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Creating a Democrat Police State Right Here in America !

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are creating a democratic, police State right here in America. At least the Obama Administration is trying to. It is hard to believe I know and it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it really is happening right before our eyes. The Democrat police state actually does exist. All of our phone calls both foreign and domestic are being monitored on Verizon and tracked by the N.S.A. Verizon is the largest cell phone network. They are not just monitoring our phone calls though. They are also tracking our emails, tweets, and texts over the internet…

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What Constitutes Unreasonable Search? Our Government’s Growing Disregard for the 4th Amendment !

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, July 26, 2013

Stop infringing on my Right to be secure. There are enough willful indiscriminate violations of the 4th Amendment to make Russia’s Vladimir “Ras-Putin” blush, and the Kremlin issue a public apology on behalf of the KGB for providing the United States with the official working role model for our NSA. America is not living up to its reputation as the land of the free anymore, and about the only brave left here at home seem to be those politicians who have enough bravado or chutzpah to routinely and regularly violate our Constitution and the Bill of Rights with apparent impunity…

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