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The Plan Behind Planned Parenthood

By Scott Rohter, August 2015


What is a liberal’s idea of family planning?  It can be seen every day at America’s over 700 Planned Parenthood Centers. Do the employees at Planned Parenthood respect human life? We know that black lives certainly don’t matter when little black babies are the ones being mostly aborted there. Liberals don’t usually think before they do anything. They just do it… If it feels good then they do it and frequently they don’t consider the consequences of “doing it with a person of the opposite sex. Whether their thoughtless actions occur in the privacy of their own bedroom or in the halls of Congress, it doesn’t make any difference. The same lack of thought is applied in either place and the results are equally disastrous. What goes on at Planned Parenthood in the wake of a woman’s thoughtless and inconsiderate actions isn’t family planning at all or parenting as their name implies. It has nothing at all to do with parenting. What are they planning at Planned Parenthood? Until recently we have only been able to guess, but now we have found out the truth. We are learning what is really going on behind Planned Parenthood’s locked gates and closed doors.

Thanks to the release of some shocking undercover videos taken at Planned Parenthood Centers Americans are finally waking up to the fact that Planned Parenthood Centers are really fronts for fetal tissue and organ harvesting operations. We are learning about an immoral if not an outright illicit trade in baby body parts thanks to the Center for Medical Progress and Senator Rand Paul. Now we know exactly what those Planned Parenthood Centers are planning and it isn’t families. It is about harvesting the little organs and body parts of America’s most unwanted babies. These are the unborn children of the thoughtless people who made them and then want to discard them. Planned Parenthood is selling body parts for money.. They are planning to murder millions of innocent little children right inside their mother’s womb and then sell their little hearts and brains,  lungs and livers, and kidneys for scientific research.  Since when did it become socially and morally acceptable to cut up our own little children and sell them for scientific research”?

A lot can be learned about people from the way they couch their words. Liberals can be very clever in their deceptive use of language. Take for instance the name of the decade old federal law that eliminates one of our most basic constitutional rights in America… the right to be secure in our own homes from illegal searches and seizures. Progressives in both political parties labeled it the Patriot Act, but there is nothing patriotic at all about spying on millions of innocent civilians.

Under President Obama the liberals in the Democrat Party changed the name of the Wall Street Bailouts to the more benevolent sounding Economic Stimulus Package which was supposed to be good for all Americans. Then they printed enough paper money to cover the cost of the bailout with nothing at all to back it up except the United States military. That’s what they like to call “monetizing the debt” or quantitative easing… Later they began to abbreviate that to the even more innocuous sounding QE2 for short. As if it had anything at all to do with the British royal family or the House of Windsor… Liberals use their words very carefully to cover-up what they are really doing.

As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned it certainly doesn’t have anything at all to do with parenting or family planning. After you watch the video  accompanying this article you will see that. Rather it is all about selling the body parts of America’s most unwanted children for money. Is a woman’s right to choose more important than a baby’s right to life or is it about time to put some ethical restrictions on the abortion business and put those Planned Parenthood Centers out of business?  

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