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Going Over the Freedom Cliff – No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, January 18, 2013



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Going Over the Freedom Cliff

No More Mr. Nice Guy!


By Scott Rohter, January 2013 

In the year 2011 just like in the years 2009, 2007, and 2005 and all of the odd years preceding it going all the way back to the founding of our country in 1789, each and every two years there have always been deeply contested elections in America. The Nation’s two major political parties have always fought like cats and dogs during an election but when the race was finally over they have always played Mr. Nice Guy with each other whether they were Whigs and Federalists, or Republicans and Democrats. After they were done hurling some pretty outrageous accusations against each other during the course of an election year, they have always kissed and made up after the contest was over. But not anymore, not at least if we are going to save our beloved country from going over the Freedom Cliff!


As we begin this new year the current political topic that is still fresh on everybody’s mind from last year is the so called “fiscal cliff”. This was the fabricated term that was dreamed up in the broadcasting studios of the mainstream media, or perhaps at a White House press briefing somewhere to provide the justification for raising taxes and increasing government revenues. There really wasn’t any fiscal cliff, and if our country ever faced such a financial precipice it was a long time ago under former President George W. Bush who was also a profligate spender of the public’s money. But there is such a thing as the freedom cliff, and we are heading over it right now at breakneck speed!


“There is nothing easier to do than to spend the public’s money,” said President Calvin Coolidge. “It doesn’t appear to belong to anyone, and the temptation to spend it is overwhelming.”  Those words were spoken almost one hundred years ago by our country’s thirtieth President! What we are confronted with today is a deep fiscal hole about the size of the Marianna’s Trench which lies at the bottom of an ocean full of yearly financial deficits. And from the top of the freedom cliff I can see floating along the surface of that ocean of debt below, like scum floating along the surface of a pond, all of the flotsam and jetsam of typical Washington style politics.


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