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Postmortem Election Analysis – Set up to Fail ?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, November 12, 2012


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Postmortem Election Analysis 2012

Keeping Things in Perspective after a Disappointing Defeat at the Polls

Were we Set up to Fail?

By Scott Rohter, November 2012


There are things that we know, and there are things that we don’t know.

Then there are the things that we don’t even know that we don’t know…”

Donald Rumsfeld  Secretary of Defense

Part One

There are things about the 2012 General Election that we know, and there are things about the 2012 General Election that we don’t know, not yet at least! Let’s see if we can sort some of them out… We know that we lost the election or at least that’s what they keep telling us. That’s what the liberal media and both political Parties keep saying. But why isn’t the Republican Party challenging these results like the Democrats did eight years ago? After all, there are plenty of allegations of fraud, voter intimidation, and electronic voter machine tampering…Just look at this one for example involving Congressman Alan West from Florida. Please click the following link  

What more does the Republican Party need to mount a legal challenge? Apparently a lot more! What about in Wood County Ohio where the FBI is investigating how it was possible for President Obama to receive 106,258 votes in a county where there are only 98,213 eligible voters. Click here It isn’t humanly possible to get 108% of the vote not even in an America that is run by Barack Obama! But I am sure that the progressive Establishment of our Party led by John Boehner and Reince Priebus will just let Congressman Alan West hang out to dry along with the rest of the Tea Party supporters if they ever get their wish! In any case we know that they are not going to contest this election!

My personal opinion is that we should outlaw all electronic machines just for that reason… It is very easy to tamper with the actual numbers on electronic voting machines, and there is virtually no oversight to the process.  Only a limited number of insiders who are hired to count the votes actually know what the hell is really going on! Let me ask you a question. What foreign owned company in what overseas socialist nation was hired to operate the software for our German made electronic voting machines? Do you know? It was a Spanish firm with headquarters in Barcelona called SCYTL for short which purchased SOE Software, the leading supplier of software for American electronic voting machines. Click here

Here are a few of the other things that we still don’t know and we cannot assume. First of all we cannot assume that the actual counting of the ballots especially in the key battleground States was done either honestly or accurately, whether it was done electronically or not because most Americans don’t have a duplicate copy of their ballot to ensure the accuracy of the results!  There are many ways to steal an election… Only some of them have to do with the actual tabulating of the votes. For instance, we don’t know how many illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be in our country, more less voting in our Federal Elections were allowed to cast a ballot. But we do know that the laws requiring voters to show a valid I.D. before actually voting were struck down in several key States by Democrat Judges acting in co-operation with officials of the Obama Justice Department.  We know that much!

We also know that Democrats were determined to win this election by any means possible! We know that Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat Speaker of the House said they would, “…climb any wall” to achieve their single minded goals. If they couldn’t scale the wall she said they would “pole-vault over the wall” and if that didn’t work then they would, “parachute in over the top of the wall” in order to achieve their illegitimate ends. We also know that!

We know that 2,916,811 votes were cast for President Obama in Illinois and only 2,090,116 votes were cast for Mitt Romney. But we do not know how many dead Democrats got up out of their graves on November 6th in Chicago thanks to Rahm Emanuel  and voted for another four years of excessive government overspending and government entitlements for their children and their grandchildren.  We know that is precisely why Rahm Emanuel left the White House two years ago to run for Mayor of Chicago… because Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley announced his unexpected retirement.

Emanuel left Washington so that the former White House Chief of Staff could secure the Nation’s 3rd largest city and deliver up the State’s twenty Electoral College votes for Barack Obama! Where was the Republican Party when Rahm Emanuel was running for Mayor of Chicago? They were way behind the curve just like they usually are. Even I knew that’s why he left the White House and perhaps the second most important job in the free world to become the lowly Mayor of the Nation’s 3rd largest city. And the pied piper of dead Democrat voters did exactly what he was supposed to do on Election Day or “Dia de los Muertos” as it’s known around Chicago which translated means “the day of the dead”. Apparently more than 825,506 dead Democrats did rise up out of their graves precisely at Rahm’s command and they pulled the lever once more for the community organizer from the South Side of Chicago who now occupies the White House!

We don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of other people, even millions of other people also voted in this election who were not supposed to vote, or who voted more than once, or who stuffed the ballot boxes while we weren’t looking, or how many votes for Mitt Romney failed to ever be counted by the offshore firm that runs the software for many of America’s electronic voting machines. We don’t know how many absentee ballots were either shredded or trashed, or how many military ballots never went out, or were sent out late and couldn’t be counted. We don’t know any of that!

On Election Night they were throwing President Obama re-election parties in many foreign capitals and foreign cities all over the world from Nairobi Kenya, where his father was born, to Moscow where he promised Vladimir Putin that he would be more flexible after the election, to Jakarta Indonesia, where he spent most of his youth in a madrassa, to London, to Barcelona Spain where the headquarters for the company is that owns and manages the software for our electronic voting machines. They were all celebrating President Obama’s re-election victory! That we know.

We don’t know if the Republican progressive Establishment who supported Mitt Romney two years ago, long before the hotly contested Republican Primary ever began, cut another one of their shady back room deals like the one they did in Tampa to change the Convention Rules. Perhaps this time they cut a deal with their progressive counterparts in the Democratic Party in order to give Barack Obama a second term in office in 2012 in exchange for a moderate Republican candidate to win in 2016…a candidate like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey or Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. We don’t know if we were sold out, how bad we were sold out, and exactly by whom we were sold out. But we were certainly infiltrated and successfully co-opted, and all of our conservative candidates for President were defeated in the Primaries. Please read my article “Wasted Opportunity – Who Pulled the Plug on the Tea Party” Please click here. 

