Sodom and “Gomorrahca” – Chronicling America’s Progressive Slide into Total Depravity

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, June 29, 2013



Marriage Ceremony 8

Sodom and “Gomorrahca” 

 Does America Enjoy God’s Blessing

Or Will Sin and Permissiveness Lead to Ruin? 

By Scott Rohter, July 2013


Marriage Ceremony  GayThey are “loving and committed same sex couples”. At least that’s what we are toldIt’s the typical progressive mantra about homosexuals. They just want to get married so they can enjoy the same legal benefits and tax status that is afforded to husbands and wives, but that is just the problem. They are not husbands and wives.

Loving and committed same sex couples is what they would like to be called, but that is not how the Bible looks at the sin of sodomy no matter how hard or often they try to “love” one another or how committed they are to their relationship . Their behavior is still a sin in the eyes of God and it is a shameful expression of the perverted attraction they feel for each other no matter what the United States Supreme Court determines, or the nine State Legislatures which have currently legalized this farce they call same sex marriage. Just remember that the government can only make something legal. That doesn’t make it right. 

 In Matthew 7:14 it says that, “wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction.” Wrong is still wrong no matter how hard the liberals in the mainstream media keep trying to tell us that it isn’t, and while I have no doubt that same sex couples can and frequently do love one another that will never be in God’s plan. The peculiar attraction that they feel for each other and the monogamous relationship or domestic partnership that they want to redefine as a marriage will never constitute a marriage any more than the penalty in the Affordable Care Act constitutes a tax.  Justice Antonin Scalia was sure right when he said that, “A penalty is not a pig.” Surely a domestic partnership between two people of the same sex is not a marriage and it never will be.

There is precious little truth in the news coming to us over the national airwaves which are controlled by the mainstream media. There is also very little truth  in our National political dialogue coming from Washington which is controlled by America’s two major political parties.  With that thought in mind I have decided to start calling myself a king. 

 I am just as much a king as two homosexuals sleeping together in the same bed is a marriage. When I get up in the morning I am going to look in the mirror and call myself a king, but I will not be a king even though I call myself a king. 

When two homosexuals who are sharing the same bed get up in the morning just because the law says they are married that does not mean that they are married in the eyes of God or in the minds of most Americans. The sin that they have just committed in the darkness and the privacy of their own home does not constitute a marriage in the eyes of God anymore than it constitutes a marriage in the minds of most Americans. That is in spite of all the acts of various State Legislatures and proclamations of government officials around the country and the most recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court.

The next time I go to the bank I am going to tell the employee at the drive-in window that I am Donald Trump and I would like to withdraw all of his money. I have just about as much right to Donald Trump’s money as gays and lesbians have a right to change the prevailing 5000 year old legal definition of marriage.

Gay pride parade 10I remember when all of this politically correct nonsense first began to occur. It all started in the early 1970’s quite innocently enough. A secretary became known as an administrative assistant. A janitor became a maintenance engineer.  A car repairman was now known as an automotive repair technician. Salesmen became consultants or customer service agents and crippled people became referred to as “the physically challenged” or handicapped.

Homosexuals became “gay.” I don’t know why in the world they picked this name to describe themselves. There is nothing happy or gay at all about the homosexual lifestyle which they have chosen. Perhaps the name gay is a futile attempt to actually convince themselves that they are happy.

A person with his wires crossed in his head is now referred to as a transvestite, and an honest to goodness freak is known as a trans-sexual or a transgendered person.  After that he becomes eligible to receive gender modification therapy and a sex change operation at the taxpayer’s expense.

If Bruce Jenner wants to spend all of his own personal money to pay for senseless reconstructive surgery to fulfill some sick fantasy he has in his head that will help him think of himself as a woman that is his own unfortunate business, but to make the taxpayers foot the bill for such nonsense is just plain wrong. 

Bruce Jenner will always be a man no matter what he does to himself. The only thing wrong with Bruce Jenner is in his head. He cannot change his internal D.N.A. He was born with a male chromosome which makes him a man no matter what he does to his body. He cannot alter his D.N.A.  He can try to look like a woman, but he can never actually be a woman. In his mixed up mind he can have his penis surgically removed and receive estrogen therapy so he can grow breasts, but he will always be a man. It would be much better if he would agree to undergo the appropriate psychiatric treatment for what actually ails him rather than to have his male appendage surgically removed and a prosthetic vagina attached where his penis once was. In Oregon the State Legislature has just made the appropriate psychological counseling that could actually help troubled young individuals who feel like Bruce Jenner illegal. Now a parent cannot even intervene in the life of their troubled young teenager in order to prevent them from undergoing a sex change operation.


As a result of so much political correctness in our world an unusually hot summer is now considered to be global warming. An unusually cold winter is referred to as climate change. If one follows the other then climate scientists merely ask the government for more money to do more research… When the Federal Reserve Board prints more money to pay these phony climate scientists there is nothing to back it up but the United States military, but instead of calling them crooks at the Fed and throwing them all in jail we routinely call what they are doing  “monetizing the debt” and they are all considered to be great financial geniuses.


Domestic partnerships are now being called “same sex marriages” while an actual marriage between a real man and a real woman is gradually becoming known as “opposite sex marriage”. The world is definitely upside down.

The Bible says that in the last days we shall be ruled over by little children and that sin shall abound.  Today it is  perfectly legal to murder an innocent little unborn baby after only twelve weeks of life, but it is not okay to execute a homicidal maniac who has committed multiple aggravated murders.  He must receive the psychiatric counseling he needs to treat his troubled soul, but not so with the troubled man who thinks he is a woman or the troubled woman who thinks she is a man. The psychological therapy they need is forbidden in at least one State . It is illegal to try to counsel such individuals who believe that they were born with the wrong genitalia..

Marriage same sexOur nation is losing its way when people don’t stand up for moral certitude. It is true that many people today actually think worse of you for believing the Bible than they would if you did not. “Thou shalt not steal”is pretty straightforward. Oh but it’s not considered to be stealing anymore when the government taxes Americans at the rate of 20% or 30% of their gross incomes. It is called progressive taxation.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Oh but they didn’t really lie because they weren’t under oath at the time they made their false statement. Maybe they were running for some political office which excuses just about anything these days. It is now considered perfectly acceptable to lie to the public in order to get elected.

God is thoroughly disgusted with the United States of America. I have heard it said that Puerto Rico is a pretty nice place to live and it is offering some very nice tax incentives to relocate there if you happen to be rich… All you have to do is make it your official place of residence for six months of the year and you can live their virtually tax free. That’s where  a lot of exhausted conservatives  are going to lay around on a beautiful Caribbean beach sipping Pinna Coladas and remembering how nice it was living in the U.S.A. when America was still a great nation.

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