Bruce Jenner Extreme Makeover – Made in the Image of God. Made Over by the Sinful Imagination of Man.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, July 5, 2015


Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair cover

 Cultural Icon or Sexual Deviant?

By Scott Rohter, July 2015


Bruce Jenner In Touch coverWhy is the media fascinated with Bruce Jenner?  He has been on the cover of Vanity Fair snf In Touch Magazine. He has been showcased in People, Time, and Us.  His story has been told and retold in numerous publications and news stories all across the United States from the New York Times to CNN, to NBC, to the USA Today. They have all made him the subject of lengthy personal interviews. Diane Sawyer has even narrated a prime time television special about Bruce Jenner’s life on ABC.

The reason the media is so fascinated with Bruce Jenner is because journalists are just as mixed up as he is. They are just about as lost as he is too which explains why our country is floundering around in the dark. As a nation we are lost and struggling to find our way. The government and the media have lost all semblance of common sense. Liberals are trying to turn Bruce Jenner into some kind of a cultural icon, but the days when Bruce Jenner was a real American hero are long gone… Bruce Jenner is a sexually maladjusted deviant today !

Until recently Jenner has been primarily known for being married to Kim Kardashian’s mother. That was his claim to  fame, but after trying to turn himself into a woman for the last five years he has finally been  recognized as the real American nut job that he is. Progressives are trying to claim that he is a courageous sexual pioneer. However after everything he has done to his body over the last five years… after all of the mutilations he has undergone in order to please the demon within him… he is still after all a man.…  a very mixed up man, but a man nevertheless. He is still a man after all of the plastic surgery, after all of the prescription drugs and after all of the hormones he has taken to grow breasts and get rid of his beard. Bruce Jenner is still a man, and he will always be a man no matter what else he does to his body to try to change his exterior appearance… because on the inside Bruce Jenner is still a man and he will remain a man no matter how much money he pays to those doctors who are trying to change the reality of his existence. The problem with Bruce Jenner is not between his legs… It is between his ears. Jenner’s problem is all in his head.

Do you know what liberals call it when a mixed up man like Bruce Jenner has his whole body surgically mutilated in order to try to become a woman? They call it as “gender re-assignment surgery”.  Hello!!!  You cannot reassign somebody’s gender. Bruce Jenner cannot be something he isn’t. He is not a woman…  and he will never be a woman.. never  in a million years !   He was a man before he was even born. From the moment that his father’s sperm impregnated his mother’s egg Bruce Jenner’s sexual identity was  determined for the rest of his life. There isn’t a damn thing he can do about it, nor anyone else can  do about it. He was born with  x and y chromosome in his DNA which make him a man. He will always be a man for the rest of his life no matter what he or anyone else does to try to overturn reality. The proof of this is that he provided the sperm that fathered his four children when he still had half of a brain in his head. He didn’t supply a single egg and he never will.  If he has already had it removed and a prosthetic vagina surgically implanted in its place it won’t be able to produce an egg and he wont be able  carry a baby to term. His prosthetic vagina will not work and he doesn’t have a womb.

Bruce Jenner People Magazine CoverThey can make him look like a woman on the outside in order to accommodate some mixed up fantasy in his head, but a man’s sexual identity is not determined by what is between his legs nor is it determined on the operating table in a plastic surgeon’s office. It is not re-assigned by doctors in a hospital. His gender is not changed by taking prescription drugs or massive doses of estrogen. A man’s sexual identity is established and it is set in stone before he is even born by a tiny little Y chromosome in his DNA. The Bible says that man is made in the image of God, but Bruce Jenner is trying to re-make himself  in the mixed up imagination of his own head. It is a makeover straight from the pit of Hell.

Liberals believe in global warming, and a woman’s right to choose. Now apparently they believe in a man’s right to deny reality. The plain and simple truth is that Bruce Jenner will always be a man no matter what he does to himself. because what makes him a man is not between his legs… It is in his D.N.A. and that cannot be changed by anything that he or anyone else does. The reality of Bruce Jenner’s life is that he is the father of four children not their mother. 

There is also no such thing as transitioning between the sexes. The term “transgender“  is a misnomer. No doctor can provide Bruce Jenner with the other X chromosome to make him a woman. No doctor can give him a functioning vagina or a womb that can produce an egg or carry a baby to term. They can only alter his physical appearance. They cannot alter his physical body so he can get pregnant and bear a child.  Most people in their right mind already know these things. This article isn’t written for them, but sadly there are too many liberals who don’t have any common sense after spending so many hours in front of a television set watching all of the absurd things coming from Hollywood. They are so influenced by what they see on television that they can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction anymore.

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