A Conservative Strategy for Taking Over the Republican Party and Taking Back America

Posted by Scott Rohter on Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Declaration of Independence

A Conservative Strategy for Taking Over the Republican Party

and Taking Back America

by Scott Rohter, March 2013



Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their personal fortunes, and their sacred honor to form this great Nation. You can read about what they sacrificed in the final sentence of the Declaration of Independence. The good work that they did is being undermined and destroyed today at every level by Democrats and Republicans alike. Please don’t think for a minute that the Republican Party is much better than its evil twin sister, the Democrat Party.

Recently I received some correspondence from a lifelong Democrat whose father had been a personal acquaintance of John F. Kennedy. He told me that some of his father’s friends used to run the Democratic Party in Massachusetts back in the day. He said he grew up with JFK  and that they were best friends in school. He told me that while he was still a Democrat at heart, he was ashamed of what his Father’s Party had become,and he was even more disgusted by the current leaders of the Democratic Party.

He mentioned to me that he had just written a new book about the Democrat Party  which he called, This is Not your Father’s Democratic Party. I told him that I had written an article on the same subject similarly entitled, Not the Democratic Party of Your Fathers to which he replied that he already knew that which was why he had decided to contact me.  By the way, in the interest of full disclosure I should also state for the record that the Republican Party is not the Republican Party of our fathers either!  

It doesn’t appear that anyone has figured out how to get either one of our major political Parties back under control again. Poets have opined about the best laid plans of mice and men, and politicians have written complete books on how they went to Washington to change the system, but somehow the system managed to change them instead. May I state that it is the corrupt influence of money in politics which is responsible for that.


The Justness of our Cause

As long as money reigns in the realm of politics we don’t stand a fighting chance of getting our country under control again. As long as corporations are considered to be persons with the same Constitutional right to freedom of speech that are guaranteed to individuals under the Bill of Rights, we will never have the opportunity to redirect our Nation’s path. As long as corporate financed Political Action Committees are able to spend vast sums of money to inundate the airwaves with slick political commercials which are carefully designed to deceive us, we will never be able to hold our politician’s feet to the fire.

As long as the spending of vast sums of money to influence our elections is considered to be covered by the free speech protections of the First Amendment then big business, big unions, and big money will continue to exercise big control over our big government.  Thus they will rule our lives, but just for the record… corporations are not persons, no matter what the current interpretation of the law is, or how badly it is misapplied. Corporations should not be allowed to enjoy the same rights to Constitutionally protected freedom of speech that people have under the First Amendment, at least not as far as it pertains to elections.   The current interpretation of the law is wrong and this misinterpretation of the First Amendment is undermining our political system, and destroying what is left of our free elections. There is really very little left about our electoral process that is free anymore!

In order to overcome the influence of big business and big unions in our political system, we must first wrestle control of the Republican Party away from the Establishment who have driven it into the ditch and let it sit there for the past twenty years. Since the days of Ronald Reagan the Republican Party leaders have been paying lip service to conservative principles and to the Constitution. Meanwhile conservative values have lost their place in American life. The whole country has shifted drastically to the left in the last twenty years.


The Declaration


We have tried to work within the framework of the Republican Party to promote those issues that are of deepest concern to us, but we are frustrated at every level by powerful forces  within the Republican Party. The Establishment either ignores us or they try to mislead or deceive us. They are not above playing dirty tricks or changing the Party’s rules behind our backs, or even right under our noses through chicanery. By any means possible they  prevent us from exercising a meaningful voice in our Party’s important affairs. It is obvious that our  strategy of cooperating with the Republican Party is not working!


A New Direction

We need a new and effective strategy that will yield better results… a new direction that is effective and above reproach. I propose that we emulate the Founding Fathers. I suggest that we do what they did. We need to pledge ourselves, our sacred honor, and a small portion of our disposable income to a single goal… to the peaceful takeover of the Republican Party so that we may save our country from impending economic and political doom. It is a goal that is worthy of such a pledge. It is a goal that the men who created our country would approve of. Conservatives who are disappointed with the Republican Party should take the Pledge which should be posted and circulated on the internet and through various other means.


The Pledge

To the end of saving the United States of America from certain economic and political ruin we the undersigned signatories agree to

1)      Place our names on a list and agree to its being published in all fifty States and territories.

2)      Vote for all Republican Party candidates in all elections and abide by all the appropriate rules of the Republican Party and conduct ourselves above reproach at all times.

3)      Pledge ourselves, our sacred honor and a small portion of our personal income to collect and publish the names on this list and to maintain the data base necessary to keep it current and published in all fifty States and territories.

At such time as sufficient signatures have been obtained so as to allow for the complete takeover of the Republican Party on all state, and national levels the Republican Party or the leaders of that part of the Republican Party in question  shall be asked to immediately tender their resignations and new Party elections shall be held for the vacated positions at the earliest possible convenience.

This Pledge and the signatories shall be electronically published in all fifty States and the names of all signatories shall be available on line.

If you agree then please consider helping other patriots. 



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