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Republicans vs. Democrats – Down on the Political Farm versus Kept on a Political Plantation

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, October 13, 2012



Part Sheep, Part Ostrich, and Part Neither

Down on the Political Farm versus Kept on a Political Plantation

By Scott Rohter, October 13 2012

Who is the Republican Party and what is it made of? Who are the people that call themselves Republicans and why? And what are we made of?.. For the most part we are an unruly amalgamation of goats, not sheep. It is rather difficult to herd us in any direction. The 2012 Republican Primary was a perfect example of that.  There were nine, count them nine candidates running for the Republican nomination for President. There was Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, Gary Johnson, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney. All of them had a slightly different perspective and approach to solving the problems that we face in our country. Yes, we definitely are an unruly amalgam of goats, not sheep. And it is hard to get us to follow along or to agree on anything… so the sheople analogy is a bit over used.

But we do have our share of sheople just like the Democrats who believe whatever they are told by the mainstream media. Only our sheople believe whatever they are told by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, or by Charles Krauthammer and George Will. The Republican Party certainly has its share of sheople who believe whatever they are told by our Party leaders, and do whatever is asked of them without questioning, and without so much as bleating a faint objection or putting forward an alternative idea of their own.

 In any army there are always leaders and followers.  I don’t have a problem with that. But what bothers me is that the current leaders of our Party are the only ones with a microphone who have access to the sheep. They are the only ones who can broadcast into the political sheepfold and they won’t let anybody else near the sheep. The tool that they use to keep new leaders away, the tool that they use to keep the sheep from ever hearing the voice of another political shepherd is money. Access equals money, and access to the Republican sheep is very expensive. If you want to reach the sheople in the Republican pasture then it is going to cost you plenty.

Sheople are sometimes unflatteringly referred to as “drones”. We have them on the political Right just like they have them on the political Left, just not as many as they do. We also have plenty of political chickens on the Right who are always telling us that we can’t win a major election if we openly embrace conservative values, so we have to compromise our principles and hide our conservative values in the closet until after an election. We have to keep our conservative values hidden in the closet, and be very careful not to let anybody see what we actually believe until after an election is over, and then we can only reveal our values at great peril. I guess real conservative ideology is supposed to be protected like a very carefully guarded State secret.

The geneses for this story comes from a recent Facebook discussion I had with another Republican of a different stripe about one of my recent articles Fair Warning and Full Disclosure. Actually there were two naysayers on Facebook and they were both very strong supporters of Mitt Romney. I wrote that article not to criticize or complain about our candidates which I support 100%, but only to point out the perfectly obvious. The conservative base of the Republican Party has been sitting in the political dugout and on the political sidelines for much of the past twenty-five years and we are all getting very tired of it!

Conservatives have been sitting on the sidelines of the major National Political races in our country for a very long time because our Party’s current leadership considers us to be a political liability. They only pander to us during the Primaries when the Republican Party actually needs our votes or they have no other choice, but as soon as the Primary Season is over, the Establishment backed phony conservatives usually do a total about face and make a 180 degree turn to the political Left. I believe they call that triangulating, which is just a fancy word to describe someone who has no core values and no political soul. Just as soon as the Primary is in the bag, the phony conservative moves to the political Left in order to attract the more moderate members of the Democratic Party. This always leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth as if I had just digested something rotten, and I am getting very tired of that too!

So just for the record, we have sheep, and goats, and chickens down on the Republican farm. And it really is a farm too, not a plantation like the Democrat Party. One thing we don’t do on the Republican farm though is we don’t encourage a culture of dependency, or any type of entitlement mentality. That’s the difference between a free people living on a farm versus a bunch of dependents kept on a plantation.

The next animal on our Republican farm is the political ostrich. Just like a real ostrich, our Republican ostrich keeps their head buried in the political sand and doesn’t want to look up and see anything wrong with the Republican Party, kind of like the three blind mice…Hear no Evil, See no Evil, and Speak no Evil… You can’t point out anything wrong with the Republican Party to these people because they can’t hear or see or speak anything negative about the Republican Party… It is too dangerous. Well that is a good recipe for maintaining the unacceptable status quo in my opinion. I say it is far more dangerous to remain silent.

“Some see the world the way it is and ask why. Others see the world the way it could be and ask why not.” Political ostriches don’t see the world the way it is or the way that it could be! In fact they don’t see the world at all because there head is always buried in the sand, and they never ask any questions at all. So between the chickens who are afraid, and the ostriches who can’t hear or see or speak, and the sheople who just carelessly follow along no matter who is leading, and all of the goats who can’t easily be herded in any direction, it is no wonder that the Republican Party is in the current shape that it’s in. And it’s also no wonder why the Tea Party and the Conservative base of the Republican Party are getting completely frustrated with the way things still are down here on the Republican farm.

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  • Angela Hale
    October 21st, 2012 5:00 pm

    I am an Independent, not a Republican, so perhaps I am a cat. After watching the debacle in Tampa, I don’t think the GOP can be saved. We have to work on changing the R/D paradigm. While I understand that a lot of people would not be open to the idea for this election, it’s a conversation we need to have long before 2016.