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The 2nd Amendment was Not Written for the Purpose of Hunting Deer

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, January 18, 2013



Declaration of Independence

 2nd Amendment Not Written for the Purpose of Hunting Deer

By Scott Rohter, January 2013


The Second Amendment was not written for the purpose of protecting our right to hunt. It was not placed in the Constitution to ensure that millions of outdoor enthusiasts could continue to exercise their constitutional right to hunt deer, or elk, or wild turkey.  It was put there to protect us from a different kind of turkey… the kind that flock to Washington D.C. to exercise power over us. These birds of a feather who want to tax us to death or into the poor house.  whose lust for power knows no end. The Second Amendment is for the express purpose of enabling us to defend ourselves from our own government when it doesn’t follow the Constitution  anymore and  when it no longer respects the rights of its own citizens. It is there to protect us from a government like the one that is slowly being created for us right now by our dear leaders in Washington.

If the Second Amendment was written to safeguard our hunting rights, than anything bigger that a single barrel shotgun would not be unnecessary. You don’t need an AR15 to shoot a buck or a doe, but the Constitution does not state that bearing arms is for the purpose of hunting deer. The whole point of the Second Amendment is to provide Americans with the ability to defend ourselves from a foreign invasion, or  from our own government if it ever becomes necessary.

And since it is hunting season once again, and Congress has convened maybe we should take a good look at all of the turkeys in Washington who are actually stalking us right now whose allegiance is not to the United States Constitution, but rather to some new international system of world order whose principles are promulgated by the United Nations. Maybe we should hold hearings and charge some of our leaders in Congress with treason. 

Infringed is not a difficult word to understand. We can all reflect on examples in history, and look around us to see what happens when the people of a particular country don’t have any means available to defend themselves from their own government. Can anyone say Catalonia?


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