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The Oregon Republican Party is Still Reluctant to Move to the Right
-by Scott Rohter, June 2011

On Veterans Day November 11, 2010, I started a website that would give a national voice to real conservative values, and advocate for limited constitutional government.  It is called Less Gov is the Best The original inspiration for this idea stemmed from an attempted illegal (and unconstitutional) taking of private property by local government officials in Lane County, Oregon!

Since then, with God’s help, through hard work, a willingness to sacrifice both time and money, and my unwillingness to compromise on principles, I have been able to write over one hundred original articles advocating for limited government and post them on the website.  They are on diverse subjects affecting all of us, on topics ranging from the National Debt and the annual budget deficits, to the war in Libya, to the scandal concerning Anthony Weiner, to the first new nation to be created in the 21st Century (Southern Sudan), to the controversy surrounding the West Eugene area EmX. They are arranged and posted on the National, International, Oregon, and Eugene/Springfield pages of 

In the past six months numerous groups and organizations have decided to post links to my website,, including the official state website of the Oregon Republican Party, for which I am grateful to the former State Chairman of the Republican Party, Bob Tiernan!  In addition, from time to time my articles have appeared in the Roseburg Beacon, the Register Guard, the 912 Newsletter, and on the national website of  I stand unapologetically for limited constitutional government, and a return to legitimate, constitutional restraints on both the size and the scope of the Federal Government!  The most important goal of the Republican Party should be the defeat of Barack Obama, and the recapture of the Democrat controlled Senate in 2012, but it would not be that much of an improvement if we just replaced them both with RINOs!

I would like to thank every one of you who have visited my website and read my articles and my quotes over the past eight months, and who continue to support freedom of speech in America!  Unfortunately, we have some members of the Republican Party who don’t believe in free speech, or more speech, but actually prefer to have less speech, or even no speech at all, especially if they disagree with what you have to say!  Instead of trying to win the debate by persuading a majority of other people, through the free exchange of ideas, and the strength of their own arguments, they secretly go about behind your back, and use the power of their position in the Republican Party to attempt to silence those with whom they disagree!

Last week the chairwoman of the Washington County Republican Party, Rachel Lucas, and the State Communications Director of the Republican Party, Greg Leo, did just that!  They successfully conspired together to remove the link to and the RSS feed from my website!  This link was directed to be put up by the former State Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, Bob Tiernan! They did not notify me of their intentions to do this, or give me a chance to defend myself from their false accusations that I was a racist, because of an article that I wrote in April on my website entitled, Should We Give Oregon Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens?  I would ask all of you to read the article for yourself, and to see whether anything I said in that article is grounds for removal of the official State Republican Party link to my website, or for that matter whether anything else that I have ever written in the past eight months is grounds for the removal of that link!

There are many phoney conservatives within the Republican Party. We kindly refer to them as RINOs, but some of them are soooo bad, that we really have more to fear from them, than we do our Democratic opponents!  We actually know who the Democrats are, and they work openly to oppose us, but these RINOs, however, secretly work behind our backs, and we don’t always know who they are!  They also try to infiltrate and co-opt the TEA Party and the 912 groups, and they are more insidious and dangerous than our known opponents with whom we openly disagree!  With Republican allies like these within our own ranks, we really don’t need to have Democrats for 'enemies'!

I suspect that Rachel Lucas or Greg Leo will also attempt to put pressure on the various County Republican websites to follow their lead, and remove their links to my website as well.  I urge all of you  to stand with me, and for Freedom of Speech and conservative values in America, and for a free and full exchange of ideas within our Party. We must support limitations on the size and growth of runaway government, secure our borders and drastically reduce our National Debt and annual deficits!  To achieve these goals it is very important that real conservatives be heard from, and NOT silenced within the Republican Party!  And it is equally important that we elect real, solid conservatives to lead the Republican Party ticket in 2012.  Don't be fooled by these RINOs in our midst. There is absolutely no point at all in throwing out the Democrats just in order to replace them with more RINO Republicans!  We don’t need more Arnold Schwarzeneggers!  We need more Tom McClintocks!

I can and will continue to try to advocate effectively for all of the issues that we care about, but right now I could use your help and support.  Everything that I write is freely available on my website for all of you to read without any charge, but of course it is not free for me to produce and to put out there!  I am not asking for your money, but I would like your support and encouragement!  You can write me at info@LessGovistheBestGov.comMore importantly, you can send letters and e-mails in support of my website to Allen Alley, the State Chairman of the Republican Party, and to Greg Leo, the State Communications Director.  Even if they don’t decide to reverse their decision, it is important that they know that there are still some Republicans who actually do believe in Freedom of Speech, not less speech, or no speech at all!

Thank you,
Scott Rohter, author, editor, publisher:

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