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Joe Newby: Conservative Firing Line or is He just a One Man Conservative Firing “Squad” ?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, June 9, 2013


Joe Newby

Joe Newby: Conservative Firing Line…

or is He just a one man Conservative Firing Squad?

By Scott Rohter, June 2013


I used to think that Joe Newby was my friend, but yesterday I found out otherwise. He wrote a hit piece about me and about a social network I founded called WePluribus.. One of our members brought this to my attention. I won’t promote his stupid blog here on my site by giving you the link to his story, but I will post my response to all his lying allegations right here. I tried to post it to the comments on his blog but he removed it. He claims that I am demanding people pay me in order to use WePluribUS,  or I am banning them from the site if they don’t contribute something…  Everyone on the site knows that is simply not true…  That is why so many are still there even though most have not paid anything to help me with the day to day operating expenses of the site… However I cannot continue to pay for the site all by myself anymore, and  I have posted a couple of polls and announcements to this effect, letting our members know how they can help if they want to and those who would like to help are encouraged to contribute. If they do then their membership status is upgraded from Basic Member to Contributing Member. If they don’t want to contribute anything then they can usually remain on as a Basic Member after the first thirty days are over as long as the follow the rules, but there are obviously going to be some basic differences between just being a Member, and being a Contributing Member. That makes perfect sense to me..  If someone has been blocked or their account has been deleted, it is not just because they did not contribute something.


On Facebook there are no members..  By the way there are no members of the Tea Party Community Network either. There are only users. But on WePluribUS we have no users. We just have two different kinds of members.. Basic and Contibuting. That is a big difference. I know ths idea of the people actually owning the media threatens the entire Establisment and that is why almost no one who has an investment in the status quo wants to see WePluribUS actually succeed. That is why Joe Newby and other members of the current paradigm are trying very hard to destroy WePluribUS, and me too. They either want to make it work like Facebook or they want to destroy it!


Here is what I wrote in response to Joe Newby’s story about WePluribUS which he published on and later on his Conservative Firing Line blog. I posted my response to his false accusations in the comments to the story on his blog on June 8th. My entire rebuttal to Joe Newby’s hit piece about me in the comment line on his blog was deleted within a few hours. Since then he has published two more hit pieces about me and his friends Dean Chambers and Diane Sori have also posted articles and false accusations.. It seems that Mr. Newby is guilty of doing some of the same things that he accuses Facebook of doing.. deleting comments and posts. His site seems more like a one man Conservative Firing Squad than a real Conservative Firing Line or blog. At least that is the way that I see it. And it seems like this guy can’t shoot straight either. He obviously gets the facts wrong, and he doesn’t like reading the truth so he deleted my entire rebuttal although other people are allowed to comment freely on the story especially if you agree with Joe. But it seems like not many people do agree with Joe or even want to comment on his story. But you definitley can’t comment on the story if you are the person that Joe Newby is falsely maligning because my comments were removed. I am gcertainly glad to see that Mr. Newby didn’t go to law school and become a judge, and that I am not in his courtroom.


Since Joe Newby wants to turn what was strictly a private matter between me and him into a public matter much like Tom Harrison did, then here is my public response to his false accusations, but before I do I would just like to know something. What is that ridiculous picture that Joe Newby uses as his personal avatar all over Facebook? Is that supposed to be a lion or a lap dog? Or is it a wolf… in sheep’s clothing ?  No, I’ve got it. I know what it is. It’s a jackal with the principles of a snake…  a snake in the grass just like his new found friend and fellow disseminator of lies and private tape messages, Tom Harrison of Oregon City, Oregon. Tom happens to be the much vaunted Oregon Republican Party webmaster, and he was the first person to notice Joe’s new trash piece about me on the internet. He was also the first person to comment about it, positively of course,  but then that is nothing new for Tom Harrison who was a temporary administrator of WePluribUS for the express purpose of accomplishing the transfer of our site to a new server, and he has been on a personal vendeta to destroy WePluribUS  ever since he botched up the transfer of our site so that it didnt work right.


