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A Different Kind of Fiscal Cliff Story

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, December 1, 2012


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A Different Kind of Fiscal Cliff Story

By Scott Rohter, December 2012


I think the mainstream media is just hilarious! The constant drip, drip, drip of all the “fiscal cliff” news stories all day long, every sixty minutes on the hour is pretty amazing isn’t it? Think about it. Someone over in the PR department at the White House or at the D.N.C. came up with that cutesy phrase “fiscal cliff” just a few weeks ago, and ever since then it is all we can do to keep from hearing about it all of the time. The journalists in the media are like a doggie with a brand new bone! They just can’t seem to get enough of all of the fiscal cliff stories. It is fiscal cliff 24/7, all of the time… fiscal cliff this, and fiscal cliff that. It’s just like beating a dead horse for all of these dutiful journalistic appendages of the Obama Administration, and for their admiring political apparatchiks in the Democratic Party.

“We are going to go over a fiscal cliff if we don’t do this or if we don’t do that”. Doesn’t that sound like so much fear mongering to you? Why are they always trying to scare us into doing something in Washington?  They scared us into passing the Wall Street Bailout Bill. Then they scared us into passing the Obama Stimulus Bill. (that was Bailout Bill #2) Then they scared us again into passing a budget compromise to avert a Government shutdown last year. That was the Budget Control Act of 2011. I am not easily scared, and I would have much preferred it if the Federal Government would have  shut down! It shuts down on weekends and holidays doesn’t it? And yet we somehow manage to go on living without it, don’t we? They want us all to believe that we would be lost without our bloated Federal bureaucracy, but it simply isn’t true! What the media is really doing with all of this government propaganda about a “fiscal cliff” is more like something right out of a military psyops manual than it could be considered to be broadcasting the nightly news.

Career Washington politicians together with compliant journalists in the subservient lapdog media are trying to scare this Nation into surrendering more personal and private wealth to the Federal Government in order to fund its increasingly addictive public spending habits. It goes without saying that the diversion of this money into the Government’s hands would only eliminate more jobs in the private sector, and create more gobs of government paperwork and the associated mobs of bureaucratic paper pushers that will be necessary to administer all of the new government programs! And don’t trust the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner to save you, or to resist the Obama Administration’s Machiavellian fiscal cliff maneuvers. The “tan man” doesn’t even have a real tan, more less a real conservative bone in his body! We will all be very lucky if he actually means what he says this time instead of just prancing around like a conservative peacock and then selling us out in the end.

You know what? We are actually so far from a fiscal cliff right now that it isn’t funny! We went over that fiscal cliff almost twelve years ago under George W. Bush. We are really near the bottom of a very deep fiscal hole… a huge financial crevace of epic proportions. The fiscal cliff that we jumped off many years ago is both so far behind us and over our heads at the same time that we can’t even see it. And the hole that we are in is so deep right now, that in order to emerge from the depths of our financial despair we would need to keep selling American products overseas, and keep a positive balance of trade with the rest of the world to the tune of 100 billion dollars a year for the next 160 years! Put that in your fiscal pipe and smoke it!


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