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Supreme Court to Decide on Same Sex Marriage

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Same Sex Marriage 3 

Supreme Court to Hear Same Sex Marriage Cases

By Scott Rohter, March 2013


“It is almost political abuse to keep bringing something up for a vote over and over again”


On the grand scale of things, the Supreme Court hearing this week on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s decision to ban same sex marriage might not be very high on your list of things to be most worried about. What with our country running up a 16 ½ trillion dollar debt and a runaway illegal alien amnesty bill heading down the tracks, some people might think there are bigger fish to fry. And they might be excused for feeling like that too. But I am sure the LGBT community doesn’t feel that way.

In fact gay marriage is about all they ever think about. The lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered community couldn’t care less if they destroyed our entire country, and brought down the whole 5,000 year old fabric of Western civilization just as long as the last American left standing admitted that what they are doing is okay. I don’t mean what they are doing just by filing these two Federal lawsuits, the one challenging California’s recently passed voter initiative banning same sex marriage, and the other which orders the Federal Government to defer to nine States which have already passed laws allowing same sex marriage over the voter’s objections. But I mean they want to force the rest of society to agree that their alternative lifestyles are okay. That would be like beating a suspect into admitting a lie!

The only reason the gay and lesbian community filed these Federal lawsuits was to try to force the rest of society to approve of their deviant behavior. They are trying to win in court what they haven’t been able to win at the ballot box or by public approval. It is a pathetic attempt to find acceptance and a way to feel good about themselves. They can’t find it within because they know that what they are doing is actually wrong. Even though there is no disputing the fact that some homosexuals are born this way nevertheless they still know that their behavior is wrong. And whether it is because their conscience tells them it is wrong, or the Bible says it is wrong, or because of something that Sigmund Freud called the Super-ego which is the overall judgment of society that we all feel whenever we go outside the norms of acceptable human behavior, I don’t know and I don’t care.

But I can recognize when someone has an abnormal need to seek the approval of others. It is when they think, and talk, and plan, and dream of nothing else but one thing. It is when they become obsessed with one thing. When that happens it is the evidence of a deep underlying psychological disorder. Because they can’t find the forgiveness they need within themselves they seek to extract it from society by force… through a court order or legislative action. A vote of approval is what they really want, but they have not been able to get such a vote of approval by the voters of any State. Wherever same sex marriage laws have been passed, they have either been by court order or by the act of a State Legislature, in other words by the imposition of force.

Besides being obsessive it is almost abusive the way that the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered community keeps pounding away at us over and over again for the past thirty years with their progressive political agenda, non-stop, month after month, year after year, trying to normalize their deviant behavior, until they beat some of us into political submission. All right, all right already. Enough is enough! I give up is what they want us to say.

If they were doing this physically or emotionally it would be called physical or mental abuse, and there are laws that guard against this kind of sociopathic behavior. But because they are doing it in pursuit of their political agenda they are allowed to get away with it. It is, and it should be considered political abuse to relentlessly keep bringing up any political agenda over and over again for a vote… year after year, to keep pushing and pounding away at society over and over in pursuit of a single-minded purpose, to fundamentally transform society, until you eventually wear that society down, and achieve your political goal not because people necessarily agree with your purpose, but because they disagree with your methods.  This should be the standard we set for all political activists, both from the left and from the right, as well as for politicians and the mainstream media. No one should be allowed to keep bringing up the same partisan political agenda for a vote, year after year after year… There should be a respite of sorts, or some kind of a moratorium between successive attempts to fundamentally change society. I suggest a period of five years between votes. That would go along way toward eliminating something I call O.F.C.D. or Obsessive Fundamental Change Disorder.

Whatever the Supreme Court decides this week on same sex marriage, it is not going to fix what is actually wrong. It is not going to stop the overcompensation, or fix the lack of self esteem, or heal the inner feelings of self-loathing experienced by some members of the gay community. Nine men and women on the United States Supreme Court cannot do that. Only God can do that! Those feelings of low self-esteem will still be there no matter what the Supreme Court decides, and gays and lesbians will still be trying to gain acceptance in the eyes of others. They will still be attempting to overcompensate for their own feelings of inadequacy, and all of their efforts will continue to divide our society and our country. It is all in just an ill-advised attempt to normalize their abnormal behavior.


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