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McCain Endorses Romney
  What Does It Mean And What Difference Does it Make?
Absolute Zero Impact!
-by Scott Rohter, January 2012

When the top elected official of your political Party who is also your country’s President, or past President, endorses a candidate to run for that high office, it means something!  It is not insignificant.  It represents a symbolic passing of the torch!  Not quite an anointing  with oil, but more than a mere casual nod of approval, it is kind of like the white smoke that rises from the Sistine Chapel, that signals the moment when the Cardinals of Vatican City have chosen their next Pope.  In the realm of politics it is the traditional signal that the ‘Establishment’ has selected its next leader!

But what does it mean when a renegade maverick, without clearly consistent principles, and totally undeserving of our Party’s nomination for President, but who received it anyway, and then failed to gain the necessary approval of a majority of American voters, only three years later endorses someone else to pick up the Party’s fallen mantle, and to be our country’s next leader?  What does it mean?...  Well, to me it means absolutely nothing!  It obviously doesn’t carry the same gravitas!  To me it doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot!  But to the liberal, mainstream news media, apparently it is worth at least a passing mention.

So for their sakes, I will briefly discuss exactly what it means to our Party, and to our country, the fact that John McCain has decided to grace Mitt Romney with his endorsement.  It means that the old two-timing renegade from the Grand Canyon State, is trying to keep his name, and his face alive in the news, and he is just trying to remain relevant!  However, beyond that it will take me just three more words to describe the entire impact that a McCain endorsement will have on the Republican Primary. Absolute Zero Impact!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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