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Oregon Un-Republican Party! Is Michelle Malkin unknowingly helping to elect more RINOs in Oregon?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, February 11, 2013



Abraham Lincoln 2 

Oregon Un-Republican Party 

Is Michelle Malkin unknowingly helping to elect More RINOs in Oregon?

By Scott Rohter, February 2013


“Nearly always broke and overly concerned with financial issues, they are morally and ideologically bankrupt as well.  What’s more they are unable to understand why they keep finding themselves in the same predicament year after year after year.”


They have to pay a national celebrity to come here to speak at their annual Lincoln Day dinner just in order to get Lane County Republicans to contribute enough money to keep the lights and  heat on at their local Republican Party headquarters. Lured by the prospect of hobnobbing with a real media personality, some local Republicans pony up as much as 500 dollars a plate to keep their failing Party alive. I wonder if Michelle Malkin actually knows how she is being used to help elect more RINOs in Oregon.

I was informed by others that there was going to be some kind of a coup Thursday evening at the Lane County Republican Central Committee meeting so I made it a point to be there to witness this furtive exercise. What I saw only confirmed my deepest suspicions that no coup will ever be successful in our county or in our State as long as the current leadership of the Oregon Republican Party remains basically the same. Actually two things convinced me of that… this Central Committee meeting, and the most recent Statewide election for Oregon Republican Party Chair.

So I have decided to start my own one man protest movement called The Oregon Un-Republican Party. It is a group of disillusioned Republicans and people just like myself who are as thoroughly disgusted with the Oregon Republican Party as I am. It is a recovering group of Conservative Republicans who are just about as appalled by the Republican Party’s stunning lack of conservative principles as they are by the Democrat’s staggering disrespect for our Constitution and their Socialist ideology. If you are a discouraged member of the Constitution Party, or a perennial loser from the Libertarian Party and if you are tired of always coming in last place while simultaneously being accused of being a spoiler by the Republican Party then I invite you to join the Oregon Un-GOP too.

It has been clear to me for a long time that something really needs to be done about the sad state of Republican affairs in Oregon. Those who have risen to the top of this political Party are neither morally, ideologically, or emotionally qualified nor are they inclined to be good leaders. They are only politically adept at negotiating the maize of obstructions and pitfalls that are placed in their path.

Here is the Republican Party’s record for the past twenty years. In one word, it is irrelevant! They have not won a single Statewide office in so long that almost all of the judicial positions as well as any other offices in the State that are appointed by the Governor are all occupied by Democrats. That being the case then why does the Republican Party keep thinking that if they just keep doing what they are doing that sooner or later they will win?

The main thing wrong with the Oregon GOP is that they always seem fixated on the minute little details of budgets and finances without having the slightest clue why their stunning lack of success keeps staring them in the face. Oh if they only had more money they think, or more yard signs, or knocked on a few more doors, or paid for a few more political ads, then they could reverse their dismal record. There is a word for this kind of unrealistic thinking…. It is called delusional!

The reason that the name Republican in Oregon is synonymous with losers is because of things like what occurred at Thursday’s Central Committee meeting… not because almost half the participants in the room were disgusted by the Party’s poor record past performance and they rose up to try to stop something that they thought was wrong, but because the other half of the room was still not disgusted enough to demand a change in the way things are done.

I arrived late so that I wouldn’t have to sit through a hypocritical prayer led by another non-repentant Republican sinner. And when I did arrive, the little coup was already in progress. Although I didn’t personally hold out much hope for its success, I eagerly watched and listened while some courageous new members of the Oregon Republican Party and a few more seasoned veterans of past failure withstood the little cabal of establishment regulars led by Chairman Paul Barnett.

The Party regulars were eager to shut down debate and pass their budget so they could get on with their carefully scripted meeting. They already knew that they had enough votes to pass the budget which included a wasted $15,000 in my opinion to pay Michelle Malkin to address this dysfunctional group of perennial losers at their annual Lincoln Day dinner. It would be an understatement to say that if Abraham Lincoln was still alive, that he wouldn’t even sit down to sup with these hypocrites.

A check in the amount of $7,500 has already been issued to the guest speaker in order for her to even consider coming here. The balance is to be paid after Ms. Malkin fulfills her end of the bargain. But as far as I am concerned it is not a bargain. I could have addressed their stupid little buffet dinner and told them exactly the same thing for free. Rather this is a pact between two parties who are both using each other for precisely the wrong reasons.

