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The Arab Spring One Year Later – It Looks Like the Spring has just Gone Out of the “Arab Spring”.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, July 4, 2013



Tahrir Square 6 

The Arab Spring One Year Later

It Looks Like the Spring Just Went Out of the “Arab Spring”…

Or Did Mohammed Morsi’s Well just Run Dry?

By Scott Rohter, July 2013


There is an old English saying that everything that goes up eventually comes back down again. Maybe that goes double for every “Spring” that goes up… or at least for every Arab Spring that was sent up by the B.B.C. and by Barack Obama. Maybe every British and American backed Arab Spring that goes up, soon comes back down again too. It is certainly true of the B.B.C.’s so called Arab Spring that was launched about a year ago by that Socialist news organization with a worldwide outreach of over 200 million listeners all across the world, including the B.B.C.’s Arab Language News Service.

What goes up eventually does come back down again is also true of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s popularity. He was the first Islamist President of Egypt, and he was backed by both England, and by our American President.  It appears that on the anniversary of his first year in office his popularity rating has just come back down again with a big kaboom, and sooner rather than later too… or should I just say that his Arab Spring just ran dry? It would be an appropriate use of the metaphor.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their now very unpopular leader, Mohammed Morsi have both lost favor in the eyes of Egyptians during the past year. Millions of his fellow Muslims were protesting all across Egypt, and calling for him to resign, but he would not. They did not like it when he tried to strip the Egyptian Supreme Court of its powers and make himself a king a few months ago. Apparently there are no sleeping elephants in Egypt anymore. The people did not forget how he tried to make his word reign supreme in Egypt with no judicial oversight. The opposition to Morsi was especially strong in Cairo, the capitol city, where it could be seen in Tahrir Square, the place where the revolution first began that put him into power and ousted former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Here the anti-Morsi sentiment was so strong that it was palpable, and the anti-Morsi protestors far outnumbered those that demonstrated in his favor.

Mohammed Morsi’s unpopularity grew very rapidly, and the throngs of anti-Morsi demonstrators issued him an ultimatum and a deadline for him to resign. This was followed by the Egyptian army giving President Morsi an ultimatum of their own which called for him to resolve his differences with the protestors within 48 hours or else they would intervene…  But Morsi refused to budge. He refused to negotiate with the protestors so the military did in fact intervene by removing Egypt’s would be Pharaoh from power much to the delight of the cheering crowds in the streets. Prior to that, the frustration had been so great that even the once respected Muslim Brotherhood Party offices were firebombed by angry mobs of disillusioned Muslim brothers.

I told you over a year ago that there was really no Arab Spring. I warned you that it was just an invention dreamed up in the studios of the B.B. C. and so it was. It was a Spring that was made especially for radio and television. I told you that they were just exchanging one Arab dictator for another, and so they did! But Mohammed Morsi’s undoing came just months after he declared himself to be the supreme authority in the land, and his word beyond any judicial scrutiny for the purpose of passing his Muslim Brotherhood backed Egyptian Constitution. His word became the ultimate and final authority on whatever was constitutional or not constitutional in Egypt, and no court in the land, nor legislative action could overrule his executive authority. That was the beginning of Mohammed Morsi’s political demise.

Yesterday the anti-Morsi crowds in the streets of Cairo who once supported him gathered again and called for him to resign, and they gave him a deadline to leave office or they were threatening to call for a nationwide boycott. That drew the military’s attention since they are heavily invested in the Egyptian economy. However Morsi still had no plans on going anywhere, and his resolve showed no signs of weakening. That’s when the military stepped in and removed him from power and ordered the head of the Egyptian Supreme Court to be sworn in as the interim President. The same head of the Egyptian Supreme Court whom Morsi had tried to upstage months earlier is now the interim President of Egypt in a huge turn of events that would make a reasonable person shake his head in disbelief. I  wonder now that Mohammed Morsi is gone, if the B.B.C. has any plans of renaming their so called Arab Spring what it really should have been called in the first place… i.e. the “summer of Muslim discontent”.

The irony of the situation in Egypt as it unfolds is striking as we in America celebrate our own Independence Day 237 years after it first occurred in 1776. Barack Obama is threatening to cut off all military aid to the Egyptian army in an effort to stop the Egyptian people’s revolution from going forward, just the same way he did one year ago when he ordered the Egyptian military to stand down and let the Muslim Brotherhood backed revolution overthrow the government of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Barack Obama is definitely on the wrong side of history. He was then.. and he is certainly on the wrong side of history now if he tries to interfere in Egyptian domestic affairs again, or to exert any foreign pressure at all on the Egyptian military to do anything other than what the people of Egypt actually want their military to do.

The Egyptian military just removed a would be dictator who only a few months ago had tried to make himself a king in Egypt like some kind of a modern day Egyptian Pharaoh.  Barack Obama and the B.B.C. barely made a peep when Mohammed Morsi tried to do that, but now the people of Egypt have spoken loud and clear, and Barack Obama should just sit down and shut up, and he should mind his own damned business. That goes for the B.B.C. as well.

The significance of all of these events occurring in Egypt on our own 4th of July Holiday should not be lost upon our leaders in Washington. They have passed laws, and they are in the process of passing more legislation that is not wanted by a majority of the American people. These Bills are thousands of pages long, and they have not even been fully read nor understood yet by a majority of our elected representatives in Congress. These are laws that were written largely by lobbyists in the insurance industry as was the case with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or by Hispanic pressure groups as is the case with the Pathway to Citizenship Bill which is now working its way through Congress. It is time for all of our leaders in Washington D.C. to take notice of the power of the people in Egypt. Maybe we need a Tahrir Square of our own right here in America in order to convince our leaders to start doing the right thing.

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