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Gun Violence in America – Why do Democrats always talk about Violence committed with Guns at the Expense of other Forms of Violent Behavior especially the Murder of Innocent, Little Unborn Babies in the Womb?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Constitution 5

 Violence in America
The Root Cause of the Problem


By Scott Rohter, February 2013


The problem in America isn’t guns. The problem is the lack of morals in our country.  The problem is the destructive influence of Hollywood in our lives. The problem is the relative absence of effective parenting skills and good role models for our children. The problem in America is broken families, and open borders, and a lack of mental health services with appropriate intervention when it becomes necessary. The problem is video games and music that glorify violence and disrespect human life. The problem is that too many Americans don’t read the Bible anymore… or believe in God anymore… or know right from wrong anymore. The cause of the gun violence in America is the same as the cause of all the other forms of violent behavior in America. You don’t solve this problem by making it harder for honest, law abiding citizens to own firearms.. You solve the problem by dealing with the root cause of all the violence.

Why do Democrats always focus on gun violence at the expense of other forms of violent human behavior? Why do they focus on just one manifestation of a much bigger  social problem? What about all the other forms of violent behavior that American’s experience in their lives, especially the brutal violence committed against America’s unwanted babies when reluctant mothers decide to terminate their pregnancies?

The number one, most unsafe place to be in America today is not in a public school classroom or in one of America’s inner cities… It is in the womb! Why don’t liberals want to talk about preventing the murder of innocent, little unborn babies in the womb? They are always limiting the discussion on violence to only one specific type of violence. That is violence committed with handguns, and they are always in a big hurry to take away our guns. Why aren’t liberals just as concerned about preventing all the other forms of violent behavior which are just as detrimental to our society as violence committed with handguns?

There was a tragic mass shooting incident at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.   Almost immediately President Obama was taking up the cause of gun control once again.  It’s just the most recent example of the Obama Administration pushing for tougher gun control laws. The Democrats, the liberal media, and President Obama are all beating the gun control drum again and trying to make it harder for Americans to own guns. Guns are not the reason that Americans commit violence. They are only the means by which some violent people commit their dastardly deed.

Liberals don’t understand that the root cause of violence isn’t the guns. It is a lack of morals, but because liberals don’t usually have any they usually focus on the implements with which the violence is committed rather than the cause. The recent mass murders committed on the campus of Umpqua Community College were committed by a mentally ill twenty six year old man who was the product of a broken home. The emotionally troubled killer was born overseas to immigrants and came here with his parents when he  was very young. His mother and father separated shortly after he was born in 1989 and they were later divorced. The troubled teen ager grew up in a broken home. He never had access to adequate mental health services when he was growing up, but since Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste… and they never pass up an opportunity to beat the drum for gun control they are seizing this tragic incident to push for tougher gun laws again. They are always trying to drum into our heads the foolish idea that guns cause violence when they don’t. People cause violence… disturbed people with animosity in their hearts who have somehow managed to escape detection through appropriate mental health screening processes.

Why don’t Democrats talk about preventing other forms of violence in America starting with the murder of innocent, little unborn babies in their mother’s womb?  We all know the answer to that question. It’s  obvious. If Democrats talked about preventing other forms of violence then they wouldn’t be able to make a distinct case for imposing stricter gun laws. If they ever talked about the root causes of all the violence in America they wouldn’t be able to make a convincing case for imposing tougher gun laws on Americans and more restrictions on our Second Amendment. Democrats don’t refer to abortion as if it is a violent act because in a liberal’s twisted thinking a mother should be able to decide whether her child lives or dies even when the baby is in the third trimester of life. If a woman doesn’t want to carry her baby to term then an abortion doctor can simply coax the little boy or girl to close its little eyes and fall asleep forever. That’s what Democrats would like you to believe, but the truth is that these helpless unborn babies have their little skulls crushed while they are in their mothers tummy. Its no different than taking a hammer and beating them over the head.  Democrats only want to talk about violence committed with handguns not the violence perpetrated on America’s unwanted little babies at government funded Planned Parenthood Center all across America. Guns aren’t the cause of violence in America. A lack of morals is the problem in America.

The most unsafe place for little children to be is right inside their mother’s womb where the law doesn’t protect them. Unwanted babies in their second and third trimester of life deserve a chance even if the egg donor doesn’t want to be a mother.. We don’t need more laws to protect Americans from guns…  We need moral laws to protect Americans from lawyers with doctor’s degrees and from doctors without moral  degrees who use their scalpels and forceps to end human life instead of preserving human life.  We need laws to protect a baby’s right to be born, and we need more laws to protect Americans from mentally ill sociopaths who would kill us.

