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Chris Christie – Some Big People have Some Big Plans for New Jersey’s Big Governor

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, January 10, 2014

Chris Christie 9

 New Revelations Surface about Chris Christie’s Misuse of Public Funds

   New Jersey’s Governor is now the Subject of a Federal Investigation 

  “Traffic-Gate” is Not his Biggest Problem Anymore !

 The media will keep the New Jersey Governor’s name and face in the news long enough to make him a leading contender for the Republican nomination in 2016, but with an Achilles’ heal as big as he has they will pull out all of the stops to defeat him in the General Election.

By Scott Rohter, January 2014

Why should anyone outside of New Jersey care about what happens to Governor Chris Christie or what goes on in one of the smallest cities in one of the smallest States in America? The only thing that makes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie remarkable outside of his sheer physical size is New Jersey’s proximity to New York City. Other than that there is really nothing remarkable about Chris Christie. There is nothing remarkable either about Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is just a small bedroom community of about 30,000 people located along the Hudson River just on the outskirts of Manhattan. That is the place where Governor Christie allegedly ordered a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge that lasted for several days as a political payback to the residents of Fort Lee for not supporting his last gubernatorial campaign. Talk about vengeance… Do you really want to put this big goomba in charge of the Federal government?

The Big Apple has almost as many people living and working in it as the entire State of New Jersey has and many New Yorkers travel to the garden state on the weekends to spend their hard earned money at the casinos.  That’s about the only thing that New Jersey offers… legalized gambling with this big fat tough guy named Christie in charge of all the corruption. Many people who live in New Jersey commute to Manhattan every day, but outside of its proximity to New York City there is nothing really significant about New Jersey that would give its larger than life Republican Governor a big fat launching pad from which to aim for the White House in 2016.

Governor Christie’s office was caught red-handed exacting retribution from the Democrat voters of Fort Lee and their Democrat Mayor for not supporting his re-election, but in addition to this payback it appears that Governor Christie also authorized an expenditure of 2.8 million dollars of taxpayer money after Hurricane Sandy in order to advertise that New Jersey’s ocean front casinos and other Boardwalk businesses would be open for the 2013 tourist season. There was nothing wrong with that except the fact that those ads cost twice as much as similar ads that Christie rejected because they did not prominently feature the big Governor and his family in the ads. It appears that the Governor was trying to get some free publicity for himself for his re-election campaign at the same time that he was advertising that New Jersey’s casinos would be open in time for the 2013 season.. He tried to gain a political advantage by using  the tourist ads which were paid for by the taxpayer in order to promote himself. That’s something that his opponent in the race could not do. So those ads are now the subject of intense scrutiny by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Governor Christie is under investigation for the misappropriation of public funds. The big guy says that it is all just a routine investigation, but the Democrat Congressman who launched the probe doesn’t seem to think that its routine.

Chris Christie 11Regardless of how this investigation turns out or whether it is really routine or not, New Jersey will still have a lot of political clout in the next Presidential Election which far outweighs its actual size or political importance in America’s Electoral College. On the one hand New Jersey has an impact that far outweighs its physical size, but on the other hand its Governor’s actual size far outweighs just about everything else about the man with the possible exception of his ambition. Weighing in at over 300 pounds New Jersey’s Governor is obviously one of the Nation’s biggest Governors and some political observers think he is also one of the Republican Party’s biggest contenders for the Presidential nomination in 2016. 

Democrats think that Chris Christie makes one of the Nation’s biggest political targets too. Either way he is definitely not viewed with favor by conservatives. That is not because of what he did or didn’t do on the George Washington Bridge, or because he may have misappropriated public funds in order to gain some free publicity in his gubernatorial race. It is because Chris Christie is one of the Republican Party’s biggest  progressives. As the Governor of New Jersey he did absolutely nothing at all to support a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act which was made by the Republican Governors of twenty six States. New Jersey wasn’t one of them. Whether it’s Chris Chrisite’s assets or liabilities that we are weighing, it is obvious that some very big people have some very big plans for New Jersey’s very big Governor.

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