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Saddam’s Revenge – Planting the Seeds of Europe’s Surrender to Islam…. The Unintended Consequence of America’s Invasion of Iraq

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Syrian refugees 1

Planting the Seeds of Europe’s Surrender to Islam.

  The Rise of “Eurabia” and “Islamerica” 

The Unintended Consequences of the War in Iraq: Saddam’s Revenge


By Scott Rohter


Are the vast waves of Muslims leaving the Middle East just war refugees that we should feel sorry for or are they really an invading army of future jihadists that we should be wary of?


Libyan refugeesAre they just refugees or are they really an invading army of future Jihadists? Will Europe remain Europe, or is it already starting to look more like Eurabia? What about the United States of America? Are we going to be next?

All aboard! For several weeks the media has been reporting about the hordes of Muslim refugees fleeing the violence and turmoil going on in the Middle East and North Africa. Those leaving North Africa are crossing the Mediterranean on leaky, overcrowded boats bound for Greece or Italy. Those fleeing the violence going on in Syria and Iraq are entering Europe by land through Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. Most of the refugees are trying to escape the violence and turmoil going on in their own countries and a large percentage of that violence was unwittingly unleashed when the United States invaded Iraq in 2001 and toppled the secular, Sunni led government of Saddam Hussein and again when we bombed Libya in 2011 and ousted Colonel Gaddafi thus creating another failed state in the Middle East.  Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaafi  were the two strong men who kept the lid on a Pandora’s Box full of pent up evils in a part of the world were resentment and revenge go a long way back. Now it has all been unleashed on the world, and it seems to have come to a head with the release of a heart wrenching photo of a little Syrian child washing up dead on the shore of a beach in Turkey. So get ready for “more diversity” in America and “more multiculturalism.”

Syrian refugee crisisIt took about ten years for the disenfranchised Sunnis of Iraq to come to the conclusion that there will never be any national reconciliation in their country as long as Shiites remain in control. They will never be treated as equals while Shiites run the government in Baghdad. They realize that if they are ever going to have a decent life, they are going to have to fight for it and for their rightful place in this new Iraq which was created after the United States invaded their country.

At about the same time that this was sinking into the minds of millions of Sunni Muslims living in Iraq, other Sunnis living across the border in Syria under the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad came to the same conclusion. They realized that their lives were never going to improve as long as Bashar al Assad was in power in Damascus so they launched a civil war to try to overthrow his regime. It was the last desperate breath of the so called Arab Spring… a Spring which never was… a Spring that was literally invented in the studios of the BBC. It was never Spring in the Arab World. There was never even a little thaw in the bitter Winter of Arab discontent.

Knowing that they faced a common enemy, the Sunnis of Iraq and the Sunnis of Syria united in an effort to free themselves from Shiite domination. They came together under the reorganized leadership of Saddam Hussein’s old Baath Party to form what we in the West now call ISIS. The Sunni Muslims who comprise ISIS are mainly disenfranchised and discontented Iraqis and Syrians who are led by Saddam Hussein’s old generals and by a spiritual leader by the name of Al Baghdadi.  Al Baghdadi means of Baghdad. Iraq’s disenfranchised Sunni tribes and the disenfranchised Sunni Muslims of Syria are determined to re-establish a Sunni homeland in this part of the Middle East. They don’t want to live under the control of the Shiites in Iraq or the Alawhites in Syria. They don’t want to live under the finger of the Al Saud Royal Family in Saudi Arabia either. They want their own country in the heart of the Middle East and its not too hard to understand why. Sunni Muslims make up 85% of the world’s Muslims. They want to live in a reconstituted Syria and Iraq under their own control similar to the way it was before the Assad family took over Syria and before the American invasion of Iraq.

