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Done with the GOP!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, January 12, 2015


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Done with the GOP!

by Scott Rohter, January 2015


Yesterday I was having a discussion with a couple of liberals I just met. One man was older than me and the other was young enough to be my son. They both had similar views and it didn’t take too long to find out exactly what they were. It also didn’t take too long to remember why it is always such a painful experience to try to have a rational conversation with a liberal. Here is why…

To a liberal tolerance is the supreme virtue. In fact it is just about the only virtue. It is more important than wisdom or discretion. Tolerance of deviant behavior such as sodomy and homosexuality is right at the top of their list along with adultery and extra marital sex. The same thing is true for libertarians and progressives in the Republican Party. They are tolerant of alcoholics, pot heads, and anybody who engages in just about any kind of anti-social or criminal behavior just as long as it doesn’t physically hurt someone else. About the only thing that a liberal can’t tolerate is Christianity, the death penalty… and an unborn child’s right to life. The last two examples illustrate precisely how irrational and inconsistent a liberal can be.

Liberals are strongly opposed to the death penalty even in the most extreme cases of aggravated murder. Yet they support a woman’s right to kill her unborn baby right up to the actual moment of birth. That’s what abortion clinics do. They induce partial delivery. Then they abort that delivery  in order to routinely kill the baby before it is born so they can harvest its body parts or they kill the fetus as if it wasn’t a living human being and then they vacuum up the remains of this perfectly innocent life while it is still inside of its mother’s body. This premeditated act of murder is what liberals like to call women’s reproductive health rights. I prefer to call it what it is… homicide.

What can we do about Godless liberals who refuse to protect the most vulnerable members of our society…  yet they work hard to save the lives of murderers and aggravated murderers on death row? Most of these liberals are not new immigrants to America. They are not here on student visas so we can’t ship them back to their countries of origin. They are third and fourth generation Americans and they have as much right to live here as those who value human life do. There are also millions of people all across America who believe that a woman has the right to decide whether her child lives or dies.

Virtue without discretion is like vision without the ability to focus or see color. One of the liberals I was talking with said that he would prefer to live in a socialist country. When I pointed out that socialism is a government monopoly and that in socialist societies freedom of choice is rather limited he didn’t seem to mind. This same guy who just told me that he was pro choice now told me that he wanted to live under a system of government that restricted his choices.. This is what I mean when I say that liberals are irrational. They lack even a modicum of good judgment and common sense. They elevate tolerance above everything else, but they support the most intolerant forms of government.

Tolerance without discretion is not a virtue.  Today I have decided to stop tolerating the progressives who control the Republican Party. They are cooperating with liberal Democrats to fundamentally transform the United States of America. I quit the GOP. I will not cooperate with the progressive establishment that wants to destroy our constitutional republic. It doesn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats. The Republicans want to transform our country almost as fast as the Democrats do. So I went down to the county elections office and I switched my Party registration to UN-AFFILIATED. I registered as “not a member of any political party”.

If a real conservative candidate emerges during this election and actually has a chance of winning the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary then I can and will switch my registration back to Republican again just so I can vote in my State Primary, but until then I refuse to let the GOP count on my vote. I refuse to be taken for granted by them and I refuse to be a member of a political Party that is all talk and no action. I suggest you do the same.

Please remember that the most effective conservative President in the last one-hundred years couldn’t reform the Republican Party by cooperating with it and there is no one alive today that can do as good a job as Ronald Reagan did… Yet the Reagan Revolution ended the day that he left office. The very next day the Republican Party went back to its old tricks and it has been business as usual ever since then with the GOP firmly under the control of the Rockefeller progressive within the Party. That is the wing of the Party that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner belong to. That is why good conservatives like Senator Jim Demint and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann  either resigned or refused to run for office again.

I won’t remain a Republican. I won’t let the Republican Party count on my vote anymore. As long as I was a Republican they took my vote for granted and they worried more about the votes of illegal aliens. That isn’t going to happen anymore.. So I  quit the GOP and I suggest you do the same. I am not telling you how to vote, but I am telling you not to let the GOP count on your vote. There is a difference.

It is said that one of the definitions of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results. It is time to try something new. What we have been doing hasn’t been working very well. So if you want to restore your Republic and reform the Republican Party then you need to change your Party registration to un-affiliated. When the time comes vote your conscience but don’t let them count on your vote.


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