Wrestling against the Political Powers of this World… and the Blind Leaders of the Blind

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Wrestling against the Political Powers of this World

… and the Blind Leaders of the Blind

By Scott Rohter, May 2013


The task is daunting if we consider what we are really fighting against…  spiritual wickedness in high places. Bookmakers in Las Vegas wouldn’t be holding out much hope for our success. In fact they would be giving pretty good odds for anyone who was willing to bet on us. In their wildest dreams our political opponents don’t think for a minute that we can actually beat them. So to describe our situation as dire would be an understatement. To admit the odds are not in our favor is just realistic when you consider all of the world’s resources that can be used against us. When considering those resources, and the consequences of our continued resistance, we might begin to wonder why we even bother to hold on, much less fight. “Resistance is futile so come out with your hands up in the air.” That is the refrain that some conservatives in our midst expect to hear almost any day now!

Let me try to explain to all of the skeptics why we continue to fight. The Bible tells us that we toil not for earthly rewards… and that faith without works is dead. So if we are truly doing what we are supposed to do then we are laboring only to hear those six most beautiful words in the English language… They are, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  And if we understand that even the greatest earthly minds don’t know the beginning from the end, or even how the beginning ever happened, then perhaps the future doesn’t really look that bleak for us after all. The Bible proclaims that, “To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not… to him it is sin.” –James 4.17. We also have a very powerful friend in high places.

The Bible says if we resist evil, then it will flee from us. So if we are supposed to resist evil and we do that, then our victory is guaranteed… We cannot lose.  In the meantime we should not give in, and we must not lose hope. If we do what we are told, then the fruit of our obediance is our ultimate triumph over evil. So while we may lose many of the battles along the way, in the end we will win the war because God is faithful to keep his word.

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