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Shakeup in the Obama Administration – Affairs of the Heart and Affairs of State!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A Shakeup in the Obama Administration

Affairs of the Heart… and Affairs of State

General Petraeus Providing Cover for President Obama in Wake of Benghazi Cover Up!

By Scott Rohter, November 2012

Isn’t it funny all of a sudden how all of the liberal media seem to be so concerned about the one isolated affair of General David Petraeus? In the past, generally speaking whenever one of their own has committed adultery they have usually tried to ignore it or look the other way. So long as I can remember the Mainstream Media has never been overly concerned about extra-marital affairs before, whether they were being committed by their own beloved Hollywood elite, or by their own iconic Washington politicians. They weren’t overly concerned about any of the numerous affairs that Bill Clinton had, whether they were committed in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, or in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, or in the back seat of his chauffeur driven limousine (paid for by the tax payers) or in a number of different motel rooms with a myriad of different women along the road to the White House.

The press certainly wasn’t taking the moral high ground while Ted Kennedy was out cavorting around, or out-womanizing the other members of the U.S. Senate, or while he was out late at night partying with Mary Jo Kopechne on that unfortunate evening when her body turned up dead at the bottom of Lake Chappaquiddick in the front seat of his sedan! They ignored all of the extra marital affairs that John F. Kennedy was having during his brief tenure as our Nation’s 35th President. And they totally turned a blind eye to Robert F. Kennedy’s affair that he was having with his dead brother’s wife while his own wife Ethel and the rest of the Kennedy clan just looked helplessly on.

For a long time the media completely covered up the affair that John Edwards was engaging in with another woman while his own wife was dying of breast cancer in 2008… in order to make sure that he would draw just enough votes away from Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary that Barack Obama would win the nomination and go on to become our Nation’s 44th President. I could go on and on like this, but I think you get my point. The media is very selective about whose affairs they decide to talk about and whose they don’t, and why! And they utilize a very unfair political double standard.

From the affairs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the early 20th Century to the more recent affairs of John Edwards, the Democrat cover-up media machine has been extremely busy, and they have also been extremely careful about whose affairs make it onto the front pages of their flagship newspapers or onto the evening news at six. So right now the one affair of General David Petraeus is up front and center, above the fold. His extra-marital affair is about all that is being talked about in the news these days. It is all over the headlines and it is being bandied about on all of the talk shows in amounts approaching near saturation levels.

Why is there such a concerted attempt now to discredit the reputation of General David Petraeus after he has served his country so well in at least eight different administrations and commanded our army reputably in at least two different theatres of war;  Iraq and Afghanistan? Why is there such a determined effort to destroy this distinguished man’s reputation after he served his country so honorably for so long? It doesn’t add up! His sudden resignation as the Director of the C.I.A. after just recently being transferred over there, and the newly released revelations of his extra-marital affair amid the President’s ongoing cover-up of the murders of our embassy personal at Benghazi leave me puzzled and searching for answers. Nothing about this story adds up!  And it shouldn’t add up to any of my readers either.

The F.B.I. investigation into General Petraeus’ isolated affair of the heart is extremely suspicious. Why investigate one of our Nation’s most distinguished and trusted military Generals in the first place? And who cares about his lone affair? Certainly the liberal media doesn’t! The F.B.I. has always been used as a tool by the White House to punish its political enemies and to keep its friends in line, going all the way back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. Today’s F.B.I. is a part of the Department of Homeland Security which is headed up by Janet Napolitano who is a Barack Obama political appointee. Can the F.B.I. be trusted to be above the political fray in Washington? I don’t think so, especially under the current administration!

So then what the hell is really going on here? I am just speculating of course. And it is highly unlikely that we are ever going to find out just what really happened at Benghazi. The Congressional hearings into the matter involving former C.I.A. Director General David Petraeus’ testimony were closed to the public under the pretense of National Security. So all we can do is conjecture. But let’s start out at least with this pregnant observation. People are fleeing the Obama Administration right now like rats off a sinking ship! It is rumored that Hillary Clinton will be resigning after the first of the year. General David Petraeus has already resigned. Other high ranking military officers have also tendered their resignations. Members of the Navy Seals have been publically rebuked by this community organizer in the White House and his reprimand has been prominently covered by all of the dutiful reporters in the lap dog media. So just what is really going on?

I believe that a lot of people in the military are unhappy right now with President Obama and most of them would have preferred it if he would have lost the election! It is very probable that something was going on at Benghazi that shouldn’t have been going on over there… secretly… ala Iran-Contragate. This President is deeply involved in it whatever it is. He authorized it and directed it, and he is entirely implicated in it whatever it is. General Petraeus was involved in it too so he knows all about it, and to secure his silence the Napolitano F.B.I. has been investigating General Petraeus in order to dig up something on him that the Obama Administration could hold over his head in order to get him to co-operate. One of the things that they discovered was a personal affair that he was having with the young writer of his biography.

My guess is that when he learned what the White House was trying to do to him, General Petraeus chose to publically admit his affair and resign his commission rather than be blackmailed or fired by the White House. But because there is probably still something else that they are holding over his head, like his substantial military pension, I think it is highly unlikely that the whole truth about what actually went on at Benghazi, and the President’s role in it, and the subsequent White House cover up will ever be fully revealed. This might also account for why Hillary Clinton took a convenient little trip overseas during the recent Congressional hearings into the matter, and for her parting of the ways with Barack Obama, and it probably also accounts for her unwillingness to serve in a second Obama term.



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