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Boston Marathon Bombers? Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev……. Were They Just Two Ordinary Young Men from Chechnya?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, April 20, 2013



Boston Marathon bomber Suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev

Who are they looking at here in this photo when just about everyone else in the picture is looking in the other direction?

The Boston Marathon Bombers?  Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

First News Reports say they were “Just Two Young Men” from Chechnya

Did the two brothers act alone?

By Scott Rohter, April 19 2013


Boston Marathon bombing pics3Five people are dead including one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. More than 170 innocent bystanders are injured.  Some of them are horribly disfigured. Is Allah going on the warpath again? The Boston Marathon bombing is just the latest in a series of terrorist attacks committed by Muslims on American soil that have resulted from our fatally flawed immigration policy. It follows in the notorious footsteps of the Nigerian Shoe Bomber, in the bloody wake of the Fort Hood Massacre, in the aftermath of the failed attempt to set off a bomb in New York’s Times Square, and in the random fear evoked by those two Muslim snipers who sent many Northeasterners running and ducking for cover in the name of Allah several years ago. They had to be hunted down and apprehended like the two criminal  sociopaths they were. Before that there were the attacks committed on 9/11.

One of the Muslim brothers who is accused of committing the Boston Marathon bombings is dead. He was a twenty-six year old immigrant from near the Soviet republic of Chechnya named Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was studying engineering at Bunker Hill Community College in Massachusetts. Apparently he was learning how to become an explosives expert here at the Americans’s taxpayer’s expense. The other brother who was apprehended on Friday evening is Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Supposedly he was beginning his college studies to become a doctor at the University of Massachusetts. Supposidly I say, because it appears that both brothers left their secular studies behind and let their radical religion destroy their lives.

The news media and the New Media have plenty of stuff to disagree about usually, but today there is at least one more thing… the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokar. For instance, were the two bombers at the Boston Marathon just two young men from Chechnya, like the early news reports kept telling us? That’s what the media kept saying.  Is that all they are going to say about these two suspected terrorists… that they were two young men from Chechnya, or Kyrgyzstan, or Dagestan?  It’s not exactly clear where they came from.  It appears that they were born in one country, and they moved to at least two other countries before they finally emigrated to America. Is the news media ever going to connect the dots? Are they going to say that Chechnya is a hot bed of Islamic terrorism that has been at war with Russia for most of the last twenty years?  Is the media finally going to tell us that the two suspected Boston Marathon bombers were Muslim immigrants who came here on visas many years ago as young boys and that they possibly managed to become U.S. citizens without actually assimilating into our country, or ever learning to love their new homeland?  The assimilation of Muslim immigrants into the United States, and into their new American lifestyle is hardly a forgone conclusion for many unfortunately.

Fort Hoot Shooter Major Nidal Hasan 1Consider Army Major Nidal Hasan. He was the shooter in the Fort Hood Massacre. He was actually born in the U.S.A. to Muslim parents from who emigrated from the West Bank. He is of Palestinian origin, and even though he was born here, he still turned out to be a traitor. He still turned against his new country, and on his fellow soldiers in what can only be properly described as an Islamic terrorist attack on our home soil. We have no business allowing routine immigration from hostile Muslim countries like Chechnya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East, and North Africa.

One of the suspected bombers was supposedly studying to be a doctor. Imagine that. A man accused of being an Islamic terrorist came here on a visa many years ago, and then he just stayed on to become a U.S. citizen. He was studying to be a physician at one of our country’s prestigious colleges, the University of Massachusetts so he could pass his medical exam and take the Hippocratic Oath whereupon he would customarily pledge to do no harm. Under our seriously flawed immigration policy we accept many young Muslim immigrants like Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and we grant many student visas every year to young college students from Muslim countries where the majority of the population would rather slit our American throats and cut off our heads, or detonate an improvised explosive device in the middle of a crowded street in order to maim and kill innocent bystanders then they would ever think of treating any of our American casualties for their wounds.

