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Trump Speech on Jerusalem… Much Ado about Nothing

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, December 10, 2017



Trump Speech on Jerusalem is Much Ado about Nothing

President Promises to Move American Embassy to Jerusalem,

Then Promptly Signs the Waiver Not to do it.

By Scott Michael Rohter, December 2017


On December 6th in a widely televised speech to the Nation and the world President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel and he promised to move the American Embassy there. Immediately after that he did something that is not as widely known because it was not as widely reported… He did what every American President before him has done for the past 22 years since the passage of the Jerusalem Embassy Act.  He signed the waiver in the legislation not to move the Embassy. 

Every six months the Jerusalem Embassy Act comes up for the President’s authorization or for a reauthorization of the built in waiver. Since the Act was passed in 1995 every single American President since Bill Clinton has executed the waiver not to move the Embassy… every single time without exception. Donald Trump is no different. This now makes 44 consecutive times.

So what was the speech all about and why are so many people making such a fuss over it in so many countries around the world? The President merely expressed his desire to move our Embassy to Jerusalem. Basically he said he would like to do it but it is too dangerous so he is not going to do it.

Nevertheless just expressing his desire was all it took for Muslims around the world to hit the streets in protest, and foreign ministers, prime ministers, ambassadors and leaders of other countries  to condemn the United States of America. Muslims have called for three days of rage which is leading to riots in the streets of many cities around the world, but violence is nothing new for Muslims in the world. Next time you listen to the President give a speech, don’t watch what he says… Watch what he does. This isn’t the art of the deal.. It is more like the art of the schpiel.



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