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Marathon for Survival in Manhattan – While Bloomberg Calls October Jobs Report “Good”!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, November 3, 2012


Mayor Michael Bloomberg 3 

 Marathon for Survival in Manhattan

A Different Kind of New York Marathon

Bloomberg Calls October Jobs Report “Good”!

By Scott Rohter, November 2012

With only four days left until Election Day, the official government Unemployment Report came out for the month of October, and it wasn’t any better than it was for the month of September. It shows that the unemployment rate actually rose last month from 7.8% to 7.9%.  Let me officially say that I don’t trust government statistics anymore, especially those put out by the current government. Nevertheless the report shows that unemployment is up! The unemployment rate is still 1% higher than it was on the day that President Obama took office in January 2009. For the last four years he has been blaming George Bush for all of the Nation’s economic woes, but his own Administration’s policies have not done one thing to make the unemployment rate any better or to alleviate the chronic shortage of private sector jobs in America!

At the same time, the Obama Administration with the help of the National “cover-up” media is claiming that the jobs report for October was, “better than expected.” At least that’s what National Public Radio (N.P.R.) and the Public Broadcasting System (P.B.S.) both reported… By the way, they said the same thing last month too! I guess if you set your expectations low enough than you can actually achieve them, and you can even make a certifiable idiot look like a certified rocket scientist too!  But my question to the National “make-over” media is,“better than expected by whom?”

Echoing the cover-up by the publically funded media was Bloomberg News, which also reported on Friday that the National unemployment rate was, “a good report but not yet escape velocity.” To the financial reporters at Bloomberg News I would like to ask this. “Escape from what…the current recession, or reality?” The Jobs Report definitely does indicate that we are not out of the recession, but all of the spin surrounding the report sure does escape the realm of reality!

The Bloomberg Financial Report is the news organization owned by Michael Bloomberg…you know… the formerly Republican, billionaire turned liberal Mayor of New York City, who just recently endorsed Barack Obama for President. If Bloomberg put his entire financial news organization into a blind trust so that he could become the liberal Mayor of New York, then it sure looks like someone is peeking through those blinders and telling his news organization just what to say in their reports. The reality is that the Jobs Report for October is just as bad as it was for September and here’s why:

1)       The total number of people (according to the government) who are still out of work and actively looking for a job has actually increased since last month. And this figure does not even begin to count all of those who are out of work and not actually looking for a job, or those who have gone from collecting unemployment benefits to collecting disability.

2)      The average time spent on unemployment according to the government is still 40 weeks or ten whole months!

3)      When you add the number of part time workers who are unemployed into the mix, then the actual unemployment rate goes up to 14% according to Investor’s Business Daily.

4)      When you consider the fact that 110,000 people graduate from college every month and begin looking for employment, the figure of 171,000 new jobs created for the month of October barely keeps pace with the actual number of new people entering the work force. It does almost nothing to alleviate the chronic unemployment problem and the chronic under employment problem in America!Therefore only 61,000 new jobs were actually created to satisfy the needs of a growing backlog of over three million American workers currently unemployed. Those so called 171,000 new jobs that were created were just a proverbial drop in the bucket!

This reminds me of the long lines of New Yorkers who are patiently waiting to fill up their cars and their containers with gasoline in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. And where is FEMA? In many cases they are nowhere to be found. It isn’t much different today than it was after Hurricane Katrina when George Bush was President! The only difference seems to be that when the Federal Government botched up the relief operation after Katrina the media were all over George Bush, but now when their man is in charge they are nowhere to be found… just like FEMA and the blame falls squarely at the feet of Barack Obama!

While all of this human suffering is going on in New York and in New Jersey… the very wealthy and elitist Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg wanted to hold the New York Marathon as scheduled… just like nothing was wrong… I think it shows just how out of touch some of these rich liberals really are. I think there is a different kind of Marathon going on in Manhattan right now… and around New York and in New Jersey and everywhere else that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. It is a much more important marathon than the New York Marathon. It is a marathon for survival and it deserves all of our focus and attention!



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