We were told that none of our real conservative candidates could win the General Election. While the only thing that we really know for sure is this:  After two attempts in the last two General Elections… a moderately liberal Republican cannot win in a General Election. And he certainly cannot win by trying to blur the distinctions between himself and his opponent, or by trying to look like a moderate Democrat. That’s what we know!

Mitt Romney’s loss in the 2012 Election should usher in a new way of thinking within the Republican Party, but it is unlikely to come from the Party’s current leaders. It should portend a gigantic shift to the right inside of our Party because this is the second straight time in the last two consecutive Presidential Elections that the Republican Establishment has stuffed a moderately liberal Presidential nominee on our Party only to lose badly in the General Election. First it was John McCain in 2008, and now it is Mitt Romney in 2012! They are two lost peas from the same losing Republican pod. They are two liberals that are cut from the same Establishment bolt of cloth. The RNC has milked all the rest of us like we are just some gigantic cow that is just there for the purpose of milking. They have done it to us for the past six straight years, and they have taken every spare dime we have just in order to deliver up the same predictable losing result.

There can’t be that many stupid people in America can there be? Or maybe I should rephrase that. There can’t be that many stupid people in America who have come to our country legally and who have a legitimate right to vote in our elections! We need to stop illegal immigration now, and secure our borders, and we need to make sure that every person who votes in our Federal Elections actually has a right to vote! We need to put an immediate end to illegal alien voting!

The Republican Establishment foisted Mitt Romney on us in 2012 over our strong objections in the Primary, yet like good little Republicans we went right along with the plan and supported Mitt Romney all the way to the end! The Establishment won the day back in August at the National Convention, but we all lost in November at the General Election. And I would just like to point out that many of us took this loss much harder than Mitt Romney apparently did judging by his concession speech. He fought like the dickens to win the Party’s nomination including rigging more than one State Primary and caucus, but then he just seemed to roll over in the 2nd and 3rd Presidential Debates for Barack Obama. And he took his loss in the end very good naturedly, curiously enough…

In order for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination, the Republican Establishment had to manipulate more than one State Primary or Caucus.. They finessed the vote counts in Iowa, Maine and New Hampshire in order to prevail over their Republican rivals. There is just no disputing the fact that the Republican Establishment was solidly behind Mitt Romney long before he officially became the Party’s nominee, and long before it ever became fashionable. With the Republican Establishment solidly behind him, Mitt Romney was able to raise and outspend all of his Republican rivals by huge margins in the Primaries only to deliver us the same disappointing result that John McCain did in a head to head matchup with Barack Obama in 2008. So why is that? 

Well despite the fact that millions of illegal aliens voted Democratic who shouldn’t have even been allowed to vote… and besides the fact that Rahm Emanuel made damn sure that there were enough fraudulent votes to deliver Illinois’ twenty Electoral College Votes to Barack Obama, and besides all of the absentee ballots that were trashed, and the military ballots that were never mailed or mailed out late so they weren’t counted, and besides the  1,154,275 Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t believe in voting because they think that it is cooperating with evil, and the 750,000 Amish, Mennonite and other Anabaptists who don’t vote for similar reasons, and the 1,139,562 Libertarians who just threw their vote away simply by voting for Gary Johnson, and besides a very small, but still significant percentage of mainstream Christians who didn’t vote for Mitt Romney because of his Mormon religion… besides all of these things why else did Mitt Romney lose this election?

As if all of the afore mentioned reasons were not enough, Mitt Romney lost this election because of himself, not because he is a Mormon, but more importantly because of his political beliefs which were so inconsistent over the years. It was his own fault that he lost the 2012 Election, and he lost it by an even wider margin than John McCain did four years earlier because Mitt Romney’s prior record of inconsistency on many of the central issues that mean so much to Republican voters i.e. 2nd Amendment rights, abortion on demand, and individual health care mandates were anathema to most conservative voters.

President Obama’s socialized medicine policies will prove to be a nightmare for both doctors and patients. They will reduce the quality of health care and drive up the cost. Mitt Romney would have had a very hard time getting rid of the legacy issue of ObamaCare becuase of his own prior inconsistancy on the subject of individual health care mandates when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. To undo ObamaCare it will require committed people with real credibility working very hard on this tough issue. They will need to have a strong consistant record of fighting to keep health care in the private sector, not like Mitt Romney. 

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is one group that has such a record. Mitt Romney’s positions on this, and other important issues has shifted so many times over the years that it was just about impossible to believe that he had any real core values. He was completely unpredictable on the subject of individual mandates as well as many other substantive issues… He would have said just about anything in order to get elected and then he would have failed to keep most of his campaign promises after he was in the White House… He promised way too many conflicting things to way too many different groups of people over the years. He was a typical career politician just like President Obama is, who has lied and flip-flopped even worse than Mitt Romney has on many important issues.

 Please stay tuned for Part Two  

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  • Angela Hale
    November 17th, 2012 12:45 am

    Personally, I think the reason they don’t contest it is because they were doing the same thing. Don’t forget that Tagg Romney also bought a lot of voting machines and there were reports of Obama votes switching over to Romney in some precincts. I wonder if the ORCA project was also supposed to help rig it in some way. I figure if they look too closely they would find “irregularities” on both sides.