The mass migration of Muslims to Europe from the Middle East would not be occurring if America had not invaded Iraq in 2001 under the pretense of looking for weapons of mass destruction. It would not be occurring if we had not toppled the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein. He was the Sunni strong man who kept the old order intact, and without him there is no one strong enough to keep the fragile new order intact which America cobbled together after we invaded their country. What we are witnessing in the Middle East is the collapse of this new order which we imposed on the people of Iraq. We are watching the breakup Iraq and the transformation of Europe into Eurabia.. Those are the unintended consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Sadaam Hussain hangingThe world is not a vacuum. Now the seeds of unrest are being planted in Europe. All the trains bound for Germany are not enough to carry all of the Muslim refugees fleeing the carnage of the Middle East. The vast number of Muslim refugees who are escaping the civil wars in Iraq and Syria are making their way to Europe. This is “Saddam’s revenge”, and it is coming back from the grave to haunt us in ways that no one ever expected. Yet our leaders still want to oust Bashar al Assad in Syria just like they ousted Sadaam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gadhafy in Libya. They haven’t learned anything in over twenty years of failed foreign policy initiatives. They still purport to believe in the mistaken idea that it is our responsibility to bring democracy to this authoritarian part of the world. It is bad enough that we created the turmoil and fueled it. It is time to realize that we cannot fix it! It is time for us to leave them alone and let them solve their own problems by themselves.

Washington politicians from both political Parties want to bomb Syria. They don’t understand that we cannot bomb a nation into Democracy.  You cannot force people to love their neighbor. You cannot build a country for another people. They have to do it for themselves. We destabilized the Middle by ousting Sadaam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gadhafy in Libya. The waves of Muslim refugees fleeing these countries is our own fault, and it is our job to stop it, but it is their job to solve their own problems. We need to learn how to mind our own damn business for a change. The Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov has an interesting perspective about American foreign policy. He said, “Americans always tell people in other countries what to do and how to live. In the name of democracy wherever Americans do this they have created failed states which become sources of terrorism.”  He is absolutely right.

I have a great idea… Why doesn’t Iran accept all of the refugees leaving Syria and Iraq? After all Iran is a Muslim country. It is close and it is as big as all the countries of Europe combined. It can easily accommodate all the refugees who want to escape the violence just across their border. It sounds like a match made in heaven. So why don’t they take these refugees in?…

The reason is because Iran wants to use these Muslims fleeing the violence in Iraq and Syria to be the tip of an invading army. Both Tehran and Riyadh  want to use young Muslim males between the ages of 18 and 30 to be their an army of future jihadists who will conquer Europe for Islam. The refugees from Iraq and Syria are not the first battalions of this invading army. Millions of Muslims already live in Europe who would like to turn Christian Europe on its head and install Sharia Law in place of freedom and tolerance while turning Christians and Jews into second class citizens   The next wave of this jihadi army are the refugees currently fleeing Syria and Iraq, and the wave after that will be the Imams who will call them to Jihad from the Mosque.

It is not in our best interests to accept Muslim refugees. There are almost fifty Muslim countries in the world.  It is their job to find a place for their refugees. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want the refugees in their country because they already have a problem with Shiites living in the Arabian Peninsula, but curiously enough Saudi Arabia which is usually at odds with Tehran over just about everything is in perfect agreement with the Ayatollahs about letting the refugees be resettled in Europe.

The unintended consequence of accepting hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees in Europe is that Christian Europe is preparing its own death certificate. It is ingesting a fatal sociological and cultural poison in order to cure a religious and political cancer that is spreading across the Middle East and North Africa.… That is not a prescription to preserve the life of the patient. It is a suicide wish by the visitor in the next room .

The Obama Administration wants to resettle many Muslim refugees in America. John Kerry proposed increasing the amount. The number was set at 100,000 more Muslim immigrants by the year 2017.

In November , Paris was attacked by ISIS refugees from war torn Syria. Many people were killed and injured. In December two Muslims named Sayeed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed fourteen people and wounded twenty three others in San Bernardino California in the name of diversity and multiculturalism.  On December 5th a Muslim man wielding a knife killed one man and wounded two others in a subway station in England while shouting, “This is for Syria.”

The other day I heard someone who favors letting more Muslim refugees come to the United States. He had just two words for anyone who opposed him. The two words were Danny Thomas. Well… I have just one word… Bullcrap. Danny Thomas was a Lebanese Maronite Christian. I also have a few more words for anyone  who still wants to let more Muslims come to America. They are: Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, Omar al-Shishani, Abu Mohammed al-Julani, and Ayman al-Zawahiri. They are all Muslim terrorists who have inspired other Muslims to kill Americans. 

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