I wonder what kind of a doctor this fine Muslim immigrant would have made if he could have somehow managed to control his suspected murderous instincts long enough to graduate from college and earn a degree. He came here from war torn Chechnya. They were ethnic Chechin immigrants. Someone in our government must have thought that he was worthy of receiving a visa. It just so happens that both he and his brother were awarded refugee status. I wonder who approved his application for an extension to stay here, and who approved his application for citizenship. While I am just wondering out loud, I also wonder if our good friends the Saudis ever picked up part of the tab for his education, or if he was receiving any student aid money to attend college from our foolish old Uncle Sam. I know that both of the Tsarnaev brothers received the benefit of food stamps which were freely given to their parents Anzor and Zubeidat while the two boys were growing up. Later after Tamerlan got married, he and his wife Kathryn also received food stamps between September 2011 and November 2012. So we took them into our country. We educated them. We nurtured them. We even fed them. And these two Muslim immigrants apparently turned on us and killed us. They were second generation welfare recipients.

Apparently there are several other members of his family living in or near Massachusetts.  There is an aunt living in Canada and an uncle living in Maryland. There is another uncle here also and he has two sisters living nearby. From his pictures and the early accounts of his friends he doesn’t appear to be a terrorist, but then neither did the men who committed the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Now his father back home in Dagestan Russia, who has already lost one of his sons to a well-aimed police bullet is threatening the United States government if anything else happens to his other son. Perhaps if he would have raised his children a little better, then they would have had more sense than to get in in a firefight with police, or get involved in a plot to detonate a bomb at the Boston Marathon.  There was also the innocent security guard who got shot in the back of the head. If they are both as innocent as their father claims that they are, then both of his sons should still be alive today, and allowed to go free, but we will just have to wait until more of the facts are known in order to learn the truth. It may not be as obvious as some people think. I am not going to rush to judgment, or form any opinions about these two suspects for now. The only conclusion that I am going to draw is that we should stop allowing any more immigration from Muslim countries for now.

Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan Tsarnaev 1The older brother who was shot dead in a fire fight with police was named Tamerlan. His father named him after one of Islam’s many blood thirsty Muslim rulers descended from Genghis and Kublai Khan. It is thought that Tamerlane arranged for the murder of his brother in law in order to consolidate his grasp on power, and by the time he died in 1398, he had conquered much of northern India, also murdering at least 100,000 Hindu prisoners in the process. Tamerlane is a particularly appropriate name for an Islamic terrorist bomber.

Young Tamerlan Tsarnaev came here as a political refugee with the intention of trying to receive a western education, and to put some valuable scientific knowledge into his rudimentary barbarian brain under the auspices of America’s seriously flawed immigration policy. If Tamerlan could have restrained his alleged barbarous instincts long enough to complete his education, and if he could have kept his supposedly evil inclinations under wraps long enough to graduate, I wonder what he would have done back in Chechnya or Russia with his American engineering degree. Instead he was hunted down like an animal and shot dead in Cambridge, Massachusetts the day after he supposedly detonated those two pressure cooker bombs in Boston. I don’t know what kind of an engineer he would have made if he had lived, but if the FBI is correct he would have probably specialized in destroying and blowing up things, instead of  building things. He leaves a wife and a young daughter behind. His aunt in Canada and his father back home in Russia obviously dispute these things, but one of his uncles here in the U.S.A. tells quite a different story of the young man. He says that the older brother had become angry and remote, and disrespectful, and that he had started praying five times a day to Allah. He also had been arrested for beating his girlfriend!

