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The 2016 Democratic Primary is a Joke. The Real Question is, “Can America Afford this kind of a Joke?”

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, October 15, 2015


Democratic debate 2016

The Democratic Debates are a Joke, 

In Fact the Entire Democratic Primary is a Joke.

The Real Question is: Can America Afford this kind of a Joke?

By Scott Rohter, October 2015


democratic debate2I was trying to figure out what those four other people were actually doing  on the stage standing next to Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas. None of them has the slightest chance of winning the Democratic Primary or the nomination for President so what are they doing up there? Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders have no more chance of  winning the Democratic Party nomination for President than I do so what are they really doing up there?

At first I thought they were there to fill up two hours of valuable prime time television programming… The purpose of their presence was meant to sell ads for the major networks at $300,000 a minute. After all you can’t hold a series of debates or cover up a rigged race for the Democrat nomination if there is only one candidate in the race.

This illustrates precisely what is wrong with our political system. It’s a joke and a farce. The whole process has been corrupted by money. Our elections are nothing more than cash cows that generate huge advertising revenues for the major television networks.  In fact CNN charged forty times the usual amount for commercials during the first Republican Presidential Debate. The 2016 Democratic Presidential Debates exist only so the networks which host them can sell prime time television commercials for potato chips and soft drinks. It’s a sad commentary about American politics, but it’s true.

America’s former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton got it right when he observed that those four other people on the stage next to Hillary Clinton were actually “stage props” for Mrs. Clinton. They were not there to run for President or to challenge Hillary Clinton in any way. They can’t possibly win the nomination because the system is rigged.  Their job was to make her look good. To some extent the four stage props were a big success. I am sure that they helped to improve the bottom line over there at CNN. I am sure they sold plenty of high priced T.V. commercials for the network. When Bernie Sanders said he was sick of hearing about Hillary’s emails and Hillary snipped back, “Thank You, so am I” the largely partisan crowd resonated with applause. Talk about a soap opera… It was a moment made for television.

Perhaps you have heard of a Potemkin village. The Democrat debate in Las Vegas was just like a Potemkin village. It was all choreographed and scripted in order to portray a lie. The 2016 Democratic Primary is a Potemkin Primary. There isn’t anything fair or democratic about it. It isn’t real. It is rigged. Both the Democratic Presidential Debates and the Democratic Primary are just as phony as a Potemkin village.

Everyone knows that there is only one person running for the nomination for President of the Democratic Party. That person is Hillary Clinton. Unless Joe Biden gets in the race it is a one person race….  Did Hillary leave enough room between her and Barack Obama for Joe Biden to step in? She did not. My Korean friend who immigrated to the United States says that is what he likes about capitalism in America. In America he said, ” we can afford this kind of a joke”… Can we?

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