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Maybe We Should Ban Democrats from Owning Firearms?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, December 22, 2012



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Maybe We Should just Ban Democrats from Owning Firearms?

By Scott Rohter, December 2012


America doesn’t need a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons. Maybe instead we should just ban automatic assault Democrats from automatically assaulting our Constitution every time that violence in America is committed with guns. Every time this happens, the Democrats in Washington are quick to rush to the same knee jerk conclusion, and they exhibit the same propensity to reach for our weapons! But these guns, if we should ever need them, are the last means of self-defense that we have and our final resort against an abusive Federal government. Perhaps we should think more carefully before we agree to surrender them. Perhaps we need to prohibit Democrats from owning firearms! They always seem to be the ones doing all of the shooting. Maybe that might help. I know that we certainly need to prohibit Democrat legislators in Washington from attacking our Constitution every time this kind of thing happens. We need to stop them from trying to take away one of the few remaining Constitutional liberties that we have.

“We need to do more to protect our citizens,” Senator Harry Reid the Democrat majority leader said, in the wake of the recent shooting deaths in Newtown Connecticut. And I would like to agree with him too. But it is not by further infringements upon our Constitutional right to bear arms that we should attempt to protect our citizens. We actually need to do more to protect ourselves from our elected officials in Congress who would give their eyetooth to take away all of our weapons, and also our last right to defend ourselves!

Maybe we ought to consider banning Hollywood, or the producers of those senseless, virtually lifelike video games that glorify violence…  The type of violence that went on at the Sandy Hook Elementary School is the same type of violence that is portrayed by these pointless video games. These are the type of games that award points for killing people with a joystick from the comfort of a sofa in your living room. What purpose do these games serve anyway? Our society would be better off without them. And our children would be much safer without them too.

Whether they are assaulting our Constitution, or devaluing our currency by monetizing the debt, or attacking our private property rights, our elected politicians in Washington are like locked and loaded automatic assault rifles ready to take aim at the heart of what keeps Americans free… our Constitution. Their objective is to seek out and destroy any remaining elements within our society that serve to support the concept of National Sovereignty, which renders us distinctly different from the rest of the client nations of the new World Order.

That is the prime directive of Democrats in Government or “D.I.G.” They are digging another deep hole to go right along with the fiscal hole they have been digging, and they are trying to bury our Constitution in it. And together with their progressive accomplices in the Republican Party, they are digging it deeper in the wake of the Connecticut shootings. Perhaps as Americans, these Democrats should try to raise their children a little better instead of permitting our eager politicians in Washington to reduce us all to slaves without any rights. Perhaps if Democrats would only get their priorities straight, and start teaching their children the way they are supposed to go instead of turning that important job of parenting over to the “television set nanny” while they are out climbing some social, political, or economic ladder, then just maybe America’s children would be better adjusted, and the next generation of Americans might actually grow up to become more responsible citizens than their parents are!

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