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The Evil Nature and Sinister Agenda
of the World's Most Dangerous Cult

Conceived in Warfare
Born of Bloodshed
Propagated by the Sword

~ Revenge of Islam ~
By Scott Rohter, September 2014

"The problem is not Muslims. The problem is the Quran. The biggest terrorist in the world
is the god of the Quran."
- Mosab Hasan Yousef (author of Son of Hamas)

You don't have to do anything wrong to be the object of Islam's revenge. You just have to be a non-Muslim, or born into a Muslim family from a rival sect. There are many different sects of Islam, but the major sects are Sunni, Shia, Alawi, Salafi, and Wahabi. Unlike Christian denominations these different Muslim sects hate each other with a vengeance that goes all the way back to the time of Mohammed and the origin of this cult.

Iranian Muslims hate Arab Muslims and Arab Muslims hate Iranian Muslims. Their mutual contempt for each other dates all the way back to the death of Mohammed and the murder of Ali. The hatred between Arabs and Persians or between Sunni and Shia isn't unique. Arab Muslims also hate Turkish Muslims and Turkish Muslims hate Arab Muslims. Turks, Arabs, and Iranian Muslims all hate the Kurdish Muslims... Interestingly enough Arab Muslims even hate their fellow Arab Muslims. This whole sorry, pathetic excuse for a religion is infected with fourteen hundred years of bitter enmity just waiting to be unleashed upon the next victims, especially in the West.

Muslims don't just hate Jews and Christians, the people of the book. They also hate Buddhists. They hate Hindus. They hate atheists. As I said they even hate their fellow Muslims. Centuries old rivalries between different sects of Islam are ready to break out at a moment's notice and upon the next Imam's fatwa. With all of this hatred going around the Muslim world it is easy to see that Muslims even hate themselves. According to one well known Islamic authority Allah, the Muslim god even hates Muslims. He hates anyone who submits to his will. The reason that Islam is such a hate filled and blood-thirsty religion is that Allah himself is such a hate filled, blood-thirsty god... a god that requires daily human sacrifice in order to satisfy his lust for blood and his contempt for humanity. The biggest terrorist in the world is the god of the Quran. Mosab Hasaan Yousef said that and he is a former Palestinian terrorist who should know.

"The problem is not Muslims". He goes on to say, "The problem is the Quran." Mosab is the eldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, the founder of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Sheikh Yousef has been locked up in an Israeli jail cell for many years... His son is only partially correct though when he says that the problem with Islam is the Quran. The problem with Islam is all of Muslims who follow the Quran. The problem is also all of the millions of Muslims who don't actually follow the Quran, but still identify themselves as Muslims

America's political leaders are always walking on eggshells and parsing their words whenever they talk about the only religion that was ever started by a mass murderer. They use words like “radical Islam” to describe the the terrorists who seek to implement Mohammed's will, but there is no such thing as radical Islam. There is only one kind of Islam. It is the Islam of he Quran. Mohammed was not a radical Islamist. He was just a Muslim, and he remains the highest role model for Muslims to follow today even in the 21st Century. He will continue to be the highest role model for Muslims to follow in the future unless there is a reformation in the Muslim world, but since Mohammed is the person who started this religion and since the cult is entirely based upon his life, it is unlikely that a reformation will ever occur.

Those who keep saying that Islam is a religion of peace are lying to you or else they have never picked up a copy of the Quran and actually read it. There are countless exhortations in the Quran to commit murder in the name of Allah. They are written throughout the book in many of the suras. The goal of Islam is to infiltrate the infidel's countries, eradicate their culture, and eliminate their way of life. If there are any Muslims who don't actually want to do this then they should renounce their religion and they should stop calling themselves Muslims because that is it's intended goal. Islam is the same today as it was during the life of its founder. It's goal is to teach its followers to be more like Mohammed and then to conquer the rest of the world just like Mohammed did. If you don't want to be like Mohammed then you are not a real Muslim and you should stop pretending to be.

