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ISIS isn’t the Crisis – The Problem with Islam is the Quran

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, December 26, 2015



Fatally Flawed from the Beginning

By Scott Rohter, December 2015


muslim flag Saudi Arabia




The Real Pillars upon which Islam is Built… the Sword and the Quran.

The greatest threat to humanity does not come from global warming, or climate change, or anything having to do with the environment. The greatest threat to humanity comes from a military and political movement which began in the Arabian Desert in the 7th Century A.D. and spread from there to the rest of the world through the sheer savagery of its founder. After Mohammed died what he created continued to grow and expand its deadly reach through the savagery of his followers.  In addition to being a military and political cult based on his life, Islam is a misogynistic social structure which survives on the oppression of women. Defeating ISIS won’t end this oppression of women and it won’t stop terrorism because the problem with Islam isn’t ISIS. The problem with Islam is the Quran.

After Mohammed died a major rift developed among his followers which resulted in the murder of his heir. It is a rift from which the Muslim world has never recovered, and it is a rift from which the Muslim world will never recover. As long as he lived Mohammed was brutal enough to hold his empire of illiterate savages together, but soon after he died the illusion of unity was shattered by quarreling over who would succeed him. His cousin Ali  who became his son in law upon marrying his daughter Fatima was not strong enough to hold the warring factions together and this failure to do so resulted in his death… One side merely cut off his head and delivered it to the other side and that was the end of Mohammed’s dream of Arab unity. This is how Islam began in bloodshed, and it is how Islam still survives to this day… through violence, intimidation, and murder.

ISIS is just one tentacle of the octopus that is called Islam.  There are five other tentacles just as dangerous and just as deadly as ISIS. These five tentacles are the five pillars on which Islam exists which make it very difficult for any Muslim to ever leave the community of other Muslims. If we eliminated ISIS altogether from the face of the earth there would still be Islamic terrorism in the world. That is because ISIS isn’t the inspiration for Islamic terrorism.  The inspiration for terrorism comes from the Quran. Islamic terrorism existed long before ISIS and it will continue long after ISIS is gone. The problem with Islam isn’t ISIS. The problem with Islam is the Quran.

Forget about what you have been told. Islam is not a peaceful religion as its apologists would have you believe. In fact with few notable exceptions the Muslim world has never known prolonged periods of peace. Whenever Arabs are in control of the Uma there is usually war.  There are supposed to be five pillars of Islam, but in reality there are only two. They are the Quran and the sword.

For all practical purposes grace and forgiveness do not exist in the Muslim world. They are Christian values which never hardly heard about in the mosques. Instead of compassion and brotherly love, Muslim Imams usually preach about submission to Allah’s will and vanquishing Allah’s enemies. Muslims believe in their own cultural and religious superiority and in the supremacy of the Quran. In this way Islam isn’t very different than another repugnant ideology advanced by the Nazis as they tried to conquer the world which was that Germans were superior and the Aryan race was supreme. This doctrine was based on blind allegiance to Adolph Hitler … Islamic doctrine teaches that Muslims are superior and the Quran is supreme. It is based on blind allegiance to Mohammed. It is no coincidence therefore that these two totalitarian ideologies and the people who embraced them wound up fighting on the same side during World War II. While the United States, Russia, France and England opposed them. While the allies defeated Japan and Nazi Germany in World War II and restructured their societies,  we left the Muslim world pretty much the way it was. That is why it is causing us so many problems today.

Muslim women in NiqabsIn reality Islam is not a religion. While it incorporates certain elements of religion such as prayer and fasting, that is largely to conceal its real agenda. The real agenda of Islam is the continued submission of over 500 million women and the final conquest of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. When  considered in its entirety Islam represents an existential threat to all pluralistic societies.  It incorporates a violent and unforgiving social order which regulates every aspect of an individual’s life with an unforgiving code of conduct called Sharia Law which treats women as chattel, and maintains a misogynistic order based upon a very strict interpretation of the Quran which is found in the Haditha.

The Bible tells us to judge a tree by its fruit. When you look at Islam it turns out to be a rotten tree which produces bad fruit… It cannot be pruned and restored to good health. It cannot be coaxed into producing better fruit by careful cuts here and there among the branches. The whole tree is bad.  It must be cut down and its roots removed from the earth. Unfortunately this is not the job of Christians or Jews. It is the job of Arabs to tend to their own tree, but for centuries they have been unwilling to do it.  If something isn’t done then God himself will have to do it when Jesus returns to judge the earth. In the meantime it is my opinion that we should have as little to do with the Muslim world as possible.

