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Peter DeFazio Campaign Turns Negative against Art Robinson

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, October 31, 2012



DeFazio Billboards Hwy 34 Corvallis 3

Peter DeFazio Campaign Turns Negative against Art Robinson

DeFazio Uses Deceptive & Illegal Roadside Advertising to inaccurately portray his Opponent

Scott Rohter – November 2012


Dear Friends

 Art Robinson is running for Congress from Oregon’s 4th Congressional District. His opponent is the 13 term incumbent Democrat Congressman from Springfield, Peter DeFazio. Art has been nominated by the Republican Party and by the Constitution Party. Art Robinson is trying to wage a very frugal, open and honest political campaign with very limited financial resources, while his opponent Peter DeFazio has been running a very negative and expensive campaign with the help of big Wall Street corporate donations.

 DeFazio’s goal is to deceive Oregon voters into re-electing him for the 13th consecutive time by distorting the impeccable credentials and the un-reproachable background of his opponent Dr. Art Robinson. DeFazio is trying to paint this world class scientist with many endorsements from members of the legitimate scientific community as a “pathological nut-job.” This is Peter DeFazio’s own characterization of Art Robinson. But when Oregon voters learn the actual truth about Art Robinson’s record, they are often outraged by Peter DeFazio’s inaccurate misrepresentations and his unfair tactics, and they decide to vote for Art Robinson instead!

I would like you to know the facts. Until recently I myself was completely unaware of the full extent of the dishonest and illegal efforts of Peter DeFazio to retain his seat in Congress. He has placed numerous billboards around the district designed to look like they are coming from the Robinson campaign. Art’s picture and name are prominently displayed, and the messages look like they are coming from him. Some of the quotes are completely fabricated out of thin air, while others are distorted or taken out of context from more than twenty years of Dr. Robinson’s published writings and speeches.

There is no written disclaimer in certain cases stating that these billboards are from the DeFazio campaign. In other cases the disclaimer is so small as not to even be noticeable. I am told by Noah Robinson that when his team did some polling, they discovered that fully one third of those who saw those billboards actually believed that they were put up by Art Robinson, and that they accurately represented his views… After seeing the billboards they were more than twice as likely to vote for Peter DeFazio. An additional 20% of the voters were actually unsure about who put up the billboards, or who to vote for after seeing them. More than 90,000 people have seen these false or illegal billboards so far.

The lack of integrity and the level of dishonesty practiced by Peter DeFazio in this campaign is enough to jeopardize Art Robinson’s chances of winning this election. Please send Peter DeFazio a strong message that you don’t approve of his negative campaign strategy, and you won’t be fooled by his deceptive tactics.  Please vote for Art Robinson for Congress on November 6th. Thank you

“Art Robinson is one less reason to be afraid”

Scott Rohter


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