Islam is not defined by politicians in the West nor by a minority of Islamic scholars who are reformers and moderates. Foreigners and moderates are just about as irrelevant in the Muslim world as moderate Germans were during the Third Reich. Islam is defined by the Quran. Using different adjectives to differentiate between moderate Muslims and radical Muslims only complicates the job of identifying the problem and trying to make the world aware of the danger that Islam poses to the rest of the world. Using qualifiers like moderate or radical to describe different Muslims is making a difference without a distinction. Their is no point in kidding ourselves or walking on egg shells when discussing the evil nature and the sinister agenda of the world's most dangerous cult. Muslims either follow the teachings of Mohammed which are contained in the Quran or they don‘t... If they don't then they are not Muslims and they should do us all a big favor and stop calling themselves Muslims. That would be a far better solution than trying to differentiate between different degrees of Muslims as if they were just like Masons. Furthermore no one can predict when some one who identifies theself as a Muslim will actually pick up a copy of the Quran and start reading it and following it. No one can tell when a so called "moderate Muslim" will start acting like Mohammed. Its time to toss this so called religion in the ash heap of history where it belongs.

Without Muslims the Quran would be just another book on a library shelf, but real Muslims believe in the Quran. They follow the Quran, and they spread its evil message of hate and violence throughout the world. Mossab Hassan Yousef was partly correct. The problem with Islam is found in the Quran true, but without all of the brainwashed people who practice its teachings it would be just about as harmless as One Flew over the Cukoo's Nest.. Yet leaving Islam isn't easy. It takes a lot of courage to renounce this religion. Your family and friends will probably never speak to you again. Some people may even try to kill you. The pressure that is placed on anyone who renounces this religion is tremendous. and many people don’t have the courage to do it.

At first glance it is obvious that the Quran is a book which exhorts all its followers to commit horrible acts of violence in the name of a blood thirsty god. It exemplifies the life led by a brutal tribal warlord of the 7th Century. Mohammed killed anyone who would not submit to his authority. Murder wasn't his only crime. His short life was marred by many other mortal sins, but power was the only thing that mattered to him and he gained and maintained power through the use of murder.... In this regard the iconic prophet of Islam was not very different than tribal warlords today. That is because these tribal warlords in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are emulating the life of their beloved prophet. Despite all of the claims to the contrary murder is accepted and condoned in the Quran as a means of waging Jihad.

The Bible tells Christians to pray for the souls of unbelievers. It doesn't teach us to "slay un-believers where ever we find them". The Quran does. The Bible tells us to go into all the world and deliver the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If people choose to reject this good news we are told to shake the dust off our feet when we leave. If they hit us in the face on our way out, we are told to turn the other cheek. The Bible doesn’t tell us to cut their heads off. It doesn't tell us to convert them or kill them. The Quran does

Jesus brought a message of peace and goodwill to the world. He inspired others by his love and the power of his words. He did not force people to acquiesce. He did not have the blood of thousands of innocent victims on his hands while he hung there on the cross atoning for our sins. On the contrary it is by His blood that we are healed. He did not take anyone else's life. He offered the gift of eternal life. He didn't conquer foreign lands, amass a personal fortune or rule an empire. He achieved personal victory over sin and death. The power of Jesus Christ lay not in the power of a sword. It lay in the power of his love. His life was not about the love of power.. It was about the power of love.

On the other hand Mohammed achieved all of his earthly ambitions through the power of his sword. His legacy is that innocent blood is still being shed in his name today just as it was during his life. Mohammed lived by the sword. His successor died by the sword and the religion he founded still lives by the sword today.

The struggle for power in the Middle East between Sunni and Shiite, between Arabs and Turks and between Kurds and everyone else is the reincarnation of an ancient rivalry which dates all the way back to the death of Mohammed and the murder of Ali That set a precedent for all the followers of the Quran and created a lasting enmity between Sunni and Shiite that will never be extinguished.

After Mohammed’s death there was a struggle for power very much like the struggle that is occurring in the Muslim world today. The more things change, the more they remain the same. In this vacuum of power some of Mohammed’s followers decided to gain an advantage by force. They killed Ali who was Mohammed's heir. Then they cut off his head and handed it to his followers as a fete accompli. This is how the question of succession was resolved in the early Muslim world, and it is still how the question of succession is being determined in the Muslim world today... Each new strong man or ruling family that comes along kills the last strong man from the old ruling family. According to the god of the Quran, might makes right. This is the truth about the evil nature and the sinister agenda of the world's most dangerous cult.

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