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A Fly in the Room Says it All

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, October 17, 2016


A Fly in the Room Says it All

By Scott Michael Rohter

DATELINE: U.S.A. October 17,2016

A fly always knows where the garbage is and it proved that once again last Monday night in the 2nd Presidential Debate. At about 14 minutes and 40 seconds into what should have been billed as a media ambush instead of a substantive debate on the real issues facing our country, at just about the same time that Hillary Clinton began bringing out her garbage about Donald Trump… a fly landed right on her eye.. You can see it clearly in this video.

It’s a perfect metaphor for the way that Hillary Clinton has been running her campaign of smears and character assassination against Donald Trump while at the same time dodging all of the important issues concerning her own unworthiness to be President. What she did and didn’t do at Benghazi… and how she lied to the American people about it. The fact that she had a private server where she kept all of her official government emails. The fact that she deliberately deleted over 30,000 of those emails precisely because they contained all the evidence of her influence peddling while she was Secretary of State… I mean why else would Bill Clinton have received 750,000 dollars for a single speech?  He is not that good of a speaker. I wouldn’t pay a damn nickel to hear him talk.

You couldn’t come up with a better metaphor if you tried. That fly landed right on Hillary Clinton’s eye.  God is sending America a message. My only question is, “Are a majority of Americans smart enough to see it?. Are we  as smart as that fly in the room”?  According to some of the latest polls maybe we aren’t. Do we know where the garbage is? Maybe we don’t.

All you hear about now since NBC released that ten year old tape of Donald Trump bragging about how far he could go with women is the fallout over his decade old remarks. That’s all you hear from the mainstream media. That and how he is sinking in the polls. Republican politicians are distancing themselves from him and cooperating with the DNC to elect this unscrupulous wife of an impeached President. Both Bill and Hillary are guilty of obstruction of justice and both should be wearing orange jump suits. Even some Republicans are jumping ship who should know better than that like Mike Lee, Jason Chafetz and Mia Love.

How many times does Donald Trump have to apologize for his tasteless, decades old remark about women or point out that as bad as it sounded the reality is that is how men sometimes talk to other men about women when they are alone? “It’s locker room talk”, Trump said.. “I am not proud of it, but it’s just words. What Bill Clinton actually did to women is a lot worse than mere words” … and what Hillary Clinton did to his victims is a lot worse than anything Donald Trump ever said or did. “It’s just words folks and I regret it, but what Bill Clinton did to women was a lot worse than anything I ever did.”

The mainstream media keeps beating this horse in order to put a couple of real jackasses back in the White House again. It’s time for Donald Trump to go on the attack. It’s time for him to bring out the “nuclear option”. He must expose Hillary Clinton’s poor judgment for  allowing a Russian company (Rosatom) owned by the Kremlin to be in control of half of America’s domestic uranium supply..  We could conceivably get nuked with our own uranium because of her.  Trump must demonstrate that this is why the Obama Administration was in such a big hurry to sign such a horrible nuclear arms deal with Iran…  Nothing else explains it…   Russia is Iran’s major ally and Russia is in control of half of our uranium now thanks to Hillary Clinton.  The fact that this happened is Hillary’s fault because as Secretary of State and as a member of the important Committee on Foreign Investments she had to give her approval for the sale of American uranium assets to a Canadian company named Uranium One and she also had to sign off on the sale of Uranium One to a Russian company named Rosatom which is owned by the Kremlin.  This is precisely why the Obama Administration bypassed Congress in order to sign that nuclear arms deal with Iran and it is precisely why are relations with Russia are so strained right now. It has nothing to do with Syria or Ukraine. We are in a new cold war with Russia because of Hillary Clintons own stupidity. That is another reason that Hillary Clinton had a private email server. During the whole time she was Secretary of State the Clinton Foundation was receiving huge sums of money from foreign contributors for government favors and for speeches Bill gave. Time and time again Hillary Clinton has proved that she does not have the good judgement to be President…

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