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Is Christianity Getting a Makeover
as Gay Rights, Social Justice, Liberation Theology...
and Female Clergy Take Over the Churches?

By Scott Rohter, December 2013

"The Bible is as unchanging as God Himself."

God is not a man and he doesn't usually change his mind about anything. The Bible offers only two examples of God ever changing his mind. One example is in the Old Testament and it concerned the city of Nineveh where God was going to bring destruction upon the City because of their wicked ways, but he repented and God changed his mind after he sent Jonah there to preach and the people of Nineveh turned from their evil ways.

The only other example of God ever doing anything differently than he originally thought to do is found in the New Testament which is built upon the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross as the once and for all, final atonement for sin. The New Testament offers a completely different plan of salvation than the Old Testament did. In one sense it really didn't change anything and in another sense it changed just about everything that came before it. It is called the "Brit Ha Kodesh" in Hebrew for a very good reason. Other than these two isolated examples in history, everything else about God is just the same today as it has always been because God is immutable and unchanging.. God hasn’t changed anymore than the nature of human beings has changed over the years. In fact God has changed even less than human nature has changed over the years, and God's word in the Bible is just as unchanging as God is.

Jesus said he didn’t come to start a new religion. He came to fulfill the Old Testament scriptures. He said that not one letter [ i ] or one letter [ t ] in God’s Holy Word would change or be replaced until everything was over and the World as we know it had come to an end. Other than the New Testament and that one isolated incident of Nineveh in the Old Testament you will find no other such example in the Bible of God ever changing his mind or doing anything differently than he originally thought to do...

But today many things are being done differently inside of the churches, and traditions are rapidly changing. Things are being done differently than they have ever been done before, and that is an incongruity that can only be reconciled in one way. It can only be reconciled by acknowledging that God is no longer present in those churches wherever His word is not being preached in truth and sincerity. Wherever you find female clergy or the doctrine of social justice being preached, or liberation theology being taught, or homosexuality being condoned as an alternative lifestyle God's spirit is not present in that church anymore.. In fact his presence has left the building for good.

God does not dwell among people who do not honor him, or where his word is being mocked and disrespected, or among people who try to give the Bible an unwanted theological makeover. He will abandon any church that abandons him and turn all of the members of that church over to their own desires so they will begin to believe in their own lies. That is what the Bible teaches. If you forsake God then God will forsake you.

A Christian’s role is to follow God, not to analyze or question his wisdom. God doesn't rule by consensus. The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. God has not changed his mind about that in twenty-one hundred years, and he has not changed his mind in the 21st Century just because progressives are in high positions of authority. Homosexuality is just as much a sin today as it always has been, and it is still a sin inspite of what any state court says, or what the United States Supreme Court rules. Homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin is. It is not in a special category all by itself.

Sin is still sin. There are no exempt sins or acceptable forms of sin and Jesus never said anything to the contrary indicating that there was. God still loves sinners if they repent, but he still hates their sins just as much as he always has. God does not love you any less if you happen to be gay, but he does not excuse your homosexuality or any of your other sins any more than he excuse the sin of murder, rape, lying, or stealing. Sin is still sin. Gays don’t have a special dispensation from God to keep sinning… So if a sinner chooses to love their sins more than they do their God, then God will abandon them and turn them over to a reprobate mind so that they will believe in their own lies and die in their own sins. This is not because that is what God wanted, but because that is what they wanted.

To change the meaning of words is to perpetrate a lie. The Bible admonishes us not to lie. That’s what gay marriage and liberation theology are… They are both lies. Moses was not a Black man. Jesus was not a Black man. Those are two lies taught by Liberation Theology. The American Indians are not one of the lost tribes of Israel which is what Mormons believe. Many denominations are teaching lies from the pulpits. I have heard enough of them to last for a lifetime. The Koran was not dictated by God to Mohammed. It is a work of fiction dreamed up by Mohammed and accepted by Arabs. From there the lie was spread to the rest of the world b people who were eager to amass power and wealth. You can judge a tree by the fruit that it produces. For a thousand years the tree of Islam has either been barren, or the Muslim religion has produced rotten fruit.

The job of taking care of the poor is not the job of government. It is the responsibility of family, friends, and church. It should be the object of charity, not the obligation of government. Anytime a church teaches the gospel of social justice they are abdicating their responsibility to care for the poor. Charity comes from the heart. In order to constitute charity it has to be freely given. When the government redistributes wealth it takes from one and gives to another.. That act is almost always stealing because it is done involuntarily. The church should not be shirking its responsibility to minister to the poor and trying to pawn it off on others as a legitimate function of government. That is what the doctrine of Social Justice does.

Finally whenever you hear about another denomination nominating gay clergy or female clergy you can be sure that you will not hear the Word of God being preached in truth and in its entirety from that pulpit. The Bible tells us that the leaders of God’s Church are supposed to be men of unquestionable character and reputation in the community and above reproach. That requirement eliminates both gays and women from such a position of authority in the church. However it does not mean that they can’t be active in other very important ways in the church.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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