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Republican Party – Fair Warning and Full Disclosure

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, October 6, 2012



Fair Warning and Full Disclosure

by Scott Rohter, October 2012


Some Las Vegas odds makers are already calling the election in November for Obama. They are paying pretty good rewards if you put your money down on Mitt Romney to win the race to the White House. Some political pollsters and national pundits on the East Coast are also predicting an Obama victory in 2012, and a second term for America’s first African American President.  They are already trying to figure out what a second term under Barack Obama would actually be like. I sure hope they are wrong. Barack Obama is every bit as much our first Marxist President as he is the first Black President to ever occupy the White House.

If Mitt Romney fails to beat Obama in November it will almost certainly mean the end of many disappointing years of moderates in control of the Republican Party. If the Republican Establishment can’t win this time around with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, then their stranglehold over the Republican Party will finally be broken. That would be about the only good thing I can think of that could possibly come out of a Romney loss in November. He would be the last in a long line of rather unimpressive Republican vehicles to roll off of the Establishment assembly lines and onto the Convention Center showroom floors.

Another loss this year after the humiliating loss that we suffered in 2008 with the very unpopular “John McCain model” will be universally viewed as the last in a long line of disappointing failures for the Republican Party, and the last in a long line of failures for the Old Guard Republican Establishment and their old Party Establishment ways. It will be enough to force a drastic change within the Republican Party.

So listen up all of you old guard Republican Establishment types! This is fair warning. In the interest of full disclosure, if Mitt Romney doesn’t win this election in November following all of the dirty tricks that you played to win the Primary, and after John McCain’s very poor showing in the last Presidential Election, it will almost surely mean a big shift to the right inside the Republican Party and a change to a much more conservative Republican Party in the future.

And if the old guard Republican Establishment tries to resist this move because of the Rules Changes that were passed at the Convention in Tampa, then it will only propel the Tea Party and the conservative base of the Republican Party forward to break away from this old if not so grand anymore Party, to launch our own Party immediately after the 2012 Electoral College vote is certified. This will surely mean the end of the old Republican Party either way! It’s your call. For your own sakes this election better not be a repeat performance of 2008. I have only one word left to say to you. WIN! 


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3 Responses to “Republican Party – Fair Warning and Full DisclosureComment RSS feed

  • scott campbell
    October 9th, 2012 11:28 am

    Yes Republican party, you are officially on notice. If you screw up this election you will pay the price. We will be watching and we will not accept anything less than REAL REPUBLICAN values in action.

  • Daniel Toy
    October 29th, 2012 12:42 pm

    It’s the filthy corrupt people in in this country that have put it to shame. The filth and decay of morality and self serving greed that has flushed a one time great nation down the drain. If the politicians would remember the words of J.F.K. and ask what you can do for your country, we would all be better off!

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel
    November 17th, 2012 9:49 am

    Scott – Excellent mini commentary. I think that you mirror the thoughts of many of us!

    Although I did not eschewed the behavior of the Establishment Republicans this time around and their dissing of Conservatives, TEA Party, birther and Constitutionalist types, I said to myself: “I will support the GOP nominee; but, it will be the last time I hold my nose and vote for the elite pick.”

    Now, Romney and his holier-than-thou Republican Karl Roves and Ann Coulters, lost. They knew better; so, they told us all. My wife and I will not go back and be a part of repeating the same old mistake every presidential election cycle. We refuse to be part and parcel of the old status quo.

    What was most disconcerting, this time around, was the reality that the Republican Party had all within its influence, power and grasp, to politically destroy Obama. Patriotic Americans saw that window of opportunity, with Obama’s ineligibility Achilles heel. Yet, the smug Republican country club elites, joined with the lib Dems to reiterate the ridicule and political correctness talking points.

    Had the Republican Party gone full bore by actually taking up the Constitutional model pushed by birthers, Constitutionalists, and TEA Party patriots, Obama would be toast by now. Instead, of giving the voters a clear cut choice; the Republican Party blended in with the corrupted political landscape. Here, are more of my thoughts authored in my own daily blog:

    Republican leadership stunned by Obama victory: What they fail to understand

    In short: My wife and I are looking for a viable political party which will respect our US Constitution, by being beholden to it, and empowered by it.