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Conservative Victory Strategy

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Making a Clean Break with the Republican Party

What the Republican Party won’t do for America…

 Real Conservatives can!

By Scott Rohter, November 2013


Editors Note:  No one can question my legitimate Republican credentials. For the past twelve years of my life I have been a registered member of the Oregon Republican Party and a local precinct committee person in my County. In 2010 I began writing political commentaries and I launched the first of my five websites. My commentaries were picked up by many Republican websites in my State including the official Oregon State Republican Party website. This began a process and a long political journey for me. However the more I looked at the Republican Party and experienced the Republican Party from within, the more I became disgusted with the Republican Party not just in my State, but in the rest of the country as well. This will be the first in a series of articles that will take a good look at the Republican Party and examine what is wrong inside the Republican Party in Oregon and elsewhere. I will be advocating that conservatives leave the Republican Party and take a different pathway to success or be destined to suffer the same consequences and failed expectations as they always have in the past. Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps backward before you can take another step forward in a better direction. Thanks for reading…


What the Republican Party won’t do for America, real conservatives can. But we will first need to develop an effective strategy. The Republican Party will not be the vehicle through which conservatives are going to redeem our country. It is not going to be the vessel by which we restore respect for the Constitution, or re-awaken traditional values in our society, or return to the basic fundamental principles of personal responsibility and limited government. It is not going to prevent the United States from borrowing more money that it doesn’t have, or stop the Federal Reserve Board from printing fiat money from out of nowhere which is backed up by virtually nothing. The Republican Party such as it is will never implement the necessary policy changes at the Federal level that will stop the United States government from running up large annual deficits every year, or allow us to pay off our huge Federal Debt. So what can we do about that?

The Republican Party is not going to repeal ObamaCare no matter how many times Republican members of the House of Representatives vote to repeal it, as long as Democrats are in control of the U.S. Senate and Barack Obama is in the White House.  That’s why they keep taking these totally useless votes. Furthermore they are not going to repeal the Affordable Care Act even if they are lucky enough to regain control of the Senate again and somehow manage to put a Republican back in the White House in 2016. It isn’t going to happen so just forget about it. The Republican Party has been lying to us.

illegal immigration 3The Republican Party has no intentions of ever stopping the flood of illegal aliens into our country any more than the Democrats do. Both political Parties are benefitting from the status quo along our southern border, and they are both profitting from the backs of these poor illegal migrant workers from Mexico and Central America. The Republican Party is not going to take a determined stance against what is beneficial to its largest donors, nor will it take up a principled position against what is for all practical purposes defacto immigration into the United States of America even if it means that there are more Democrat voters in the country. That is because the two most important things to the Republican Party’s largest donors are their businesses and their bank accounts. In all fairness to the Republican Party, the same thing is also true for the Democrat Party’s largest donors.


Karl Rove 2

Karl Rove

The Republican Party is not going to take the United States out of the United Nations, or make the United Nations get out of the United States. You can take that one to the bank with you, or you can take it to a far more reliable lending institution today which is your local credit union. Neither is the Republican Party going to allow itself to be changed or reformed by Christian conservatives, right-wing libertarians, Tea Party members or supporters of the Campaign for Liberty. It is not going to let itself be influenced by these core constituencies which it only panders to when it needs them during an election.  The Republican Party will not change for the better, and it isn’t going to happen no matter how hard you wish that it would so you might as well just stop kidding yourself. The Republican National Committee is already putting together a well- coordinated plan with the help of Karl Rove and his American Crossroads Political Action Committee to challenge the Tea Party’s influence in tightly contested Republican races all across America in 2014 and 2016.


The Republican Part is like a dead battery with way too much resistance between the opposite poles of the device to prevent the flow of good ideas from running through it. In fact there have been no good ideas flowing through the Republican Party since the days of Ronald Reagan.  And there is not enough ideological power or inspiration left in this Republican battery to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation of Americans, or to jump start our floundering country after it has been driven on the rocks for almost eight years by Democrats. That is the reluctant conclusion that I have come to, but I still believe there is something that we can do about it and we still have the time to do it if we start now…

The General Election of 2016 is still three years away. There is still enough time to make a big difference in that crucial election, but not if we keep doing what we are doing, and not if we stay in the Republican Party. We must immediately resign from the Republican Party in large enough numbers that we get their attention. You can switch your affiliation to another Party if you want, or to no other Party. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. The only thing that matters is that you quit the Republican Party now, and stop donating your time and money. If enough people do this they will sit up and take notice. If you feel that you must join another Party then join any other Party except the Democratic Party.  As I said it doesn’t make a difference. The RNC doesnt care about the registration numbers for other political Parties. The only thing the RNC cares about are the registration numbers for the Republican Party. We must do everything n in our power to make sure that the RNC does not take our votes for granted anymore.  Right now they are concentrating on winning the Hispanic vote, not our votes.  They are actually more concerned about the 8% of the country that is Hispanic than the over 80% of the estimated Republican voters who identify themselves as Christian conservatives. That is because they take our votes for granted. That must not be allowed to happen anymore.