What about the younger brother Dzhokhar who is still alive, and who has been accused in the Boston Marathon bombings. He is almost twenty years old. He was supposed to be studying to be a doctor. According to authorities he was seriously wounded in the gunfight and he has been aprehended by the police after being discovered hiding in a boat in Watertown Massachusetts. What kind of a doctor would he have made if he had not gone along with his older brother to the Boston Marathon on that fateful day?  First and foremost he would have become a Muslim doctor, which is not much better than being a witch doctor unless of course you happen to be a Muslim. He and his older brother are not only suspected of planting those two bombs. They are also suspected of planning to sacrifice to Allah all of those innocent people who were killed or maimed that day in Boston in another one of Islam’s many blood sacrifices that occur around the world. But I want my fellow Americans to know just what kind of a doctor he would have gone on to become if he didn’t participate in those bombings.

As a Muslim doctor the chances are that he would have been a doctor who valued saving only Muslim lives. He probably wouldn’t have saved any Russian lives, Israeli lives, European lives, Canadian lives, Chinese lives or Japanese lives. He probably wouldn’t have saved any Christian or Jewish lives, Hindu or Buddhist lives, and agnostic or atheist lives. We are all infidels according to Islam. We are unfit for life.. Even if not every Muslim actually believes this, nevertheless that is what the Quran teaches. Our only purpose in existing is to live as dhimmis or infidels, and to pay the tribute.

Boston Marathon bomber suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev2If you are a true Muslim then the only lives worth saving are Muslim lives, either Sunni Muslim lives or Shia Muslim lives depending on which murderous sect of Islam you belong to. Judging by his actions on the day that he allegedly detonated the improvised explosive device, he obviously didn’t care to save any evil American lives. And he wouldn’t have honored the Hippocratic Oath which tells doctors to do no harm, because Muslims don’t believe in honoring Greek oaths, any more than they believe in doing no harm. Muslims actually believe in lying to non-Muslims who are called dhimmis, kafir, or infidels in order to achieve their dastardly goals.

I wonder when the two brothers who were attending school in Massachusetts while apparently learning how to build bombs in their spare time, first heard the “inspirational” words of Allah. When did they decide that their lives had a “higher purpose” and that this purpose was to indiscriminately kill innocent, defenseless Americans? When did they hear Allah’s magnificent voice directly speaking to them and telling them to make a bomb and kill as many Americans as they could?  I wonder what mosque they attended.

I know for a fact they could not have been attending The Rev. Louis Farrakhan’s  N.O.I. evil house of worship, or listening to the hate filled, G- damn America sermons of Barack Obama’s former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright at his Chicago area Black Liberation Theology Church. Both of these demonic vipers and their extremist religious snake pits were too far away.

Allah must be getting hungry again. He is in need of a fresh infusion of human blood, from another one of Islam’s many blood sacrifices that occur around the world. These violent blood orgies never seem to satisfy Allah for very long though. His huge appetite for blood never seems to be satisfied. Perhaps the two young men from Chechnya couldn’t help themselves, and they shoudn’t really be blamed. After all, Allah was calling them and he was demanding more blood. Someone obviously had to feed him again.

Boston Bombers DzhokarDo you think that anyone in the Obama Administration including our illegitimate President will re-evaluate our immigration and student visa policies in the light of this recent terrorist attack on American soil? Do you think they will re-assess immigration from terrorist hotspots around the world? Chechnya isn’t the only violent country that we allow immigration from. There is Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza and the West Bank, and there is a country right here in our own hemisphere on our southern border where many immigrants from these other hotbeds of terrorism find a way into America through our soft Mexican underbelly. Do you think they will reconsider the inappropriateness of our entire quota based system of handing out foreign student visas every year to just about anybody who asks for one, from countries that hate our guts. Will we ever stop allowing immigration from hostile Muslim countries that are sworn to destroy us? Will we stop allowing people from Mexico to just walk across our southern border from a corrupt and violent country where the drug trade rules, where different brand of terror has its way, and where heads literally roll every day? We will have to stay tuned to find out just like we will have to stay tuned in order to find out if the Tsarnaev brothers are really the terrorists who are responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. It looks like the younger brother is going to live to tell what he knows.

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 Boston Marathon bombing pics2Boston Marathon bombing 5Boston Marathon bombing pics4








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