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A Word About Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Limited Government
A Pledge From the Editor

Freedom comes with responsibility. I love freedom, and that is why I uphold the twin core values of personal responsibility and limited government that make it possible. I also know that in our society under the “cloak of freedom” there are many voices that appeal to the base instincts and pleasures of mankind: survival, satisfaction, and stimulation of all kinds, which endeavors, if cultivated to excess, reduce human beings to the same level as animals.

I believe the emphasis of our society should be placed upon the individual, rather than on the community as a whole. Each individual encouraged by their own freedom, and by the opportunity to better themself, through the principles of the free market, is able to pursue their life and career goals, and thus, to achieve their full human potential, thereby becoming a productive citizen and a responsible member of their community. What is good for responsible individuals is also good for the entire community!

To that end, I will use whatever wisdom I have, to explain what is best for our society and for our country, and what is most likely to nurture and sustain it, and perhaps to even advance it a little. I believe that the most important thing for our nation's survival is the freedom of the individual! If individuals are educated, well informed, highly principled and free, then the nation can't help but prosper! I only wish that others in the media felt the same way.
December 2010, Editor

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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