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A Pledge of Resistance

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, December 23, 2012



Barack Obama and King Abdullah 4

A Pledge of Resistance

by Scott Rohter, November 2012


I have no intention of co-operating with this evil Obama Administration. I will not assist with the disregarding of our Constitution, nor will I aid in the harm that is being done to my country by the United Nations, or by the Democratic Party under Barack Obama. I will not accept the re-interpretation of 235 years of American history, and the inspiring story of our nascent republic which put its trust safely in God and relied firmly upon Divine Providence. I will not sit idly by and watch as my country’s founding documents are being disrespected, and being used as a doormat by world socialists in the Obama Administration who call themselves Democrats, and by globalists at the United Nations which is actually the enemy of sovereign nations.


We may have lost the 2012 Elections through fraud and deceit, and there might be nothing that we can do about it now, but I am not going to let these same dishonest politicians steal my country! I refuse to co-operate with any more of Barack Obama’s executive orders or his unconstitutional plans to fundamentally transform America. I won’t co-operate with any more of his authoritarian schemes to circumvent the Constitution and dismantle our Bill of Rights, or grow the size of the Federal Government beyond belief. All of these things can only come at the expense of State’s Rights and individual liberty.  I will not let him get away with that! And I demand that my Republican representatives in Congress stand up to him and resist all of his efforts to undermine our Constitution.


I demand that President Obama exercise his Constitutional authority to enforce the valid laws of our land regarding illegal immigration. But if the Democrats intend to try to destroy my country then they will just have to do it over my dead body because I will not falter, fold or buckle, nor will I resign myself to submission or co-operation with this evil administration. The struggle for America’s future and for its very survival will go on until one side or the other gives in, but as for me, I am  irrevocably committed and determined that it will not be my side.


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