That is when I got mad at him for breaking our site, and for losing all of my personal email contacts, and I left that blistering tape message on his personal answering maching that he later gave to to Tim Selaty of the Tea Party Community Network to post all over the internet.. He deserved every single word that I spoke to him on his answereing machine.. but they were never meant for anyone else to hear. They were only meant for his ears… He not only broke our website. He broke my trust in him. Apparently nothing is private anymore, and no one is honorable. He published that private tape message all over the internet for everyone else to hear, and then he handed it off to Tim Selaty, the owner of a commpeting network for him to post too. There is no honor among thieves and there is nothing personal or private that some dishonorable people won’t publish all over the internet, contrary to the teachings of the Bible .. To this very day I have nothing to apologize for to Tom Harrison for leaving him that blistering tape message on his private answering machine. On the contrary he should actually be begging forgiveness from me for making it public, and Tim Selaty should be asking forgiveness as well for making it public in order to advance his own agenda, and to try to or denigrate WePluribUS.. They both should be in jail in my opinion  and just because there is no law currently against this sort of behavior, nevertheless what they are doing is not right.. They just dont know any better.


As far as I am concened Tom Harrison richly deserved every single word that I said to him before I ended our friendship. He was then subsequently banned from our site for misusing The Public Forum on WePluribUS for inappropriate content that had nothing at all to do with news and politics but everything to do with his own personal mistakes that he made when he transfered our social site to a new server. Ever since then Tom Harrison has been obsessed with destroying WePluribus.. He has registered and posted under various aliases all over Facebook and WePluribUS  and the Tea Party Community Network as well in and effort to denigrate what I am doing. He sends me truly unwanted emails almost on a weekly basis. He is seriously obsessed. The Forum of WePluribus is only to be used for the discussion of news and politics. It says so right in the rules. It is not to be used for his personal issues. Tom broke the rules repeatedly after he broke our site, and he continued to break the rules even after he was warned about his bahavior. It was only after sevral warnings that I banned him fom the site and deleted his account. There is nothing to apologize to Tom for doing that either.


As for Joe Newby… they are paying him a penny per click over there at Examiner for all of this garbage that he is now writing about me and WePluribUS. I guess they have no rules that prohibit writing lies about a fellow journalist.  Well I really hate to call him a follow journalist. So lets just say that I am a writer and he is not.  He is a disseminator of lies… kind of like a prostitute that sells sleaze while the company he works for is selling sex. They are posting pictures of half naked women on most of their pages.  At least Tom Harrison from Oregon City, Oregon isn’t making his living by trying to sabotage WePluribUS and trying to personally destroy me with all of his lies.


Apparently there is not enough real news that affects our country for “reporters” at to report on, because Joe Newby and another sleazy examiner named Dean Chambers chose to focus on me right at about the same time. Is that a coincidence? NO. They are both friends and fellow examiners at, and they are both members of a rival social network, the Tea Party Connunity. I am only a small owner of a little social site with about 1300 members, and they devoted so much of their time the past couple of days to attacking me and misrepresenting the facts, and inaccurately portraying what is REALLY NOT NEWS AT ALL about a private social site as if it were really big news. Perhaps Joe’s emotions got the better of him when I told him that it was not okay for him to lie to me any more. Perhaps his emotions are clouding his better judgment now.


May I ask what does my appliance repair business have to do with a social network called WePluribUS?  What is the connection or why does Joe even mention that I am an appliance repairman?  I dont see any connection at all. He further goes on to talk about my unconnected appliance repair business in an unflattering way when what he really wants to do it to try to discredit my social network…  He brings up one or two complaints about my appliance repair business over a period of twenty five years that I have been in business. In that time I have probably had over 20,000 customers.. Is it unusuall to find a few complaints over such a long period of a time, and considering all of the customers that I have worked for I don’t see anything unusual about that. What does a pictue of a sink with a few drops of blood in it from when I cut my hands on a job have to do with a social network I founded… I cut my hands on an appliance . So they were bleeding.  So I washed them off in the sink.. What was I supposed to do, leave then blead. I washed them off and put a bandaid on them.  Is this an example of good reporting from the Purveyors of sleaze over at I mean really is that all you got Joe?  Are you trying to demean me by implying that an appliance repair man cannot have an opinion about politics that other people would find interesting, or that he can’t write well enough to publish his works on the same par with you? Or are you insinuating  that an appliance repairman has no business operating a social network?


