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Lies, More Lies, and Continued Political Doubletalk about Ukraine

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, August 30, 2014

Russia isn’t the only country that is lying about its involvement in Ukraine. The United States is lying too, and so is the European Union. No one is telling the truth about what is really going on over there and why. The real reason that America is so interested in Ukraine has more to do with the price of oil and natural gas than it has to do with democracy…

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Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Shot Down over Ukraine is a Deadly Accident – The Truth about the Downed Airliner

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, July 18, 2014

A Malaysian civilian airplane carrying 298 passengers including 15 crew members exploded and crashed into a wheat field in eastern Ukraine this week and the immediate speculation by everyone concerned is that it was mistakenly shot down by Ukrainians fighting for their independence from the central government in Kiev. Western media sources report that it was shot down by a Russian made surface to air missile that was fired by Russian speaking civilians in eastern Ukraine however local residents in the region deny the allegations…

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