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Israel Shot Down Drone Between Gaza and West Bank – Origin of Unmanned Spy-plane Unknown but Suspected

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, October 7, 2012




Drone on a Silver Platter ?

By Scott Rohter, October 2012

On Saturday October 6th Israel shot down a foreign military surveillance drone over its territory in the Negev, between Gaza and the West Bank. The spy plane flew in from the west to avoid flying over another country’s air space. Before the so called “Arab Spring” that meant that it could only have been launched from one of two places, Lebanon or Syria. But now with the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt they can’t be so sure anymore… It could have come from Egypt too. That’s life in the Middle East today if you are Israel, thanks to the dangerous foreign policy initiatives of Barack Obama.

But let’s assume for the moment that the drone that entered Israeli airspace wasn’t launched from Egypt. There is only one other country in the Middle East besides Israel that has the military technology to build and fly unmanned drones and it isn’t Hezbollah as an Associated Press article suggested. That country is Iran, and Hezbollah is just one of their proxies. And Iran didn’t just develop that technology on their own either. Barack Obama helped them. He actually gave them a recent free upgrade in technology on a silver platter!

Do you remember several months ago when an un-manned American military drone mysteriously “went down” over Iranian airspace? That was actually a gift from Barack Obama to the Ayatollahs of Iran. He couldn’t just publically hand it to them on a silver platter or let American companies openly sell the Iranians advanced American military technology. There are actually American laws on the books and sanctions in place designed to prevent the sale of such technology to Iran.

They want us to believe that our military drone just “went down” over Iranian airspace. It wasn’t shot down. It just “went down”. And it didn’t blow up or self-destruct upon impact either. Our engineers back at the C.I.A. Headquarters in Langley, Virginia didn’t initiate a self-destruct sequence  to prevent this state of the art technology from falling into the hands of our enemies. Nope, they didn’t just push a button and blow up the specialized plane in order to prevent these enemies of America from getting their hands on our advanced technology. And Barack Obama didn’t immediately demand that the Iranians return the sophisticated spy plane to us either. Nope. He only publically asked them very nicely to return it, kind of pretty please with sugar on it style like he was walking on egg shells. And of course they never did.

The drone landed safely on Iranian soil and Barack Obama didn’t immediately demand that they give it back to us. Let’s be honest. He intended for them to have it! That drone was deliberately put there for a reason, and if we are too stupid to figure it out, then the Iranians certainly weren’t! They immediately began to reverse engineer the sophisticated spy plane so that they could add the new technology to their growing military capability. Our military drone was put there for a much needed upgrade in Iran’s unmanned spy-plane technology. It sounds to me like it was a gift from Barack Obama … a gift from the son and the grandson of a Sunni Muslim to the Supreme Shia leader of Iran which is a Shia country.

Now why would Barack Hussein Obama want to do something like that? Why would he want to circumvent American laws and sanctions and arm the Iranians with much better and more advanced drone technology? Well, consider this for a minute. He also hasn’t done very much to stop the Iranians from going forward with their nuclear development program has he?

There is growing speculation that Barack Obama wants to eliminate both Israel and Iran as major players in the Middle East, to prepare the way for the ascendancy of Sunni Islam and Saudi Arabia. That would happen only if Israel and Iran got into a war that neither one of them could win, but a war that left both countries at least partially destroyed. Then Saudi Arabia could step in and become the key player in the Middle East. After all Barack Obama did bow down to the King of Saudi Arabia didn’t he? And that was no mere token bow, I’ll remind you. It was a full blown bow from the waist with his nose almost touching the floor! 

The King of Saudi Arabia holds the keys to the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. These are the two most holy places in all of Islam. And the King of Saudi Arabia is the guardian of these two religious sites. The King of Saudi Arabia is therefore the effective religious and temporal leader to hundreds of millions of Sunni Muslims across the world.  And Barack Hussein Obama is the descendent of a Sunni Muslim father and a Sunni Muslim Grandfather. As such he is no mere unbiased observer just sitting on the sidelines. He is also the head of State of the World’s most powerful country and he is the first American President to ever bow down to the King of Saudi Arabia. Now you go figure it out. It’s as good a theory as any


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  • James
    October 8th, 2012 7:31 am

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…….