For your information  I have five websites and just one of them alone received over a million hits on it last year.. If Joe was not trying to imply that I am not qualified to publish a blog or to run a social network, then why does he mention what I have done for a living for the past twenty five years ?  It reveals to me what is really motivating him to write his hit pieces.  His motivation is character assination based upon revenge, pure and simple… Well there is really nothing pure about it, and I think that most of his readers will be able to see right through it.


Everybody has to earn their living in some way. Its either that or let the government take care of them…  Maybe I could make a living publishing sleaze like the company Joe Newby  works for… But instead I have earned an honest living for over twenty years as an appliance repairman..  There is nothing wrong with that.  On the other hand Joe Newby earns his living by writing third-rate stories for a sleazy website that pays him a penny a click to trash his competition and for all of his other so called “reporting” while Examiner flashes pictures of half naked women in front of his readers, and embeds hidden video links on all of their pages that take the readers to annoying advertisements that are always intended to sell them something that they don’t want… I call that prostitution Joe Newby, and  I call you a  journalistic whore, and by the way I refuse to do it.  That’s why I don’t write for and YOU DO!  It is a sleazy website… and you are a part of it!  Some of that sleaze has obviously rubbed off on you. If you lie down with dogs then you will get up with fleas. I also don’t try to make any money on any of my internet properties or on anything else that I write for the sake of my country, while you do… There is nothing wrong with making money of course, but this goes to the fundamental difference between you and me, and why we both do what we are doing. It should also help our readers to know which one of us to believe, and which one of us not to trust.  I notice you have fleas Joe!


 I also use my own picture on my Facebook page and on WePluribus while you don’t use your picture on any of your facebook postings.  Now I know why you told me that you never use your real picture. You told me you are afraid for your own safety, and you should be… You must have a lot of people angry at you if you have slandered them the way you have slandered me and WePluribUS.. But I am not after you Joe, so don’t worry. I have better things to do with my time.  I have a country to help save, so you shouldn’t be afraid of me.  I am just after the truth… I am doggedly after the truth… and so I will post this to the thread on your blog about WePluribUS, and I will also post it on my own website as well.


For any of your readers who actually care to know the truth about WePluribUS… I did not demand that your friend Diane Sori, pay 100 dollars to remain on WePluribUS.  In fact I dont remember demanding that she pay anything as a condition to remain on WePluribUS. I simply asked her to answer a poll question about the future of WePluribUS. Ms. Sori had been actively using our site for six months. She posted almost 100 blogs, and she was asked to respond to a simple poll question that she had been obviously ignoring for some time about the future of WePluribUS. She used the site more than anyone else did, and she used it all for free for six months.  It wasnt that she didnt pay anything that got your friend Diane Sori banned… It was the way she reacted to my request… She told me she resented even being asked to contribute. She is obnoxious. Many people familiar with her already know this is true. She is always complaining about something . When I asked her why she hadn’t responded to the poll, she told me that she resented being asked to support the site at all…  We had a frank discussion.  I asked her if she thought that I should continue to pay for her use of the site, and if that was an expression of her conservative values.. She actually expected me to continue to pay for her while she would only continue to complain.  I had enough of her.


We Pluribus is a community of people who are getting involved not just for ourselves, but for our family, our friends, our neighbors and just because it is the right thing to do.  I think that I speak for many members of WePluribUS who are sincerely worried about the future of our country, and we want to fix what is wrong with America before it is too late… Diane Sori epitomizes what is wrong with America. My first impression of her was the same as the one that I have of her today. She is selfish. She only does things that will directly benefit her in some way. She always has herself first and foremost in mind. Because Joe Newby is her friend I knew that she had been speaking to him about what happened to her on WePluribus, and I already knew that is why Joe hadn’t been participating on WePluribUS in over a month since I deleted her account. He lied to me about that, and told me that he didn’t have enough time… But I found him three days in a row posting on Facebook, and not once in those three days did he post on WePLuribUS. I dont like being lied to.


Joe also mentioned that I asked him to contribute some money to help support WePluribUS. He implied that I was pressuring him to do so. What he fails to tell his readers is that I only asked him to contribute twenty measly dollars for a whole year of using our site, or just a nickel a day, and that he tried to make it appear like he just couldn’t afford to do even that. Meanwhile he gets paid by the click over at Examiner for every single thing that he writes including his latest pieces of garbage about me. I just detest hypocrisy.  Still, I did not delete his account when he pleaded poverty to me and he said that he just couldn’t afford to contribute anything right now. That is because it was never about the money for me, which is why I told him that it was okay after he said that he couldn’t afford to pledge twenty dollars right now. But that was a lie too, and all his lies were becoming up. There were too many lies.


