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Climate Change Hysteria just Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, November 4, 2012



Climate Change Hysteria just Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

While the Causes of Possible Global Warming Remain Uncertain

And Unproven.

By Scott Rohter, September 2012, Updated December 2014


“Climate change hysteria is changing the way we look at the world,

but the causes for global warming if it even exists are still uncertain and proven.”   – Scott Rohter


Science writer Michael Lemonick in his new book entitled “Global Weirdness” compares climate change to lung cancer. He claims that the political browbeating we are being subjected to by journalists in the media and a small but vociferous group of political activists in Washington is actually for our own good. Like the Surgeon General’s warning on the back of a package of cigarettes Mr. Lemonick says we should all pay attention to it and take heed…

Well I don’t think so. These pseudo scientists are hell-bent on trying to brainwash the rest of the world into accepting some kind of a carbon trading scheme. Selling carbon credits will no doubt make many of them rich but it will not change one darn thing about the earth’s climate and there is no genuine scientific consensus about whether there actually is, or there is not an increase in average global temperature. Even if there is a slight, but noticeable increase in the yearly average temperature of our planet there is absolutely no scientific evidence that it is caused by human activity. We don’t really know yet whether or not this curious phenomena we are witnessing is the result of human activity or if it is the result of something else.

There is even less consensus on whether the phenomena that scientists think they are witnessing is anthropogenic in nature or whether it is the result of something much bigger than us, namely the Sun!  That big solar furnace in the sky doesn’t come with a thermostat on it you know, but all of the progressive  environmental activists are in such a mad rush to convince everyone else on the idea of man-made global warming and that we mere mortals can actually do something about it that they are giving up their scientific objectivity. This is no doubt so that they can all cash in on their investments in companies that sell carbon credits. They are trying very hard to sell us on the idea of carbon credits and alternative sources of energy just so that they can line their own pockets! That’s what I think.

What anyone with an ounce of common sense knows is this: There is a world-wide political effort going on right now to force the developed nations of the world to subsidize developing nations of the world through transfer of wealth payments that are derived from carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes. This is far more apparent than any conclusions about whether the earth is really warming or not, and if so what is actually causing it.The Indonesian volcano Krakatoa spewed  more carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere in a single momentous event than all of the cars that have ever rolled off the assembly lines of Henry Ford and Karl Benz combined! But the greenies of the Karl Marx persuasion don’t acknowledge that fact.

Mr. Lemonick states in his new book that it took a long time for the Surgeon General’s warning about the health hazards of cigarette smoking to actually be taken seriously  and so it is reasonable to assume that it will also take a while for the risks related to global warming to be taken seriously as well. Wait a minute! Not so fast Mr. Lemonick. You are making some pretty crazy comparisons in your book. Your far fetched analogies are like mixing apples and oranges.

The Surgeon General’s warning on the back of a package of cigarettes was about the health hazards of inhaling cigarette smoke laced with tar and nicotine, and other carcinogenic chemicals directly into our lungs. He wasn’t referring to inhaling mere carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or putting carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere which is an entirely different matter. The earth’s atmosphere doesn’t behave like a pair of human lungs. The earth’s atmosphere actually likes carbon dioxide. Plants just love the stuff. The earth’s atmosphere absorbs it.. and for that matter our lungs actually produce it. Without carbon dioxide there would actually be no oxygen for us to breathe.

Global warming, climate change or whatever the heck politicians prefer to call it at the moment is not caused by the amount of heavy metals, tar, and nicotine that is in cigarette smoke. Likewise carbon dioxide which is the main concern of climate scientists doesn’t cause lung cancer. It is the carcinogens that are mixed in with the CO2 that we inhale in cigarette smoke that actually causes lung cancer. Mr. Lemonick’s analogy is flawed right from the start.

Mr. Lemonick’s book is an artfully constructed, but rather thinly disguised attempt to mislead us. It is a web that is spun by a died in the wool Socialist. His purpose is not to educate or inform anybody, but rather to confound and confuse the public into believing this progressive nonsense about anthropogenic global warming. The only thing man made about global warming / climate change are all the progressive lies being told about it.

What about the well known fact that many climate monitoring stations which were once recording climatological data from the middle of green pastures or open fields are now collecting the same data from the middle of a parking lot which has been paved over with black, solar absorbing asphalt? What about the fact that temperature recordings on Mars also show a marked increase in temperature over the last ten or twenty years that mirrors the same phenomena we are experiencing here on earth?… the so called “human effect”. Are there humans on Mars?

Mr. Lemonick is no neutral arbiter of the truth. He is no authority on the subject of climate change either and his editor’s pen is no instrument of impartiality. All I can say is that his latest book “Global Weirdness” belongs somewhere in the science fiction section of the library.

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