About Scott Rohter

Scott profile new 1A determined property rights activist since 1995.  A Republican precinct committee person. The author of Oregon House Bill 3453 from the 1995 legislative session of the Oregon State Legislature, and Senate Bill 929 from the 2011 session of the Oregon State Legislature. This legislation sought to bring the Oregon State Constitution into compliance with the United States Constitution with respect to private property rights, and the Bill of Rights. It finally passed the Oregon State Legislature unanimously in 2012 as Oregon House Bill 4111 proving once again that persistence does actually pay off.

In 2008 I successfully opposed the Oregon DMV practice of allowing police officers to anonymously report alleged bad drivers. Up until that time the Department of Motor Vehicles had been compiling a secret dossier on alleged bad drivers which the individuals concerned could not see.  When I opposed this practice in 2008 it was reported that the D.M.V.  had already accumulated largely hearsay information on approximately 30,000 Oregon drivers which these drivers were prohibited from seeing.

I am also the author and publisher of www.lessgovisthebest.com and www.lessgovisthebestgov.com  websites advocating for a return to the principles of limited Constitutional government and personal responsibility, without which we cannot possibly retain our freedom. My articles have also been published on RedState.com, FreeRepublic.com,  the Texas TeaParty 911.com blog and website, EmergingCorruption.com among many other places. In 2006 I wrote a poem about our country’s open borders called “An Open Border – America’s Achilles Heel”. It appears on the national website of WeNeedaFence.com.