Jeb Bush and Chris Christie 3We have to resign from the Republican Party in order to get their attention, and in order to have an important impact on the next election. Switching your Party affiliation should do the trick and get the Republican Party to stand up and take notice. You can still vote for the Republican candidates in the 2014 General Election if you still want to vote for the lessor of two evils, but at least you will have made them pay attention to you again. You must make them earn your vote. Nothing that I am advocating prevents you from voting for the eventual Republican Party nominees in the General Election if no better conservative candidates emerge before then. You will only forfeit your right to vote in the Republican Primary by changing your Party affiliation, but then a choice between Jeb Bush and Chris Chrisite in 2016 is really no choice at all for conservatives.



You will actually have a much bigger impact on the Republican Primary in 2016 if you leave the Republican Party now than if you actually stayed and voted in their Primary… You should abandon the Republican Party in the same way that they have abandoned you… in the same way that they have abandoned conservatives… in the same way that they have abandoned Christians.  In politics the important thing is to know who to fight and when to fight them… It is not the time for us to fight Democrats now unless of course you are an elected public official.. But if you are just a registered Republican voter like I am, then now is the time to fight the other members of the Republican Party which are always holding it back and keeping it from standing for something of consequence.  It is time to fight the RINOs, and the moderates within the Republican Party whose only goal is to win the next election even if it means that they sacrifice all of our principles in order to do that..  They are the progressives who have been both running and ruining the Republican Party for the past one hundred years with the notable exception of a very brief period of time during the 1980s.

You can’t beat the people in control of the Republican Party if you keep playing by their rules. The moderates and the RINOs hold all the cards. They are just as likely to put you on a bus and drive you around in circles in the same way that they did to Republican delegate Morton Blackwell at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last year.

We have to try to teach the RNC a lesson.. We have to teach them that there are consequences to their political decisions…  There must be repercussions for continuing to ignore the real base of the Republican Party. The only thing that these leaders of the Republican National Committee actually care about is the money that you give them and the actual registration numbers just before the General Election. They don’t care about the promises they made to you during the campaign, after they are elected. If you want to have an impact on the next election, and if you really want to get the Republican Party Establishment to listen to you, then you have no other choice but to leave the Republican Party now.

Ted Cruz 2

Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is not the norm for the Republican Party. Rand Paul is not the norm for the Republican Party. Neither is Steve King, Mike Lee or Tom Mc Clintock. Even the great Ronald Reagan himself was just a temporary aberration from normal Republican Party politics. During his day the Republican Party was ruled by powerful liberals like Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York. Today there is no single moderate Republican voice that speaks with the same stature as Nelson Rockefeller, but the Republican power structure is dominated by a symposium of lessor voices like those of John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner. Together they rule the Republican Party now, not Republicans like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.  Today the Republican Establishment still opposes conservative voices like theirs in the same way that the checked pants Republicans of old opposed Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Reagan 1No one alive today can do it better than Ronald Reagan did. He helped to defeat Communism in the former Soviet Union, but he was unable to defeat socialism right here in America or Progressivism inside of the Republican Party. If the Reagan Revolution only lasted for eight years and it did not deal a death blow to the Progressive Movement in America then what hope is there in trying to re-use the Republican Party again? It needs to be taken down before it can then be taken back up and used for any good. It opposes us at every step of the way, and it offers no safe haven for strong conservatives. That is why good people like Congressman Michele Bachmann and Senator Jim DeMint have both decided not to run for public office again. Michele Bachmann will retire from the House of Representatives next year, and Senator Jim DeMint has already left the U.S. Senate and gone on to lead the Heritage Institute instead. They decided to leave Congress because they did not see a way to make a difference in Washington D.C.

When Senator Jim Diment from South Carolina resigned from the U.S. Senate in December 2012 and took up a position as the new President of the Heritage Institute he never said that he felt discouraged in Washington, but you just knew in your heart that his choice to leave the “Club of 100” of the most influential people in America was the expression of his sense of frustration with Washington and with the Republican Party Establishment over the years.

Conservatives have tried to make a home for ourselves in the Republican Party going back to the days of Ronald Reagan. It’s time that we stop trying to do the impossible. The Republican Party has always marginalized conservative members. In the past it stigmatized voices like Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority or pro-life positions like those of Phyllis Schlafly. It ostracizes libertarian viewpoints like those advocated by Ron Paul and Rand Paul. It marginalizes real conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz and former Senator Jim DeMint, or Congressmen Steve King and Louis Ghomert. It still marginalizes Christian men and women today that serve in Congress or seek to serve in other ways like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann or P.T.L. founder Pat Robertson. We need to make a clean break with the Republican Party and we should never look back again.

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