WHAT’S THE MATTER JOE? IS EXAMINER NOT PAYING YOU ENOUGH PER CLICK, OR ARE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ACTUALLY CLICKING ON YOUR STORIES ANYMORE?  If they are like this hit piece on me that you just wrote I can see why, or are your stories just not getting enough clicks unless you actually start attacking other people?


 If there is one thing I hate Joe, it is a liar and a disseminator.  The reason you were banned had absolutely nothing to do with the twenty dollars…You were banned because you were dishonest. You lied to me at least twice about the reason for your absence and about the reason you would not answer the poll and pledge to keep WePluribUS on line. You are a member of Tim Selatlys Tea Party Community Network. You work for the owner of a rival network. So does Diane Sori by the way. You were banned over a lack of honesty. IT WAS ABOUT REALITY… AND WepluribUS has always been about reality for me. I call it “Weality”. We have no phonies on WePluribUS. We have no facebook profiles or false personas here.. If people register using a fictitious name and an avatar like the one you use on facebook, then I inform them of the rules, and if they don’t comply with the rules, then there accounts are deleted…


Our county’s leaders will not pay attention to a bunch of phony fakebook profiles. WePluribUS is about changing the paradigm and owning our country again… You are not going to do that on “fakebook” or on any other conservative social network that follows the facebook model. They are all owned by other people and they are all about making money for their owners! The only way we are ever going to take our country back is if the people actually own the media.. And that is what I am trying to do with WePluribUS without your help, or the help of Dean Chambers  or Diane Sori.


Here is the truth about WePluribUS . The original plan was to offer the first year entirely free. It has already been over six months since I launched the site, and the plan had to change slightly.  All plans everywhere are subject to change if it is required… I had hoped that there might be some way to offer subsequent years free too if we could invite enough new people tinto the group but another social network used the contact importer so much that Facebook has made it inoperative and we cannot even use it.  That is why we cannot invite very many people… The Facebook inviter tool does not work thanks to another social network who overused it.  And I discovered that offering a totally free network is only going to encourage more users like you and Diane Sori to invade our site and try to proliferate the Facebook model here, and that is what I am trying to avoid.


WePluribUS is different, but our site is still free for Basic Members. However  after thirty days people will be encouraged to become Contributing Members.  If they can afford to they are encouraged to voluntarily pledge something to help cover the ongoing costs of our site… If they do then their membership status is upgraded from Basic Member to Contributing Member. Do you think it is wrong to expect people to pay for something that they use, or to contribute some money  to help pay the monthly costs of their network… Is that an expression of your conservative values too, Joe Newby? That’s what I am doing.  And if people don’t contribute something that doesn’t mean that they will get banned or deleted… They can remain on as a Basic Member as long as they follow our rules which are found under the Terms of Use.


But in your case Jo, you lied to me about why you hadn’t been back to our site since I deleted your friend Diane’s account, and now you have published more lies about me on your website.  When I mentioned Diane’s situation, you told me that it was between me and her. No Joe,  it is between you and me.  You lied to me.  I have absolutely no use for liars. That is when I asked you to contribute twenty dollars again, because  I had no intention of letting your deception continue. You were working for Tim Selaty his newspaper. I decided to call you out in private and bring this matter between us to a head…  One thing that I did not consider was that you would make it public by publishing your deceptive article about me…but that goes to the type of a person you are, Joe…

So be it.. Here is my response then to you in writing Joe, and in public. I will post this on my website and on  as well… Apparently you did not like to read the truth in the comments on your Conservative Firing Line blog, as you have removed my rebuttal to your lies. Not to worry though “Mr. Free Speech” and Mr. Free Social Network. I will post my answers to all of your lies right here on my own websites, and you won’t be able to remove them from there!


Since you threatened me Joe Newby not to, “piss you off because you buy your ink by the barrel”…  this last sentence is just for you Joe.  Guess what? …  So do I.  So bring it on!

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