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About Scott Rohter 

Scott profile new 1Private property rights are fundamental to freedom. Without property rights there is no freedom.  I have been a property rights advocate since 1995. That was the year that the City of Eugene Oregon foreclosed on the home belonging to Jack and Betty Neely who lived in the unincorporated area northwest of the city called River Road. This event made a lasting impression on my life and it launched me on my current path as a writer and a property rights advocate.

I am a former Republican precinct committee person. As a private citizen I wrote House Bill 3453 which reformed the foreclosure laws in Oregon. During the 1995 session of the Oregon Legislature the Bill that I wrote failed to make it out of a Democratically controlled committee. In 2011 it failed to even get a hearing in a Democratically controlled Legislature, but I didn’t give up.

My worthwhile legislation was written to bring the Oregon State Constitution into compliance with the United States Constitution with respect to private property rights. It states that no government entity or political subdivision within the State of Oregon can foreclose on someone’s private property and sell it for the exact amount of an unpaid Local Improvement District lien (L.I.D. lien). In the case of Jack and Betty Neely the City of Eugene actually did foreclose on their home and they actually sold it for $7,411 dollars ($5,000 dollars for a sewer line plus $2,411 dollars in interest on the amount they owed). Then the sheriff showed up at their door one day and notified them that their house had been sold and gave these two senior citizens about forty five minutes to collect all their earthly belongings and vacate the property.

Jack Neely was a World War II veteran. He died one month later of a heart attack. He was homeless and broken hearted when he died. The cause of death was listed as a heart attack, but I know different. He actually died of a broken heart. He couldn’t believe that his country would do this to him and neither did I. His sister Betty Neely lost all of the equity that she and her late brother had acquired in their house during the sixty years that they both lived there. It was all confiscated by this completely unconstitutional foreclosure process.

The Neely House at 1600 Horn Lane was appraised at about $70,000 dollars. It was sold for just over $7,000 dollars which means that the Neely’s were penalized about $63,000 for a $5,000 bill to provide them a connection to the local Sewer System they did not want. That violated the 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments to the United States Constitution.

In March 2012 the Bill that I wrote in 1995 became House Bill 4111 and it received a hearing in the Committee on General Government and Consumer Protection because I refused to give up.  This time the results were much different. It did pass the Oregon Legislature. In fact, not only did it pass, but when it passed, it passed unanimously proving that patience and determination can actually pay off. My thanks go out to State Representative Jim Weidner who sponsored the Bill, and fellow property rights activist and lawyer Dave Hunicutt from the advocacy group Oregonians in Action who both worked on behalf of my Bill. They made all the difference and my gratitude goes out to both of them.

In 2008 I exposed and then successfully opposed the Oregon D.M.V.’s practice of allowing law enforcement officers to anonymously report alleged bad drivers to the Department of Motor Vehicles. At the time I did this, the State of Oregon had already compiled secret files on over 30,000 Oregon drivers.

I am the author and publisher of a website advocating for a return to the principles of limited Constitutional government and personal responsibility without which we cannot hope to retain our freedoms. My articles have been republished on many other sites including RedState.Com, FreeRepublic.Com, Examiner.Com, and EmergingCorruption.Com as well as the Texas Tea Party website and blog. I have created several other websites where I self publish my articles such as these , , and, and

In 2006 I published my poem about America’s open border called  An Open Border – America’s Achilles-Heel which was also published on the conservative website

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