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The Death of Our Republic by a Thousand Executive Orders –
A Treaty by Any Other Name is Still a Treaty and it Still Requires Senate Approval!

Posted by Scott Rohter on Friday, April 3, 2015


Obama 32 

A Treaty by Any Other Name is Still a Treaty

It Still Requires a Two-Thirds Vote of the Senate to Approve it

But it Only Takes One-Half the House to Impeach the President !


 By Scott Rohter, April 2015

Why are Iran’s leaders always raising their fists while America’s leaders are always shrugging their shoulders or pointing fingers?


iran president Rouhani

Iranian President Rouhani

Is the United States Senate under Barack Obama becoming just like the Roman Senate under Julius Caesar… just an official rubber stamp for the dictator’s orders.  President Obama signs executive orders as frequently as I write checks and he uses a pen and a phone like no other President in American history. He recently signed an executive order not to deport illegal aliens unless they are convicted of another crime.  He deliberately refuses to enforce our nation’s existing immigration laws.

Now President Obama is going to sign a so called “executive agreement” with the hostile government of Iran which endangers the security of the entire Middle East and threatens our safety right here at home while promising to unleash a nuclear arms race in the world that no genie can put back in the bottle.… He says he is doing this in the name of normalizing relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Almost daily Iran’s leaders pledge death to America and to our little ally Israel. Iran supports various terrorist organizations all across the globe. These negotiations in Geneva will only help to empower the hostile regime in Tehran and it will only further destabilize the Middle East. They will bring the whole world closer to the brink of war. If the Shiites in Iran get a nuclear bomb than the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia will want one of their own. They aren’t going to be wait for the Pakistanis or the Israelis to defend them.

Iran nuclear armsThe Iranians keep insisting that they are only accumulating nuclear material for peaceful purposes and that they have a right to the peaceful use of atomic energy. Let me remind you that since the meltdown of the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukishima no country except for China perhaps is building anymore nuclear power plants. Most of the nuclear power plants currently in operation are slowly being phased out. They will not be renewed when their licenses expire. So why is it reasonable to assume that the Iranians are actually telling the truth about their real intentions for all of that uranium they are amassing? Something smells fishy about all of this.

Meanwhile back here at home Barack Obama is threatening to bring down our constitutional republic with all of the executive orders he is issuing over the last six and a half years and our Republican Congress is not doing anything at all to stop him. I’ve seen many photos of Barack Obama since he was elected in 2008,  but the one at the top of this article is the most characteristic of Barack Obama’s attitude when it comes to following the Constitution. It shows the real Barack Obama just the way he is… someone who doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution. He is acting like a self appointed dictator instead of a duly elected President whose authority is constrained by the Constitution that he swore to uphold.

Congress has responsibilities too that its members have sworn to uphold and it’s about time that they start upholding them. Their responsibilities are set forth in the Constitution in Articles I and V. It is the responsibility of Congress to impeach a President who refuses to comply with the Constitution. It doesn’t matter if that President happens to be the first Black President or not. The Constitution doesn’t make an exception for being President while Black (BPWB).

The United States Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate to approve a treaty even if the President of the United States decides not to call it a treaty. He can call it whatever he likes but a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote to approve a treaty but it only takes one-half of the members of the House of Representatives to impeach this President… one-half plus one. I hope that the Senate will have the courage not to approve his treaty with Iran and the House of Representatives will vote to impeach him.

This one man Constitutional wrecking ball sitting in the Oval Office is getting away with everything except murder just because he has a thick coating of black Teflon all over him which is amply covering him from prosecution.. It  seems to be preventing him from experiencing the usual recourse that is handed out to Presidential transgressors who violate their Constitutional authority and exceed the limits of their power. In plain English Barack Obama is willfully refusing to enforce the Constitution. At other times he is assuming powers that he doesn’t have under the Constitution. He is creating a dangerous precedent for future Presidents of the United States and he has to be stopped. Our Congress has the sole constitutional responsibility on behalf of the American people to stop him.

Many Americans are growing disheartened and discouraged as the mainstream media keeps pounding away with their progressive propaganda. The rest of the country is too busy watching their favorite T.V. sitcoms to notice or even care what is actually going on in their country. For months now the media has been reporting that the Obama Administration is negotiating an “agreement” with the government of Iran to limit their nuclear weapons program in return for lifting economic sanctions. Today National Public Radio said that an agreement has finally been reached with the Iranians and six other nations. They reported that it was “technically not a treaty.”  N.P.R. claimed that since it wasn’t really a treaty therefore Congress did not have to approve it. King Obama’s executive authority to enter into this binding agreement with hostile foreign nations is supreme they said. If so then he is just like the Supreme Leader of Iran with whom he is negotiating this treaty that  doesn’t require the normal Senate Power of Consent. 

The truth is that President Obama is not supreme. He is not supreme at all He is not like the Ayatollah with whom he is negotiating. His authority does not supercede the United States Constitution. We have this little thing in our Constitution called checks and balances. Congress is just as important as the White House and in Article II Section 2 of the Constitution it reads, “He (the President) shall have power by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to make treaties provided that two thirds of the Senators present concur…”

Miriam Webster defines a treaty as, “an agreement or arrangement made by negotiation between two or more countries or political entities”. Is that clear enough?

John Kerry 2

Secretary of State John Kerry

Whatever was negotiated in Geneva, Switzerland between the Obama Administration and the government of Iran is in fact a treaty no matter what John Kerry, Barack Obama, or National Public Radio chooses to call it. This treaty was negotiated between Iran and six other countries including the United States by our Secretary of State John Kerry. He was one of the principle negotiators and he was acting on the direct behalf of Barack Obama.

It is neither arbitrary nor optional for the Senate to offer their Consent on whatever deal has been negotiated between the Obama Administration and Iran. It is mandatory that the Senate’s approval must be obtained. The Constitution absolutely requires it. The Constitution also insists upon a formal Declaration of War before America can start bombing other countries like President Obama has been doing in Syria and Iraq and previously in Libya. The Constitution requires it.

Iranian Supreme Leader

Iranian Supreme Leader

It is time for America to stop fighting wars without declaring them. It is time for American Presidents and members of Congress to stop swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution without actually meaning it and it is time for this President to stop making agreements with foreign nations without the Advice and Consent of the Senate. It is time for the Senate and the House of Representatives to start fulfilling their Constitutional obligations.  It is about time for Congress to impeach President Obama. That is the plain and simple truth in black and white so everyone can understand it and it has nothing at all to do with the color of anyone’s skin.


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