Michelle Malkin agreed to come to Eugene Oregon and speak to these phonies at their annual Lincoln Day dinner because she is primarily interested in making money and she obviously sets no minimum standards as to when and where she speaks except for the customary monetary standards. In other words she will speak to any group willing to pay her fee. She will talk to RINOs just as easily as she will address a group of real conservatives, and that is probably the way that it should be. But if she thinks that she can win over a few lost political souls here then she is just fooling herself, and I could have told her that she is just wasting her time if her mission is to convert these politically unwashed Oregon Republicans!

I would have addressed their sorry arses for free and told them essentially the same thing that she will, but then nobody would have paid a nickel to hear me speak because I have told them the truth for so long that I have actually alienated most of them. And of course it isn’t the words that really matter… It is the notoriety of the speaker who is delivering those words that counts more than anything else, especially in Lane County where they hope to turn a quick buck off of Michelle Malkin’s guest appearance.

It’s always about the money with this little cabal of Lane County Republicans that lead the Party. They can’t get other Republicans to contribute enough money to keep the local Party’s heat, light, and storm water runoff bills paid without baiting their hook. And that is because their political ideas are so totally bankrupt that they actually need a hook, and they need to bait their hook to inspire anybody to be financially forthcoming. Michelle Malkin is the bait on that hook. Their positions, their ideas, and their vision for the future of the Oregon Republican Party and for our Nation leave the rest of Lane County Republicans so totally uninspired that they are unwilling to donate any money.

What the Lane County Republican Party wants to do with the proceeds from the sale of tickets to their Lincoln Day dinner is to pay their heat and light bill, and with the money that is left over they hope to pay for more yard signs to try to elect more RINOs. Michelle Malkin is un-wittingly helping their efforts to elect more RINOs in Oregon. Oh goody where can I buy the next ticket to hear Michelle speak?  The arrangement between Ms. Malkin and the Lane GOP is a perfect example of two parties which are both doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. But this is the way that Republican Party politics has been practiced around here for years. The average rank and file members of the Lane County Republican Party really have nothing to say about anything.

So it was decided that each speaker for and against the proposed Lane County Republican budget would have about one minute a piece to address the assembled Precinct Committee People. This was after a few of the key players in this debate got a little more time to make their case for or against the proposed budget. There were fourteen people in all who wanted to be heard from. They were about equally divided between the two factions, and I was the last person to speak.  There was a definite air of hostility in the room.

The majority side appealed for unity just like they always do. Unwilling to give up power or make any meaningful concessions to the other side, they always expect their opponents to just roll over and fall into line behind them. Bob Avery, a former Lane County Republican Party Chairman made just such a motion. He was preceded by Dennis Morgan and a whole host of other Party regulars whom I call dinosaurs because they just won’t “die-nor-soar” away. They all said basically the same thing, that we had to pass their budget which seemed to some others to have violated or circumvented certain of the by-laws.

I don’t care about the minute little details of budgets. What I care about are broader ideological principles upon which these budgets have a definite impact. I only needed to look at the cast of characters who were supporting the proposed budget to know what side of the issue that I would come down on. They were all the usual Party regulars that control all of the key positions inside of the Party, and the same ones who like doing things in private, closed door meetings the way they have always done them around here. They are led by the current Chairman Paul Barnett, and the Vice Chairman Bill Young. Their roles were reversed not too long ago kind of like the way that Vladimir Putin and Dimitri Mevedev switched their two political positions as President and Premier of Russia. Two years ago Bill Young was the Chairman of the Lane County Republican Party, and one year ago Paul Barnett was the Vice Chairman.

The complete cast of characters included all of the other usual suspects. There was Terri Moffett, Milt Krueger, Bob Avery, and Dennis Morgan who is always lurking around somewhere in the background. They all deserve to share the blame for the Lane County Republican Party’s dismal record of defeat over the past twenty years that would even make the Chicago Cubs look good by comparison. That goes as well for the Oregon GOP.

When I stood up to claim my one minute of microphone time I decided to direct my remarks at these broader ideological principles that I have been alluding to. In other words I wanted to talk about the overall way that this Party has been run and continues to be run. There was almost an immediate objection raised by the Chairman as I tried to show a pattern of past performance demonstrating a lack of transparency on his part. “Out of order,” I heard him say. “You are not on topic.”  The ruling Republican dinosaurs would not permit me to proceed with my remarks. After taking about 30 seconds of my time to interrupt me they told me that my 60 seconds was up before I could even tie a couple of coherent thoughts together. If you don’t want to discuss ideological principles then that is your problem, I told them.  If you just want to discuss dollars and cents then you will never inspire the next generation of young voters, I said.  “A great Nation and little minds go ill together.”  – Sir Edmund Burke


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