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Oregon Senate Bill 929

Fifteen years ago, in 1995 I wrote Oregon House Bill 3453 to reform Oregon’s punitive and unconstitutional Foreclosure law ORS 223.525. It was then sponsored by State Representative Kitty Piercy. For a complete story please read my article entitled Looking Back on Oregon HB 3453 which is found on the Oregon section of this website. It passed the House 47 to 6, however it didn’t make it out of a Senate committee. That was in 1995. I asked State Senator, Floyd Prozanski to sponsor the same bill last year, in 2010, but it did not even get a hearing that year! Senator Prozanski agreed to sponsor it again this year. The Bill has a new number. It is now called Senate Bill 929 (SB 929), but it is exactly the same Bill as House Bill 3453, from 1995.  At this point the bill also appears to be dead this year, without the direct help and intervention of Senator Prozanski, who was the bill's sponsor. It is not scheduled for a hearing this year either, and it looks like Senator Prozanski has decided to let the bill die in committee again! Apparently there are a lot more important things to do then making sure that our Oregon laws conform to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights! If you want to see this important bill get a hearing this year, please call Senator Floyd Prozanski at 503-986-1704, Senator Chip Shields at 503-986-1722, and Senator Peter Courtney at 503-986-1600, and tell them that this bill deserves to get a hearing this year! Tell them that it makes no sense, and it goes against a sense of fairness for the government to sell a property in foreclosure for the exact amount of an unpaid lien! Not to mention the fact that it also violates the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation."

Note: Senate Bill 929 from 2011 was brought forward again in 2012 as House Bill 4111 and passed unanimously with the effective help of Dave Hunnicutt from Oregonians in Action and Rep. Jim Weidner from Yamhill.

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