problem. It is not hard to imagine that a young Black man would have a chip on his shoulder especially if he thought that some white guy was following him demanding to know what he was doing in his neighborhood. Trayvon should have just answered his questions and showed him some respect, and he would still be alive today.

George Zimmerman 4I have not commented on this case until now frankly because unlike many others I knew that it was none of my business, but now the jury has heard all the evidence and rendered a verdict in the case, and now it is my business. I am fed up with all of the manipulation of the circumstances surrounding this case in order to try to make it appear like it was some kind of a racially motivated crime when it was not, or to try make George Zimmerman guilty of murder when he is not, or to try to make Trayvon Martin into some kind of a national hero when he is definitely not. I am sorry that the mother and the father of this young man had to lose their son. Perhaps if they had remained together and taught their son how to exercise better judgement then he would not have chosen to start a fight with George Zimmerman on that fateful night and he would still be alive today…  But that is not George Zimmerman’s fault.  All of their feelings of guilt, or of what they could have done differently to prevent their son’s unfortunate demise will not bring back their dead son.. And they should not take out their own guilt on another innocent man, regardless of what his race happens to be.

George Zimmerman photos crime scenePerhaps the mother and father of Trayvon Martin should be on trial for parental neglect instead of putting George Zimmerman on trial for shooting his assailant in self defense. Maybe the parents of the deceased seventeen year old boy should look inward instead of outward for the actual causes of their son’s death instead of trying to blame it on someone else. Certainly Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton should be held accountable for falsely claiming that this was a racially motivated crime when in fact it wasn’t, and for suggesting that the justice system has somehow been unfair to African-Americans again. National Public Radio and the BBC should be compelled to answer for their recklessness in turning the trial of George Zimmerman into a world wide media event, and some kind of a public circus in order to stir up racial divisions in our country. The NAACP should be investigated for whipping up the furor over the verdict and trying to make the Zimmerman trial into a white versus black issue in order to keep their name in front of the public. Finally the President of the United States should keep his two cents out of this. He has absolutely no business commenting on a purely local law enforcement matter. Everybody should just stop trying to further punish George Zimmerman who has already suffered enough for his fateful decision that night to follow Trayvon Martin and after being pushed to the ground and repeatedly punched, to finally pull out his gun and shoot his assailant in order to save his own life. Nothing that George Zimmerman did ever gave Trayvon Martin the right to throw the first punch or to knock him to the ground and begin pummeling him. All of Trayvon Martin’s bravado ended in his death. Enough is enough already. So let’s move on please.

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