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Immigration: Enough is Enough Already !

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, March 14, 2016


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Is there Strength Diversity?

By Scott Rohter, March 2016


Forty eight years of leftist, progressive policies have almost ruined our country. They have bankrupted our Republic and fractured our society so much that we can hardly agree on anything. Sixteen years of Bill Clinton left a generation of Americans morally disillusioned. Sixteen more years of George Bush which saw many of our liberties slip away,  and finally the last sixteen years under Barack Obama which have left millions of Americans worse off economically than they have ever been before. During this time America has taken in over 50 million new immigrants from all over the world. Many of them are in our country illegally and continue to violate the law after they get here. Many of them hate America and have evil intentions. All of this has led to the anger and the frustration that we feel.

We are seeing our country being ripped apart because of a lack of good leadership. We are watching our cherished way of life and our position in the world disappearing right before our eyes. Our future and our children’s future is slipping away just like the value of our currency. Progressive policies promoted by Democrats and Republicans are the main cause of our problems. Donald Trump didn’t cause this. Professional politicians in both political Parties have caused this. People like Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Jeb Bush, Barack Obama, and John Kasich have caused this…. These are the same people that are now throwing stones at Donald Trump and who are trying to prevent him from receiving the Republican nomination for President…  Please don’t forget that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have both been professional politicians for their entire post collegiate lives. Don’t forget that Senator Rubio  partnered with Democrats to try to pass a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and Ted Cruz has cut his own little personal deals with Establishment  politicians to deny Donald Trump the nomination. You can tell when a politician is lying. Their mouth is open and their lips are moving.

Too much immigration has led to the destruction of the social fabric and the cultural cohesiveness of America. There are over 315 million people in America. We cannot afford to take any more immigrants into our country. This is not because of what it costs in terms of money. We cannot do it because of what is doing to our society and our culture… Strength doesn’t come from diversity. This is a myth perpetrated by Democrats. Division comes from diversity, and our leaders in Washington don’t seem to know the difference between strength and diversity. When Donald Trump talks about bad leaders in Washington making bad decisions he is talking about this.

America is a nation of immigrants, but we have enough immigrants already. When is this going to end? We can no longer agree on anything. We are hopelessly divided over every major issue that faces our country. Politicians are manipulating this division for their own personal and Party agendas. We need to come together to solve our problems, but no one agrees on what those problems even are more less how to solve them.There is no general consensus on anything…

African Americans vote for the Black guy. Hispanic Americans vote for the Hispanic guy… It doesn’t seem to matter to either constituency if their guy is eligible to be President or not. He is “their guy”. That’s all that matters to them. They don’t care one iota about the Constitution. Both political Parties keep pandering to these ethnic groups while all the rest of us who try to chose the best candidate are just ignored.  Our country is ripe for a New World Order takeover.  United we stand, but divided we will fall.

We must change our immigration policies. We must digest the immigrants on our plates before we ask for another helping of new immigrants… We must assimilate the immigrants who are already here before we gorge ourselves on any more people coming from foreign countries with different cultures and customs.. Frankly we don’t need them. They need us. They need us  a lot more than we need them, and we certainly don’t need to take in any more people who have no intention of assimilating into our society.

America doesn’t need more people.. We need more wisdom from the people who are already here. We need to elect more non-politicians to Congress who are not controlled by political action committees or big corporate donors like Ted Cruz is. We need to elect Presidents who are Natural Born Citizens, who are born in America of American parents like Donald Trump is so that we don’t further establish this bad precedent of electing people to the highest office in the land whose loyalties are questionable. 


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