What America needs is a greater respect for God’s moral and behavioral laws. If anything needs to be strengthened in America it is our moral and behavioral backbone. 

For the sake of argument let’s assume that the Democrats get what they want and they are successful in taking away or at least severely restrict our Second Amendment Right to bear arms. Let’s suppose that they somehow manage to confiscate all the firearms in America so that no would be assailant, either domestic or foreign has any legal access to a gun. A determined perpetrator would simply find a way to purchase a gun illegally or they would find some other weapon to commit their despicable act of violence with.  Are hammers and screwdrivers going to be the next item on the Democrat’s ban list? I hope you don’t think I am kidding. I am not… Box blades and Stanley knives have been banned on airplanes since 9/11. What’s next?

How about  scissors? A sharp cutting instrument just like a box blade or a scalpel can cut paper and hair, but they can also be used to accidentally cut your fingers or deliberately stab someone in the chest. Are the “Dummycrats” going to go after your scissors next? Can you imagine a world without knives or scissors, without hammers and screwdrivers?  Are Democrats going to confiscate every potentially dangerous instrument in the kitchen cabinet? Are they going to begin a national conversation about violence committed with scissors the next time that a pair of scissors is used to cause bodily harm? The question begs to be answered. What about all of the violence committed in America with scalpels that occurs at Planned Parenthood Centers?

Democrats seem to think it is their job to protect us from ourselves, but they don’t want to extend that protection to unborn  babies in the womb. Maybe they will allow adults to possess a pair of blunt nosed scissors… the kind that little children play with in kindergarten if they are lucky enough to escape the womb and the abortion doctor’s knife, and if they grow up to enjoy the full protection of the law. Maybe if they pass extensive background checks then they can have one pair of blunt nose scissors, but wasn’t the worst terrorist attack in American history committed with a little box blade that passed through airport security? 

All the violence in the world comes from a tiny, little place not bigger than the size of  your fist. It is that place that is the problem. That little place is the human heart.  So what are the Democrats going to do about the heart of human beings? The Bible says that the heart is desperately wicked. Are they going ban hearts and require extensive background checks before you are allowed to keep yours?  What about brains.. Do liberals have any? For those of us who actually do… brains don’t come with an operator’s manual that tells you how to use them. Are the Democrats going to require us to take a proficiency test before they allow us to think?  Are they  going to require people to pass a politically correct litmus test before allowing them to vote or to avoid being treated with mind altering psycho-therapeutic drugs?  

Do you remember Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? They were the two young liberal killers at Columbine High School. Do you remember Jared Loughner? He was the one who shot Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others and murdered six people at a local shopping center in Tucson Arizona. Do you remember James Holmes? He opened fire in a dark movie  theatre in Aurora Colorado randomly killing twelve people and injuring seventy others. Finally there was young Adam Lanza who killed twenty students and six adults at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Sandy Hook Connecticut. None of these murders were by committed by young Christian conservatives who were following the teaching of Jesus. The perpetrators were not Church goers or members of a Synagogue..  These killers were influenced by a pervasive culture of liberalism and secualar humanism. All of these young killers were either atheists or young secular liberals, who are the products of our rapidly decaying society. Perhaps mandatory lobotomies for all young Democrats would eliminate most of the gun violence in America, while at the same time providing a conclusive fix for anything else ails our country. Perhaps we should ban the teaching of Marxism, Communism, and secular humanism from public schools and universities in America.

The first recorded murder in history was probably committed with someone’s bare hands. We could always cut off a person’s hands just like the Iranians do.  That would quickly put an end to all violence in America not just that committed with guns… We could start lopping off hands whenever people use them in the wrong way…

Progressive ideology really offers no cures for what is wrong with our country and our people. It only leads to more problems, and bigger problems that eventually need to be fixed. We don’t need to ban assault weapons or place tighter restrictions on gun control. It will not do one thing to stop the violence in America. All violence comes from a place no bigger than your clenched fist. Perhaps more Americans should start reading the Bible again. Perhaps we should ban Democrats from assailing our Constitution each time a mass murder occurs or thinking that they are a lot smarter than God and wiser than our Founding Fathers!

Maybe we could agree to have extensive background checks performed on all liberals before we let them have any children, or at least require them to complete a parental proficiency course before they become parents. This way we could all be sure that they know how to properly raise their children. That is my  solution for what ails our country. If any administration tries to make a convincing argument to take away even one of our constitutionally protected rights, it proves that they have no respect for the rule of law.

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