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A Lap Dog Media for Democratic Presidents

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, November 23, 2015




This is another example of why the American people despise the mainstream media… Today on National Public Radio announcer Steve Inskeep said this regarding the Syrian refugee crises:  

“Let’s hear one more voice in the debate over admitting Syrian refugees into the United States. We heard (last week) from Michigan’s Governor who wants a pause in admitting refugees. We have heard from Washington’s Governor on this program who welcomes them… and now we have the mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey. He is of interest because his Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey opposes letting in more Syrian refugees … and also because the mayor himself is Syrian American. His name is Mohammed Carulla. Welcome to the program. What do you make of your Governor’s concerns? ”

That’s all I needed to hear to hit the on off switch on my radio. Of course with a name like Mohammed you can guess what NPR’s so called person of interest is about to say on the subject of admitting Syrian refugees into the United States, and you would be right.

Instead of selecting a member of the Syrian American Christian community to interview who might be opposed to accepting Syrian refugees based upon common sense and their own first-hand, personal experience NPR picks a Moslem from Syria who is guaranteed to support the President’s plan to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

This is why the mainstream media has earned the well-deserved reputation of being a lap dog for Democratic Presidents.

Two of the terrorists who just attacked Paris were Syrian refugees who entered Europe through Greece. Need I say anything more? Of course that inconvenient little fact never makes its way to air time on National Public Radio. Anybody in their right mind would oppose letting Syrians come to the United States simply because of the risk from the Trojan Horses among them.  Think about it. Why wouldn’t ISIS infiltrate these refugees coming to the United States with terrorists? They already have in Europe. Let the Syrian refugees stay in their own country and fight for their freedom. We don’t need to import any of their violence and turmoil to the United States unless of course you are Barack Obama and NPR.

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