To put it bluntly, Mohammed was a ruthless killer who ordered the death of hundreds of his rivals and hundreds of thousands of other people who refused to follow him. In Arabic the word Islam means to submit, and anyone who did not submit to Mohammed was killed. The penalty for not submitting was death. No religion in the world has ever been started by a mass murderer, but that is what Mohammed was. He was the murderer of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

The accounts of Mohammed’s brutality are legendary, but he still remains the role model for all Muslims today. His life has been the inspiration for many other mass murderers including Yasser Arafat, Osama bin Laden, Hassan Nasrallah, and Abu Bakr Al Bagdahdi (the founder of ISIS) as well as many lone wolf terrorists like Nidal Hassan (the Fort Hood bomber), Abdul Raheem aka Richard Reid (the British shoe bomber),  Sayeed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik (the husband and wife terrorist team who murdered 14 innocent people in San Bernardino California), and the twelve Muslim hijackers who flew American airplanes into the World Trade Center and brought down the Twin Towers killing over two thousand innocent Americans on September 11, 2001… 

But long before that Muslims were busy honing their airplane hijacking and murdering skills in an attempt to bring down the little nation of Israel or force other nations to submit to their extortion demands.

iran president RouhaniMohammed’s legendary brutality has also inspired numerous other tyrants and dictators in the Middle East including the Al Saud dynasty in Saudi Arabia, the Ayatollahs in Iran, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Muammar Gadhafy in Libya. He has also been the source of inspiration for many worldwide terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra in Syria, Al Shabaab in Somalia, Hamas in the West Bank, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. After Mohammed died the cult that he started took on an even more deadly trajectory with the beheading of his heir apparent, Ali.  

Islam then went on a murderous binge, conquering other lands that were not previously settled by Arabs. Many Muslims complain about the Christian Crusades in the 18th and 19th centuries, but Muslims were actually the first to colonize the world after the fall of Rome… They seized Constantinople which was its ancient capital founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Then they changed the name of the city to Istanbul. They converted the Haggia Sophia, a Christian Church which Constantine built into a Mosque, and they conquered previously Christian and Roman lands all the way from Morocco to Syria and northward into France before finally being stopped by French soldiers under the command of Charlemagne.

Before their advance into Europe was halted Muslims had conquered a vast landscape of European lands including parts of Spain, Sicily, and Turkey. While Muslims were eventually thrown out of most European lands they did manage to hold on to territory in the Balkans long enough to colonize and convert the inhabitants to Islam which has led to the recent wars in the 20th Century between Bosnia and Serbia over Kosovo. Muslim armies who fled Europe then turned their attention toward the east where they seized even more territory from the Arabian Peninsula all the way to Indonesia. They  were even more successful at planting the rotten tree of Islam in Asia than they were in Europe.  Muslims complain about the Crusades, but the Crusades were just a response to end the colonization of Europe by Muslims.

In America we don’t usually recognize cults as religions and we normally throw their leaders in jail where they belong, but Islam is not your typical cult. First of all its leader is already dead. Secondly most cults don’t have more than a few hundred members, but Islam boasts over a billion followers scattered all over the world on five different continents. There has never been a cult as successful as the one started by Mohammed. It has survived for thirteen centuries by enslaving, converting, or threatening to murder its victims. To understand why Islam has been so successful we have to look at Mohammed’s life.

As a young man Mohammed worked for a wealthy Jewish widow named Kadisha. She was much older than he was. Mohammed became her manager and eventually he married her. When Kadisha died Mohammed inherited everything she had. While his early life was spent in desperation and poverty,  after Kadisha died Mohammed was very wealthy. He used this wealth to amas a large military and political organization which soon controlled large amounts of territory and huge amounts of confiscated wealth, but it all started with Kadisha’s estate. He attained great success by brutally eliminating all of his rivals. That is the one thing Mohammed excelled at… killing.

After Kadisha died Mohammed went on to marry many other wives, but what has astounded historians over the years is that he had no surviving sons. At the time of his death his only surviving male relative was his cousin named Ali who married his daughter Fatima in order to legitimize his position as Mohammed’s heir. The most likely reason that Mohammed had no surviving sons is that they were all murdered because they were the children of his Jewish wife Kadisha and they were considered to be of Jewish blood.  Ali’s marriage to Fatima didn’t last very long… just about as long as it took to draw a sword and cut off his head which is the first thing that a group of Mohammed’s followers did after Mohammed died. They murdered his son in law in the same manner that they murdered his other sons.

After Ali’s death the question of whether or not succession would follow Mohammed’s blood line was settled.  The struggle for power was still raging, but the method by which one attained that power had been firmly established. It would be by the sword. The victors became know as the Sunnis. They make up 85% of the Muslim world today. The losers in the battle over succession who believed that the leader of the Muslim world should be a direct descendant of Mohammed’s son in law are called Shiites. 

Shiite Terrorism is primarily directed against Sunni Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf States ( Qatar, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates).  Although Shiites call for the destruction of the State of Israel they leave other Western countries pretty much alone. On the contrary Sunnis are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world today. They are constantly waging jihad against Western countries.


Shiite festival of Ashura – Baghdad

The reason that Muslims are always fighting each other and everyone else is because that is how Mohammed lived. Muslims commit horrendous acts in the name of Allah because that is what Mohammed did. It’s just that simple. Islam is fatally flawed because Mohammed was fatally flawed..

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